Friday, 27 March 2015

Why Can’t These People Learn..?

The Morley Town councillor was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary after the end of her finger was bitten off during the attack. Coun Sanders is now warning fellow councillors to be careful in the run-up to the election.
What, they needed a warning not to put their fingers through the letterbox? Are they that dim?
Coun Sanders was shocked to find out that she was not the only councillor to lose part of her finger electioneering.
Oh. It would seem Sanders is that dim, since this is hardly something that hasn’t been covered – and covered well – by the media.

How can someone so incurious and unaware of issues think they have what it takes to be a councillor?
The councillor also wants owners of pets which are thought to be aggressive to put a cage around their letter box and a “beware of the dog” notice on the door.
Police have since ordered the owner of the dog which attacked her to do this following the incident.
How about you simply spread the word that putting your fingers in the letterbox isn’t a good idea?

In fact, in this increasingly risk-averse society we live in, I’m surprised it’s not issued as an advisory note to all campaigners & letterbox-litterers…

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.."

Postmen are refusing to deliver to a block of flats in London unless they are escorted by a group of female pensioners.
Yes, you read that right. And no, it's not April 1st yet...
The arrangement began six months ago after a 34-year-old woman living in Rowland Hill flats was accused of assaulting a postman as well as sending threatening emails to Royal Mail.
As part of the bizarre operation, two female pensioners living at the flats watch the postman’s van in case his tyres are slashed.

Clearly, Not Close Enough…

Gary Harvey, defending, said it was an extremely distressing case.
It was accepted the sheep owner would have been extremely distressed by what had occurred.
His client was also extremely upset. She had been very close to all three dogs.
Not enough to have prevented them savaging her neighbour’s stock. Twice.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Well, What Else Is Facebook For..?

Hateful comments about the homeless sparked outrage after they were posted on Facebook.
How ‘hateful’ are we talking about here?
Morrisons assistant manager Greg Darvill was criticised over the comments saying: “I hate the homeless” on the social media website.
He was sent a request to like the Helping Britain’s Homeless page, but the response sent from his Facebook account said: “Please don’t invite me to help the homeless… I hate the homeless. They make the risk of me being out of a job by thieving rife. Thanks.”
Fair enough. And who could blame him?

Except, of course, the Legions of the Perpetually Offended and those who make a nice living by farming these unfortunates like human cattle:
After the comments were criticised more were posted from the account of Mr Darvill, who works at the M-Local store in Queen’s Road, near Brighton station. It stated: “I don’t represent a company. I work for a company. I’m entitled to my own opinion. Sorry you feel my views are harsh.”
That didn’t help, except to anger the Legion even further at the temerity of this little oik:
Mr Darvill’s Facebook account has now been deleted.
*sighs* He’s probably better off without it, frankly.
Louise Blampied, of Helping Britain’s Homeless, an awareness group which shared the post, said the post “shocked and appalled” them. She said: “It is disheartening to know that there are people out there that feel the same way as him.
“However, we have had an incredible response to the Facebook page and it just shows the compassion and love of the majority of the public opposed to one small-minded, ignorant view.”
Just one, love? Oh, I think you’ll find it isn’t just one. I can’t stand the beggars!

H/T: @pperrin via Twitter

Oh, I’m Sure They’ll Snap Him Up…

Mr Mochrie said the teenager had recently found work as an administration assistant, and was hoping to get a licence to work in security.
Errr, yes…

We Could Claw More Back If We Put Her On The Game…

A mother-of-five who falsely claimed more than £68,000 in benefits over four years was spared prison after a judge was told there was no-one to care for her kids.
Well, at least we’ll get the money ba..

She is currently repaying £13 a fortnight - which at that rate will take 201 years to clear the debt.
Jim Withyman, mitigating, said she was a woman of previous good character and the claim had not originally been fraudulent. He urged the judge to show mercy and said any jail sentence could be suspended given the circumstances and the young family Grey supported.
“She is embarrassed and ashamed by what she has done. She won’t be back before these courts again.”
Well, not for 201 years, anyway…
Judge Walford, who was sitting at Teesside Crown Court, said decent, law abiding, hard working families who struggled to get by without being dishonest would be appalled. He said: “It is sucking money out of the monies available to help the most vulnerable in society.”
The judge suggested the public would want Grey to go jail, to which Mr Withyman replied: “The banks have got off scot-free for the last five years and they have been doing exactly the same thing to the country.”
No, they haven’t.

And the fact that you bring this up in ‘mitigation’ of your underclass client makes you, as far as I’m concerned, of less worth to society than her!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Lewisham Police were massed outside McDonalds on Lewisham High Street to investigate a public disorder scene.
Lewisham McDonalds shift manager George Morgans told News Shopper: "As I was coming in to work there were about 2-300 kids and people were saying there was going to be a fight."
A Lewisham Police spokeswoman said: "Police attended McDonalds on Lewisham High Street at approximately 2:43pm following a report of a large number of young people gathering inside and outside the premises.
"There were concerns that a disturbance might take place.
"Officers attended and dispersed the crowd.
"A male was arrested at the location for a public order offence and is currently in custody."
There are photos at the news report. So yes, this is exactly the sort of crowd you'd expect.

As a glance at the comments would have told you:
Isaidit44 says...
I was at the 47 bus stop, infront of McDonald's. Lots of dumb school children, inside and outside shop. Screaming loudly anytime the police horses came near them. One schoolboy was arrested inside the shop and taken away. It's hard to believe that so many of them, turned up to watch a fight instead of getting on the bus and going home. Pathetic and disgraceful display.
Womblingbarnacle says...
Apparently exam results are higher than ever! Dunno how that tallies with the amount of half wits with the mental age of 8 in secondary schools. I lived in Germany for a bit - totally different world. And no it wasn't a posh area. You just don't see anywhere near so many morons of secondary school age. They're just...normal. What is the UK education system and culture doing to produce so many shrieking, goading, aggressive idiots?
Bexleyheath Resident says...
Maybe if kids were in school at 2:43 this wouldn't be a problem. They seem to be let out earlier and earlier, at that time they've not long finished lunch. No wonder they aren't ready for the world of work!! they're only in lessons a few hours a day, how do they have time to learn anything! Crazy!
We're doomed, aren't we?

*Schoolkids Of No Appearance

Such A Pleasant Family Gathering…

A woman says she feels let-down after prosecutors dropped criminal charges against a man accused of assaulting her.
Jo Cooper was taken to hospital with a black eye and bruising to her face after an incident at a family party.
Her brother-in-law, Paul Cross, 44, of Capel Avenue, Peacehaven, denied one count of assault against her and was due to stand trial in a crown court.
But prosecutors dropped their case, saying conflicting statements would make it hard to challenge his claim that he was acting in self-defence.
Blimey! Of course, this won’t sit well with the outraged kinfolk:
Mrs Cooper’s mother, Lea Mylton-Thorley, who was at the party, said: “We did not get a chance [to talk to police].
“They took an hour to get ambulance and police there.”
“They went straight into him and they did not have any interest in anybody else.”
That must have been some party!

In the details, all suddenly becomes clear…
Sussex Police said officers attending the scene were “led to believe” Mrs Cooper was the assailant and she was too “intoxicated” to give a clear account herself.
Inspector Rob Lovell added: “It is not clear whether if the man had initially been identified as the suspect by those at the scene, the case would have progressed to Crown Court, but we respect our CPS colleagues’ decision to discontinue it.”
Which can be read any number of ways, can’t it?

Our Criminal Justice System…

Cox was identified by a Southend police officer as he was reviewing CCTV of the incident. The court heard Cox had 47 convictions for 72 offences dating back to when he was 12.
In 2013, Cox was locked up in a young offenders’ institution for stabbing a man at a railway station.
In mitigation, the court heard Cox had a difficult childhood, but he now had a two-year-old daughter and was trying to turn his life around.
Not trying very hard, clearly.

He’s now been locked up for 16 months (inevitably, he won’t serve all of that). Is it me, or should the question instead be ‘Why bother ever letting him out’..?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Money Tap Is Turned Off, SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!

Sabrina Mahfouz (a writer of theatre, poetry and TV, apparently) is a great fan of the arts. As long as someone else is paying, of course:
When I first came across the boldly branded IdeasTap online I had two high-pressure jobs, in the wildly divergent fields of Mayfair nightclubs and the civil service, in order to pay my way through a part-time MA in international politics (hence the nightclubs) and to start a sensible, safe career trajectory (hence the civil service).
She doesn’t say what department she works for, so one can only guess just which might consider an MA in international politics useful…

But just what’s this ‘IdeasTap’ thingie?
The charity centres around a website where young people from around the UK create visual profiles and portfolios to showcase their work and to search for other creatives they might be able to collaborate with. This enables a cross-arts, cross-country approach to empowering emerging artists that I don’t believe has been achieved at this level by any other organisation. It provides a ready-made network of contacts and funding opportunities within an industry that is notoriously difficult to enter unless you have the financial backing of parents or the support of well-meaning friends in artistic places.
Maybe I’m missing something, but doesn’t it merely do what LinkedIn and Facebook groups and all those other social media applications do?

But of course, that’s not solely what it does. What it does – and what attracts the likes of Ms Mahfouz - is give out money:
In 2009 Dean Atta and I were awarded an innovator’s fund of £1,000 to host our first large-scale poetry event, Rhymes Won’t Wait, alongside Hollie McNish and Chiméne Suleyman. … I applied via IdeasTap for the 2013 Sky Arts Academy Scholarship – £30,000 to work on your dream arts project and help take your career to the next stage. I was honoured to be one of the winners. The scholarship allowed me to write poems for a new book; commission other artists to create new work – including Shame by John Berkavitch and London Matter by Deanna Rodger; and to write and produce a poetry-infused play, Chef, which will transfer to Soho Theatre this summer.
Can that last? Reader, it cannot:
So the news that it will be closing its digital and physical doors on 2 June after six tremendous years is extremely disheartening; especially as it comes at a time when young people face such a multitude of challenges in pursuing the career they want.
Mainly, the challenges of eating and keeping warm in a world that doesn’t value your thrilling performance art, you mean?
… why those who have been helped by the charity at some stage are now joining together to work out how to save this valuable resource for diversity in the arts. This spirit is the very thing that challenges the mainstream narrative, which favours privilege over talent and rejects the dreams of its young.
I hope that the answer isn’t going to be ‘demand yet more money from the gubbmint’, but I suspect it won’t be far down the list of demands…