Friday, 26 May 2017

Maybe 'Demolition Derby Driver' Would Be A More Realistic Goal..?

A 25-year-old man, who hopes to pursue a boxing career, has been jailed for two offences of dangerous driving in the space of four months.
Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC described Theophilus Barrett's first offence last August as "outrageous" after hearing how the speeding BMW he was driving collided with six other vehicles during a protracted pursuit around streets in Bradford.
Prosecutor Graham O'Sullivan said during the pursuit on August 2 another man in the car leaned out of the BMW and pointed a two-foot long metallic object towards armed police officers in their vehicle.
Mr O'Sullivan said the officers initially thought the object looked like a sawn-off shotgun and it was only when it was thrown from the car that it was seen to be a folded up hazard warning triangle.
The court heard that Barrett was given bail, but in November he was caught behind the wheel of a £25,000 Mercedes bearing false registration plates.
After being given bail again he went on to commit the second dangerous driving offence in December when he was spotted by police officers in a friend's Seat Leon.
Barrett's barrister Nigel Jamieson said the defendant realised he faced an immediate jail sentence, but there was a more postive side to his client.
He handed in references from previous employers and said Barrett now wanted to put his idiotic behaviour behind him. Mr Jamieson said his client was interested in amateur boxing and wanted to concentrate his energies on the sport when he was released from prison.
Shouldn't that read 'if he is released from prison'..?

H/T: SimonMagus via Twitter

Well, As Mick Said, 'You Can't Always Get What You Want'...

Natalie Collins, 39, of Delhi Road, in Pitsea, wanted to get her hair cut into a “short back and sides” style, which is frequently favoured by men.
She had initially hoped to get her hair cut by a stylist in the hairdressing side of Broadway Barbers, in High Road, Pitsea, but there was nobody available.
So she went elsewhere, right? Wrong!
The mum-of-three claims she then asked for a barber to style her hair - but was told he “doesn’t do women’s hair.”
My car mechanic doesn't do gardening, either. What an outrage!
“I asked what’s different about cutting my hair to a man’s hair as I wanted a men’s style and he just said again: ‘I don’t cut women’s hair.’
“I was told I could wait for another hairdresser to arrive so waited about 25 minutes and she never arrived so I ended up just sitting there.
“I felt really angry, upset and humiliated to be honest and eventually left.
“I would understand if I had long hair and wanted a women’s haircut as I know they are trained differently but I wanted a men’s haircut.
Oh, grow up! Go somewhere else, it's hardly less 'humiliating' to have your little whinge in the local paper, is it? Do you realise just how you come across?
Amir Glassi, the barber at Broadway Barbers, said: “She came in asking for a haircut so I told her I don’t do women’s hair and that the other hairdresser isn’t here yet so she said she would wait.
“The woman who did it before wasn’t here.
“Her hair wasn’t that short - if she wanted an all over cut it might be different but she wanted it long on top and short on the sides.
Can you imagine if I cut it and she didn’t like it?
“I don’t cut women’s hair - we didn’t do anything wrong. The other hairdresser was on her way.”
This is what the 24/7/365 news cycle has brought us.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

The 'Guardian' Is So Busy Monstering Morrisey For Wrongthink...


...that they trip over themselves in their haste to continue the narrative at all costs:

Will he? Gosh. Are you sure?

Nor is the 'Guardian' alone in pushing the jihadi agenda:

Check out the burkha!

The REAL 'FakeNews'..!

So at what point to we start to treat the progressive MSM as what they are? Quislings & enablers?

Time For Clarkson's Law To Be Extended...

“Ben has always been there in my life and I feel as though I have nothing left now.”
He is concerned that it could have been a child that was attacked and wants the “archaic” laws about dogs to be changed so that if one attacks a cat it has to be destroyed.
He also wants the dog that attacked Ben to be put down.
Another 'Staffie' owned by inadequates, another person left bereft of a pet, enough is enough. Put the dog owners down as well.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sure It's Not 'Party Political'... just happens to align with the campaign your union (who back Labour) are pushing.
Dozens of schools in Brighton and Hove will take the unprecedented step as part of a campaign by parent-led group Save Our Schools.
The action will be go ahead today despite Brighton and Hove City Council issuing a warning to headteachers not to display the banners because they were promoting “one-sided political views”.
Well, yes. The Civil Service goes into purdah for a reason.
Andy Richbell, headteacher of St Nicolas Primary School in Portslade, said the issue was above politics. He said: “We don’t agree with their analysis this is political because we don’t think we are taking a party political stance.
“There are politicians on all sides who are concerned about the Department for Education cuts and have been lobbying them.
“We’ve had support from several of our MPs and every MP we have spoken to recognises that there is an issue.
“So this isn’t party political – it is the community that is really concerned about the impact of the cuts on the children in our schools right now.”
You're wrong, chum. Which really calls into question your integrity.


The Basildon cabbie, who wishes to remain anonymous, picked up two young children at Basildon Station at 9.30pm on Monday night.
The terrifying incident happened after he dropped them in Oak Lane, off Gardiners Way, where the driver of a Nissan Juke blinded him with full beams as about six people hurled missiles at the cab.
He said: “I suddenly couldn’t see a thing, and I heard these missiles raining down on me from behind the vehicle as six shadowy figures threw rocks and metal objects at the car. There was music blaring.
“I don’t know why it happened, I haven’t been involved in any altercations. The children paid up and ran off looking terrified.
“It was scary. I quickly did a three-point turn and raced away at 40mph while the people in the Nissan chased me, but I managed to get away.
Sounds horrifying.
Essex Police will be carrying out an investigation into the senseless attack.
Whew! I know this would make me feel ever so much safer...

But what sort of people are they? Can the comments shed any light?

Aha! That's what we call 'a clue'.

*Travellers of no appearance

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

But Irony Is, It's No Longer Shocking....

Woke up this morning, put in the radio, wondered why Vanessa Feltz wasn't wittering on as usual, tuned in with half an ear as I made the tea and fed the cats.

That's how I learned about the Manchester terrorist atrocity.

Nigel Farage tweeted this morning that the bomb was targeted at children, and this would be 'a big shock for the UK'. Would it? Really?


We go to the polls in a few weeks. Choose wisely.

Monday, 22 May 2017

When Did We Become Superstitious Medieval Peasants?

A petition has been launched calling for Ian Brady to be buried at Ashworth Hospital - the “one place he tried desperately to get out of”.
The campaign, launched online, aims for Brady’s remains to be kept permanently at the Maghull site so that he is kept locked up “even in death”.
His death has sparked controversy about what should happen to his body. Sefton coroner Christopher Sumner sought assurances Brady’s ashes would not be scattered on Saddleworth Moor - the resting place of four of his and partner Myra Hindley’s victims - before releasing the body on Thursday.
What on earth does it matter? He's dead. Isn't this supposed to be the age of reason?
Councils across the UK have publicly refused to cremate his body.
Well, why not? There's a precedent. But do we have to follow the strange superstitious customs of the excitable Johnny Foreigners? Aren't we better than that?

But then, they already demolish perfectly good housing for ridiculous reasons, after all...
With uncertainty remaining about what will happen, Brad Savidge has launched a campaign pushing his own proposal.
Writing on campaign website, Mr Savidge wrote: “Nobody wants Ian Brady’s remains anywhere. Quite rightly so. If we could simply make the monster disappear we would.
He's dead. You don't get more 'disappeared' than that.

I Know The Sort Of 'Help' These People Need...

Simmonite, 40, was found to have failed to control his dog, a black lurcher named Stan, and allowed it to maul the cat. The incident took place on around midnight on December 6 last year in Steamer Street, Barrow.
Witness Geoff Hoyland told Furness Magistrates' Court: "I was in bed when I heard the disturbances and it was a dog and cat fighting outside.
"I saw a man with a hood up covering his face holding onto the dog talking to it. I heard him say 'taste' before he let go and the dog chased the cat up the stairs.
"He was standing by the side of them not interfering. I have a dog of my own and I would have been on it like lightning.
"I shouted for him to get his dog under control but he just stepped back into the shadows so I couldn't see him." Kayleigh Turner also witnessed the attack and later tried to alert the cat's owner by posting on Facebook.
 Filth who should be destroyed along with his animal.
Simmonite denied being behind the attack, saying it was a case of mistaken identity.
Sure, that's believable.
Simmonite was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal. He will be sentenced on May 23.
Let's hope the judge throws the book at him. And doesn't miss, like all the other times he's appeared in court.
A crook with an ‘appalling record’ for dishonesty tried to con a 78-year-old cancer sufferer out of £200, a court heard. Drug addict Samuel Simmonite, 36, had claimed the vulnerable victim owed the cash for scaffolding used in repairs allegedly carried out on the pensioner’s home in Nelson by two other men.
Lurcher, animal cruelty, preying on pensioners with building scams...? Hmmm. I detect a certain 'type' here...
The hearing was told Simmonite had a record of 90 offences, mainly for dishonesty and had served time in the past. Mark Stuart, for Simmonite, said he had no previous convictions of a similar nature.
He had a long-standing drug problem, but had been going to Inspire. Sentencing, Judge Andrew Woolman told the defendant the victim was vulnerable. He said: “They are mean offences.
Only to be expected from members of his 'community'.
The judge, who said Simmonite had an “appalling record” for dishonesty, said he would give him one final chance. He continued: “It may be you may be more willing to accept help than on previous occasions.”
That 'one final chance' cost a lady her pet. Don't make the same mistake again, justice system.

Sunday, 21 May 2017