Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Actually, Antoine, I Think You'll Find There's Another Option...

Negative images of black teenagers aren’t at the top of the search results because Google is racist, but because society reflects our institutional and subconscious prejudices.
If people want to see positive images of black young people they are going to have to start writing, searching, reading and sharing them. This is the only way to change the negative perception of black teenagers, and black people.
Or black teenagers could stop murdering each other in such numbers that they are the leading cause of death in their areas?

We Don't Have An Unlimited Pot Of Money...

....so just why should we double our efforts?
Andy Winter, chief executive of Brighton Housing Trust, said: "I don't believe anyone is a lost cause.
"What everyone of us needs to be doing is doubling our efforts when there is a window of opportunity - and there always is a window of opportunity - to respond in a timely fashion and to help people get the support they need."
So, the support services are under strain, are they? Well...no:
"Brighton and Hove is incredible lucky to have such a range of support services available.
"But people do struggle to understand the system and it is the practical reality of the way it works.
"It does take effort of all parties to do something that will be effective to that individual in dire circumstances."
Yes. All parties.
A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “It’s a sad case. However, we cannot pre-empt any inquest, which we would expect to provide full details of the involvement of care agencies.
“We always do all we can within the law and our resources to help people but some have multiple, complex issues. We rely on their co-operation and engagement, which is not always forthcoming."
Hmmm, I'm sensing a pattern here...
Before he died, Sonny had moved on from various temporary accommodation homes, hostels and hospitals for treatment relating to his legs, drugs problems, and mental health issues.
He had been in contact with mental health services, housing departments and hospitals across Brighton and Worthing - but his family have told how he did not attend some appointments and could not understand the system.
His grandmother Jennifer Tingay said: "I tried everything I could to help him but I think there should have been more help for him."
Seems like there was enough. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

Monday, 27 June 2016

It Seems Whenever You Do Something To Assist The Disabled..

...you run the risk of creating more of them!
A total of 307 incidents were recorded last year, three times the number before the £1.5 billion walk-through fleet was introduced on the Metropolitan, Circle, Hammersmith & City and District lines.
The problem is worst at Baker Street, where 52 people — one a week — fell last year. Blue warning lights have been introduced to alert passengers to the bigger gap between train and platform.
Transport for London today admitted problems were exacerbated by making the new S-stock trains level with the platform to improve wheelchair access.

The RMT and ASLEF of course see this as a reason to immediately push for more staff. But, I dunno...
TfL was unable to provide details of injuries sustained by passengers but said the falls were caused by “distraction from use of smartphones, rushing [and] intoxication”.
Sounds more like we should let Darwinism run its course to me.

Did The Dog Eat Your Homework As Well?

Cllr Kayes, who is the Dorset County Councillor for Bridport, as well as representing the town on the district council and serving as its current mayor, said she removed the post as soon as she realised it could be seen publically.
She said: "It was my private opinion at 7am. It certainly wasn't said in my capacity as mayor. It isn't necessarily what I felt, but I was upset."
Cllr Kayes runs two Facebook account, one in her official capacity and another with private settings.
She added: "People have a right to a private life, even when they are politicians. I am really sorry if it has caused anyone offence but I was privately expressing my opinion in the heat of the moment for a private audience.
"My account was hacked and the settings changed so a private message could be seen publically. I believe this was done with the intention of causing me damage."
Sure it was.

I mean, the only other alternative is that you're too dim to keep seperate accounts, and surely no-one would elect you if that was the case. Right?

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Final Brexit Post...

...I've seen lots of elections and referenda come and go, but I can't remember one where the media canvassed the voters for buyer's remorse afterwards so hard. Can you?
...many voters have since spoken out saying they are shocked at the poll's outcome and did not believe their Leave votes would actually count.
Another voter, Mandy, said: “I was very disappointed about the result, even though I voted to leave, this morning I woke up and the reality did actually hit me. “But if I had the opportunity to vote again, it would be to stay.”
Other voters have also posted on Twitter that they regretted their decision to vote in favour of leaving the EU. One said: “I personally voted leave believing these lies and I regret it more than anything, I feel genuinely robbed of my vote.”
Another posted: “Urm I think I kinda regret my vote, I had no real reason to pick what I did!!
Sadly, 5News have since deleted the video interview that was doing the rounds yesterday afternoon, showing one of our youth 'explaining' her remorse on finding out that voting has consequences, unlike so much of the rest of her life up until now. Pity.

Never mind. Every cloud has a silver lining:

 Hard to believe the 'Indy' went bust, isn't it?

Update: The 'Mail' has that video

Zoe Continues The Search For A New Electorate...

...because the current one disappoints her so:
The capital was diverse, and united: “I think it’s going to be a catastrophe for the UK, but also for the whole of Europe,” said Constanza, 28, who came here from Venice six years ago to study, and is now an interior designer. “If you ask me today, I probably will leave tomorrow, because I am really upset.
 'You heartless monsters', thinks Zoe. 'How could you upset Constanza?'
Anders Carlsson, 25 and from Sweden, understands it better, seeing it as part of a pattern. “We have put up borders, you have to show a passport when you travel from Copenhagen to Malmö now. I think the past year, the refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, I think people in Britain feel the same, that it’s too much.”
 Anders gets it. I wonder if Sweden might be the next to demand a referendum?
Marie, 26, who comes from France and does artwork for Playstation, was utterly dejected. “Maybe I need a plan B for my life. As hard as it seems, I’m a Londoner. I have no idea what’s happening in France. This is home. When you’re not allowed to vote, you already feel like you’re an under-citizen. I really see it as a beautiful wedding, and one day, instead of fixing the problem, the husband just leaves.”
Yes, Marie. After his needs and concerns have been blithely ignored for so long, he's got no other choice, has he? Now you have to pay your own way - hubby ain't buying your shoes any more.
In front of a hairdresser, Colin Smith, 46, originally from the outskirts of Glasgow, was also on the point of tears. “I’m gutted. I’ve got plans for my future and I feel like they’ve been ripped out of my hands. Not that I want Scotland to be independent, but if they go, I’ll be applying for a Scottish passport. I can’t believe this decision was ever allowed to happen.
 You might think that's pretty rich coming from a Scot, but I couldn't possibly comment..
Linda, 36, came here from the Czech Republic 16 years ago and works in children’s services. “I don’t know what it will do to me as an individual. The contact and energy you get from people you meet, that won’t change. But on a legal level, of course [my status] will change. That’s what people were voting for, to make that difference. I want to see everybody’s vote on them …” “Like a tattoo, in or out?” I queried. “Yes.”
 A tattoo, to mark out 'the other'? Hmmm. That's a very European solution, if I may say so, Linda...
Grace, 24, was having the time-honoured breakfast of a Diet Coke and a fag. She’s from Derby and didn’t vote. “Because you didn’t care?” “No, I cared. I just couldn’t get hold of my polling card. I would have voted in.” Maybe next time we do this, we should try Scottish rules, and give a vote to everyone who lives here. Except, right. There won’t be a next time.
Oh, I don't know, Zoe. Never say never, right?

Quail Before The Wrath Of The Artists...

...expressed in, where else, the 'Guardian':

Lucy Prebble, playwright:
I feel nothing but rage. A horrible feeling – and one that helps me understand how these things start, when something important to you ends. I blame you, Cameron, a middle-manager of a prime minister whose ham-fisted leadership was based on one implicit stipulation not to fuck everything up...I hope my kindness grows back. Until then, I’ll call this “historically democratic event” what it was: a jostle for prefect fagged by racists.
Anish Kapoor, sculptor:
I am heartbroken. I hang my head. I feel shame, shame, shame at the xenophobia of this country. There are so many levels of division in Britain. And it’s all so unnecessary. I think the three men involved – Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage – are despicable...How will this affect my art? Some anger does get in there. But what I feel today is mostly shame.
Andrew O’Hagan, author:
It is the revenge of the Brownshirts, a dictatorship of the illiterate and the opportunistic. I’m appalled.
Barrie Rutter, artistic director, Northern Broadsides:
What’s so awful about the vote is that it’s a leap into the dark – and for a while, it will only get darker...Look what Johnson has done to London: left it full of expensive flats, the money moguls have won. These people know the cost of everything and the value of fuck all.
David Lan, artistic director, Young Vic:
We need to start by feeling the depth of people’s fears about the quality of their lives and their future lives...Will the arts now be subject to new rules that inhibit and limit? Will it be harder to achieve the cross-border exchanges that enlighten and enrich?
*munches popcorn*

H/T: @QuietlyBritish via Twitter