Friday, 22 September 2017

Virtue Signalling Olympics: Essex Contender

A former mayor has caused controversy by saying travellers should go “back to Ireland” with “their thieving and filthy ways” in a heated email row.
*settles in with big bag of popcorn*
Chris Walker, an Eastwood Park councillor, made the remarks to Labour councillor Julian Ware-Lane when referring to travellers in the borough.
In the exchange, seen by the Echo, the councillors debated the growing number of travellers camping in the borough. Milton ward councillor Mr Ware-Lane urged the council to find a space where travellers could set up camp temporarily and felt the council was “neglecting their responsibilities in this regard.”
He then wrote: “I am seriously concerned the traveller community gets treated like pariahs and are shifted from pillar to post. Whilst, of course, there are elements in the traveller community that do bad things, to the best of my knowledge none of the crime committed in Milton is committed by anyone from the traveller community.”
If they get treated 'like pariahs', maybe there's a reason?
Mr Walker responded: “They are treated like pariahs because they are pariahs. They have been driven from Ireland whence they emanate because of their thieving and filthy ways.
They contribute nothing to society in the way of taxes etc and create filth wherever they go. Why should we make allowance for them? It would be better for all if they were to learn the foolishness of their ways and go back to Ireland. They are their own worst enemies.
How come we know the contents of private emails between two people, anyway?
Mr Ware-Lane published the comments on his blog,
Stephen Aylen, Independent councillor for Belfair Ward, was also involved in the email exchange. He said to Mr Ware-Lane: “Next time we have these so called travellers arrive in Belfairs or Oakwood park (remember a large majority of the residents in the area around these parks are proper gypsies) could you please provide me with flyer maps of locations in Milton (such as the cliffs ) that these travellers may use.
Mr Ware-Lane told our reporter the comments were “shameful” and shamed every councillor. He added: “His (Mr Walker’s) ideas belong in the 19th century, we are in the 21st century.”
When asked why he publicised those comments, he responded: “I want them to realise what they’ve done and apologise, and not to repeat it again.”
And if they don't, will you thcweath and thcweam until you're thick?
The Echo called Mr Walker five times for comment, but we received no response before the paper went to print.
Awful when people won't comment on...


*rolls eyes*

Amazon's Wealth Does Not Excuse Your Carelessness...

A delivery driver was forced to pay compensation to one of the richest men in the world when thieves stole his van and the Amazon parcels inside.
Why does it matter that the owner of the company incurring the loss is rich?
Vladimir Staev had to reimburse the online giant by more than £2,300 to cover the cost of cameras he was delivering in Brighton when William Westein and Jamie Beaver took his white Renault and 72 packages last month.
The 37-year-old first time father Mr Staev lost his job and even had to pay to pay police £100 to get his stolen van back.
This is perfectly normal when the police seize a stolen vehicle. It's not the fault of Amazon!
Amazon - owned by one of the richest men in the world Jeff Bezos - tried to recover the cost of the stolen cameras from courier firm Fast UK Parcel.
But they passed the cost of the stolen goods on to their former driver Mr Staev and made him pay for a replacement van.
Why did the company do this? Well....
Fast UK Parcel said it had a policy of not leaving keys in the ignition.
Mr Staev claimed the thieves watched him and took a chance when he dropped the keys.
Right. Yes. Thieves often follow around delivery van drivers for that sort of opportunity.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Taking Non-Speculation To Incredulous Lengths…

Reece Harnetty, 19, died when his Mini Clubman burst into flames after crashing into the rear of a parked lorry in a layby in Suffolk.
An inquest at Suffolk Coroners’ Court in Ipswich was told Reece, of Ilmington Drive, Basildon had turned sharply from the outside lane into the layby at Creeting St Mary, near Needham Market on January 20.
The Toxicology tests ruled out the presence of alcohol or drugs and forensic accident investigator PC Jeff Cribb said there were no defects identified with the car, although a full examination wasn’t possible because of the fire damage. No faults were found with the road surface either.
Witness Dan Braun was travelling past just feet away when the crash occurred. He described how the Mini hadn’t slowed or changed course as it turned sharply towards the lorry.
Hmmm, seems deliberate. Or that other modern day scourge...?
There was no evidence that Mr Harnetty was using his phone at the time of the accident although checks had shown he had used it shortly before the crash.
Nope. Who was he calling?
It is believed he was upset following relationship problems with a girl he had met online.
The inquest heard that in phone calls prior to the accident, Reece refused to say where he was but was heard sobbing as he said: “didn’t want to be here anymore” and ending his last call without saying goodbye to the female, Alicia Watts.
Case closed!
His mother Wendy Harnetty suggested her son, who had only passed his test last May, could have mistaken the layby for the inside lane on the road as he wasn’t a regular on that route.
I can see why she'd like to think so.
Suffolk Area Coroner Nigel Parsley said: “We won’t ever fully know, regrettably, what made Reece turn into that layby. There are some unanswered questions here, however, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that Reece intended to take his life.”
At the inquest on Wednesday, Mr Parsley recorded a conclusion that teenager died as a result of a road traffic collision.

Pity You Can't Make One For The Owner Too...

The court heard on Tuesday (August 29) how Ribbons was asked to put his dog on a lead several times, but failed to do so.
It was also said that Mr Ribbons admitted drinking two cans of cider outside Sevenoaks Magistrates Court, before it was taken off him.
Such a lovely addition to the local court steps....
Defending, Richard Lamb said: "He stated that he let the dog off the lead as the security brought her some water out and that she was off the lead until the in incident.
"He stated that the dog was provoked by the male as he went up to the dog and raised his hands to her making a noise, and that this made the dog jump up and she just nicked him."
PC Hill, a police dog handler, also attended the scene and assisted in seizing the German Shepard. Ribbons also told PC Hill not to come near him otherwise he would get bitten. The 36-year-old was then arrested and the dog was seized and taken to the kennels.
Should have simply shot it there and then.
Chairman of the bench, Celia Clarkson said: "We are going to sentence you for having an unruly dog for a period of 12 months, with 100 hours of unpaid work.
"It would have been longer, but you pleaded guilty.
"We are making a destruction order for the dog."
Couldn't make it two, could you?

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Clearly, Judge Baxter, She's Right To Think They Are Daft...

A thieving mother-of-three has walked free from court despite being one of the most heavily convicted women in Britain.
Which is a difficult thing to rack up in modern Britain!
Police believe she has plundered tens of thousands of pounds worth of items during raids on ladies lockers at gyms, health centres and spas across the North of England. One victim lost her engagement and wedding ring and on other occasions Fidler broke into five different lockers in one swoop.
Despite being repeatedly arrested and jailed, Fidler would come out of jail and do the same thing again.
But I thought jail was a terrible, awful place? At least, that's what the bleeding hearts all tell us...
In a bid to stop her thieving spree, Fidler was banned from all leisure centres, gyms or hotels in the UK under the terms of an ASBO-style Criminal Behaviour Order.
But she was arrested again in July after various lockers were broken into after staff let her use the ladies toilet at Salford Community Leisure centre in Greater Manchester. At Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester, Fidler admitted breaching her Criminal Behaviour Order but escaped with a 12-month community order.
The single mother - who has three-year-old son (Ed: Why isn't the child removed from her 'care'?) - claimed she was only at the leisure centre because she was desperate for the toilet whilst visiting an art and craft fayre.
But Judge Bernadette Baxter said: 'I don't believe a word of it. The reality is she is a woman who is a heroin addict.
'She knew what this place was, she knew there was a pool there, with lockers and a gym.
'She could have gone to the local shops, pubs, cafes, anywhere that has a toilet. Why did she go out of her way to go to the leisure centre? How daft does she think people are?'
As daft as a mad old bat of a judge who lets her off a prison sentence because she has a child?
The judge added: 'You have umpteen previous convictions but I'm not going to send you to prison as I think this will encourage your little boy to get involved with the kind of life you have lived.
'We need to prevent you from going to leisure centre, breaking into the lockers and stealing other people's stuff, causing them distress and upset so you must get involved in a drug rehabilitation programme.
'You need to get in control and keep control and you need to start putting your child first instead of yourself.'
She's a junkie. She'll never put anyone ahead of that. You should be asking why she's allowed to keep a child. You've failed in your duty as a judge.

FGM: There Are Indeed Some Fannies That Bear Closer Inspection....

...and they are the ones pushing the 'FGM is an epidemic!' line:
The way FGM statistics are recorded by NHS Digital do not help to clarify the situation.
Or, to translate: "The NHS is so utterly shit at recording stuff, no-one has any chance of finding out the real truth without a lot of work'."

Still, the 'Guardian' has fearlessly put in the work to .... wait, no, it's the 'Daily Mail':
The figures are divided into four types, with further divisions, ranging from the removal of the clitoris to the narrowing of the vaginal opening. They also include women who have had genital piercings rather than any cutting.
Well, most cases of FGM will be cropping up in Essex then! Nor is this a surprise, because wasn't it foretold in The Great Book..?
The term ‘newly recorded’ is used, suggesting these are recent procedures, but the figures include historic cases of women from overseas who have had their details noted for the first time and may have had FGM years earlier.
A likelihood I've pointed out time and again in blogs and on Twitter, to the 'Won't someone think of the chiiiildreeeen!' crackpots.
Indeed, of the 5,391 ‘newly recorded’ cases last year, only 112 involved women and girls born in the UK. Only 57 cases involved FGM undertaken in the UK and around 50 of those were genital piercings.
Which leaves seven cases. Seven!
The remaining seven cases did not involve cutting and there is no indication that they refer to children.
Which leaves a number closer to zero. So why in heaven's name, at a time when we've just had a bomb on the London transport system, are we sending coppers to St Pancras to quiz visitors about it?

Because of the 'Something must be done!' crowd, of course.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

What Happened To The Blitz Spirit?

“I arrived at Clacton at about 11.10am. I thought I just can’t take this anymore so I headed back home, my whole day was ruined.
“I don’t go out of my home very often because of these sorts of obstacles.”
So, tell us the sorry tale...
As the man is permanently in an electric wheelchair he called Greater Anglia to book ramp assistance from his home to Clacton, via Colchester.
He said: “At my station the man was very helpful. He called Colchester and said there’s a disabled man in carriage three.
“I thought this is going to be a lovely day but no. On arriving at Colchester North Station the doors opened and everyone got off, leaving me sitting there.”
He was on the 9.25am train for about four minutes, waiting for someone to assist him off and transfer him.
He said: “I was shouting out the doors but no-one came and then to my horror the doors closed with me still on the train.
“I didn’t know where I was heading or how long I would be on there, then over the loudspeaker I heard a voice say Colchester Town was the last stop.”
Another passenger asked the man if he needed help. He said: “The platform was packed with people waiting to go to Clacton, I was in a panic and I was scared.” He was told to stay on the train so he could get back to the right station.
He said: “I lost about an hour when I got back to Colchester.”
That's it? An hour? I've lost that pretty frequently on what passes for our rail 'service'. Man up, FFS!
A Greater Anglia spokesman said staff did not realise there was more than one disabled passenger on the train.
He added: “We apologise to the gentleman for the incident at Colchester station. A member of staff assisted one passenger in a wheelchair, but was unaware that there were two passengers requiring assistance.
“A local manager spoke with, and apologised to, the gentleman at Colchester Town station and helped him complete his journey.”
A mistake. It happens quite frequently. There, you're being treated equally.

Gosh, Another Rock The Essex Coroner Declines To Lift...

Earlier this year, the Echo told how issues with DNA samples and the character of prosecution witnesses had led to the acquittals in December.
We also told how friends remained concerned about why Mr Williams, a former gardener, had been released from hospital still suffering from injuries received during the first burglary.
Following our report, we wrote to Caroline Beasley-Murray, senior coroner for Essex, asking her to consider the issues raised.
Well, she does like a good pontificate from the bench. So surely a case where some druggie scumbags have eluded justice is just her cup of Earl Grey?
She replied: “After the crown court proceedings were concluded there was no reason for the inquest to be reopened.
“The criminal proceedings had already gone thoroughly into the facts surrounding the death. Moreover, any resumed inquest after criminal proceedings have concluded must not reach a determination inconsistent with the outcome of the criminal proceedings. The situation has not changed and there is still no reason for the inquest to be reopened.
“It is my understanding that Mr Williams’ brother was consulted at the time, fully understood the situation and was not asking for the inquest, exceptionally, to be reopened.”
Oh. Well, clearly not. Maybe because it'd shine a light on the local NHS, and we already know how reluctant she is to do that....
During the trial, jurors heard Mr Williams’ chest had been “flattened” as a result of 50 rib fractures, probably caused by repeated stamping.
Drug addicts Simon Smith, 40, of no fixed address, and Anthony Smith, 44, of Ceylon Road, Westcliff, were cleared of murder after a trial at the Inner London Crown Court in December.
The men, who are not related, were found guilty and jailed for eight-and-a-half years each for the first burglary.
And the justice system threw in the murder for free...

Monday, 18 September 2017

Surely A Better Question Would Be 'How The Hell Did She Know?'...

Gina Martin, 25, spotted a man’s phone screen at BST Festival in Hyde Park last month, saw a woman’s thighs and underwear, and was "shocked" to realise the crotch in the image was her own.
Does she sew a little nametag into her knickers, or something?
The copywriter said the Met Police told her they could not punish the man because he had "done nothing illegal", so she launched a petition – which has now amassed more than 55,000 signatures - calling for "upskirting" to be added to the Sexual Offences Act 2003.
Oh, for pity's sake...
“More than 55,000 people have signed my Care2 petition now, but it may not reach 100,000 and get a definite hearing in parliament. But I think if we can get enough women to write to their MPs demanding action, it can get discussed and the law may be changed.
“Section 67 of the Sexual Offences act needs to be amended to label ‘up-skirt photos’ or ‘creepshots’ as a sexual offence. Period.”
You don't think we maybe have bigger Tube-travel related problems to deal with right now..?
Simon Myerson QC told the Standard: “Making upskirting a specific offence would be helpful.
“I would try to work it around a definition of voyeurism. At the moment it involves watching other people engaging in sexual activity and I would try and get a definition that says taking photos of someone’s underwear or private parts – making sure to be careful to exclude swimwear and tight leggings etc or you get into a murky situation – is an offence, unless the person gave their express consent.
“The ‘upskirter’ could then potentially have their card marked as a sexual offender and go on the Sexual Offenders Register.”
Or, to translate: "Fantastic! More work for me & my colleagues arguing over how many angels can dance on the edge of a pin what constitutes a 'upskirt' shot and what's just an unfortunate angle to take a selfie from! And who cares if some bloke has his life ruined for a victimless crime? Not us! Trebles all round..."

Heed Thy Mother And Thy Father....

On Tuesday Bristow was handed a two year community order and ordered to pay £1,000 in compensation by Judge Clement Goldstone QC after admitting being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control, causing injury.
She was also told to complete a 20 day rehabilitation course with the Probation Service.
The 49-year-old was told that, if necessary, she must sell her other dog - a 12-year-old Teacup Chihuahua - to pay the compensation after Judge Goldstone said: “It’s the least you can do to repay the wrong that is incalculable to the boy and his mother.”
I doubt it'll fetch a lot!
Describing the dog as “unmanageable”, Judge Goldstone said pictures of the boy’s injuries would “haunt you for the rest of your life.”
He added: “Staffies are high maintenance dogs. It’s amazing the amount of times these courts hear that the way the dog behaved was totally out of character. Well nobody could say, sadly, that it was the first time that a dog of this kind had behaved in that way.”
Quite so.

But I can't help but feel that maybe there's someone else who should have been sharing the dock with her...
The court heard the incident occurred at Bristow’s home in Citron Close, Walton, in summer last year as she chatted with the victim’s mum.
Chris Hopkins, prosecuting, told the court the pair intended to continue their conversation inside the house and aimed to go in through the back garden.
He said: “The defendant told the boy’s mother the dog would be OK but would jump up because it was excited.
“The boy told his mother he didn’t want to go in but she held his hand and told him it would be ok, as she didn’t want him to be scared of dogs.”
Gosh, nice one, mum! That worked out pretty well, didn't it?