Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Poor Kid Might As Well Have Been Raised By Wolves…

The parents of a severely disturbed “feral” child have been jailed for the way they ill-treated and neglected her.
The description makes depressing, if familiar, reading:
The family’s squalid home stank of animals and was crammed with rubbish, clutter, dead and living flies and cages containing small animals, including six cages each containing two occupants in the kitchen, the court heard. Some of the animals were kept in an outside shed.
The mother screamed and shouted at the child at all times of the day and neighbours heard her crying and sobbing when she was locked in her bedroom, which the couple used as a storage area. Teachers at both the girl's infant and junior schools noticed abnormal behaviour by her.
It’s disgraceful! If people don’t want children, why do they continue to have them? Why not have them adop..

Oh. Hang on.
The middle-aged couple, who live in the York area, adopted the girl when she was 11 months old.
*stunned face* Even the judge couldn’t supress his disbelief:
"It is surprising that the two of you were ever approved for adoptions because it has become painfully apparent you lack many of the skills, the aptitude and the patience that is required to bring up a child," the Recorder of York, Judge Stephen Ashurst, told them.
"There is evidence that you (the mother) at times seemed to care more for the pets and the animals within the home than for (the child)."
Barristers for both defendants described them as "inadequate" people who had not been vindictive or evil.
How were they ever approved as adoptive parents? We are constantly told that the adoption process is long, complicated and intrusive. What went wrong?

Because something went very badly wrong.
The girl was so badly damaged she now lives in a residential home because her behaviour is too extreme for her to live in a family setting, the court heard. She has failed to improve significantly.
And will likely be institutionalised for the rest of her life.
Alex Menary, for the mother, said her own health had deteriorated. She lacked empathy and understanding of how her own behaviour impacted on others, and the child had been difficult to handle.
How’d she pass the strict and rigorous adoption interviews then?
David Hall, for the father, said the mother had been the more dominant member of their relationship. He had been unable to respond to the child's needs and had had surgery for problems to his legs.
How’d he pass the strict and rigorous adoption interviews then?
The parents obstructed attempts by social workers to see the problems inside the house. When the council employees realised its state and made repeated efforts to get the couple to remove the clutter from the house and the bolt from the top of the child's bedroom door, the father kept the child imprisoned inside the room by holding the door shut against her.
Once again, people with draconian powers to ‘protect children’, powers they’ve been only too happy to use in other circumstances, have utterly failed to use them.

So why aren’t they sharing the dock with this couple?

I Neither Know Nor Care What Nicki Minaj Has To Say About Race...

...mainly because I haven't the faintest idea who she is.

But I do know that whatever Suzanne Moore has to say can be safely discounted:
The backdrop to all this is much more serious than the MTV Video Music Awards. In the US, black people are being murdered in churches and by the police.
And in their hundreds by their fellow black people, though strangely, pretentious white gobshites like Moore utter not one peep about that.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Post Title Of The Month

Anna Raccoon on the Harvey Proctor affair:

Quote Of The Month

Longrider points out the absurdity of blaming the Baby Boomer Generation for everything:
"I have to say, I’ve been sick of the anti-boomer barrage of bollocks over the past few years. The reality is as stated in the report, the only commonality is the year of birth. Sure, things like university education was free to the student and people had grants for subsistence. However, this was balanced by very few going to university. "

Post Of The Month

Film 15 with Mark Wadsworth!

The English Equivalent Of ‘Hey, Hold My Beer And Watch This!’…

One of the men in the back seat, Grant Taylor, said he had heard one of the other passengers in the car saying "whoa, slow down dude" to Mitchell in the moments before the smash.
I expect if you had a voice recorder going in most high-speed crashes you’d get something pretty similar in all of them…
Knight told jurors he had seen "eyes" that he believed were those of "a deer or a fox" in the undergrowth beside the road when he swerved, and had been travelling "between 65 and 70mph" at the time of the collision.
"I saw what I believed to be an animal or eyes at the side of the road," he said.
"I was surprised, shocked. Then I pulled the steering wheel over to the right."
And why would you be ‘surprised and shocked’?
Knight said he had become depressed following the crash, and attempted to take his own life.
They always attempt it, but it’s funny how they never seem to succeed, isn’t it? You could be forgiven for thinking it was just a ploy for sympathy.
Asked if his driving had fallen "far below" the standard of careful driving, he replied: "Absolutely not. "It was not dangerous driving."
Prosecuting, Andy Houston said there were road signs warning of animals in the road for three miles placed a mile-and-a-half away from the scene of the crash.
"The speed limit is 60mph and you have accepted that you drove between 65and 70mph - do you still maintain you have done nothing wrong?" he asked. Knight replied: "I didn't see it as dangerous.
"It wasn't a dangerous speed for that sort of road. It was completely straight."

Sunday, 30 August 2015

*Sighs* Modern Journalism

The news that a Green politician had the nerve to be a - *gasp* - hunter rocked the MSM's world last week.

And prompted them on a predictable trawl through the guy's Facebook and a complete failure to read what he'd actually shot:

Errr, no. A gnu. Wildebeest, if you prefer.

Nope, still a gnu. 

This is what a buff looks like, dummies!

H/T: Stephen Brown, via email

NB: They aren't all that hot at English, either:

He's painting a what..?!?

Going To The Notting Hill Carnival This Weekend..?

Better take sandwiches!

Sunday Funnies...

Well, damn it, now the Hoover Dam isn't half as impressive as I thought...

Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Left’s March Through The Institutions Is Nearly Complete…

Some people were so moved by the plight of migrants in Calais, they traveled to France to donate clothes and food.
And for ‘some people’, don’t read hard-working taxpayers, but – of course!- the usual suspects, just like the last time:
Juliet Kilpin, 45, from Westcliff, a member of Avenue Baptist Church and co-ordinator at mission agency Urban Expression, visited the camp with two others.
She went with Matt Dominey, 17, a pupil at Southend High School for Boys, and 20-year-old university student Grace Claydon, from Hawkwell.
They decided to act after becoming increasingly frustrated at the “dehumanisation of migrants trying to find a way into the UK”.
This seems to be becoming a trend – opinionated do-gooders demanding recognition in local newspapers.
Mrs Kilpin said: “David Cameron made me do it when he described the migrants as a swarm.
“The national media have demonised these people and have stoked fear among the British public, so I wanted to go over myself and see what it is like.
“I put the word out that I was going and 48 hours later we had a car-full of stuff in donations and £1,000 to take over.
“One of our friends had made contact with the grassroots charities and volunteers, so we gave them the clothes and helped form a system to hand out food.
“We took over about 350 packs of biscuits and when they ran out there were still people queuing. There must have been about 500 there needing food.
“It was very eye-opening – we saw the world in one square mile. Everyone had heartbreaking stories as to why they were there.”
Yes, I’m sure they did. They always do, because they know there are people – like you! – naïve enough to lap that stuff up.

And never ask awkward questions, like ‘Where are all the women and children?’ or ‘Why have you ‘poor starvlings’ all got smartphones and new trainers?’…
Matt, who is studying politics, history, sociology and English literature, is a family friend of Mrs Kilpin and shared her views on the situation. He and Grace, an international development student, wanted to see the crisis at first hand.
He said: “I was aware of the situation, but what struck me the most was the scale of it.
“If there is a war-torn country in the world, then they were represented in Calais. “They want to make a life for themselves, they were excited by English culture and had a respect for it.”
Yup, they have so much respect for English culture they break our laws to get here. Back to the classroom, sonny…
When a man told me, “our skin may be different colours, but we are all one blood”, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by the demonising rhetoric being used by some back home against the hundreds of people I met.
You ought to feel embarrassed at your naivety. I hope this story is around in about 20 years time so you can cringe at just how much of an idiot you were.