Tuesday, 17 January 2017

This Is Where '#IBelieveHer' Leads...

A woman has been locked up after she tried to blackmail a police officer she met on a dating website by suggesting he wanted to rape her.
Nightclub waitress Georgia Harris recorded the 22-year-old man as she put a “hypothetical” scenario to him about such a sex attack. She then sent him a “doctored” video clip of part of the conversation with him saying “I would rape you” and her replying “I don’t want you to rape me.”
What on earth might have given this woman the idea that she could do this, and not be punished for it?
Sentencing her to eight months youth custody, a judge said the case was serious because of the “premeditated, determined and persistent” nature of the offence.
“It is well understood for good reason that blackmail offences are to be treated very seriously indeed in terms of penalty,” he added.
Whereas if she'd simply cried rape, she'd have probably been believed, and almost certainly wouldn't have gone to jail if she wasn't believed...
Harris, of Rookes Crescent, Chelmsford, had suffered from depression and anxiety after having a miscarriage at the age of 17.
Ahhhh, poor wee lamb...
Harris, who works at Faces nightclub in Chelmsford, told a probation officer she had a drink problem that was now under control.
Of course she does.
Ed Duncan-Smith, defending, said Harris, who admitted blackmail, had not intended the matter to go as far as it did.
“It snowballed,” he said. “She now realises how unacceptable it was. She expresses a high level of shame for her behaviour.
“She has had a wake up call and taken control of her life. She is having therapy. Her ambition is to be an air hostess. She is remorseful for this very sorry episode.”
All the old excuses. They'd have worked, too, if the offence hadn't been blackmail.

Charity Only Begins At Home If No-One Else Is Paying...

Youngsters who have travelled thousands of miles from their war-torn homelands in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are now starting new lives under the protection of the city council.
I think that probably should have been 'youngsters'...
In contrast to the city council’s generosity, up to a quarter of local authorities have refused to take part in the national voluntary scheme complaining about the costs of taking children and young adults into their care.
Booo! Hissss! How uncharitable! Not like saintly Brighton!
City councillors are calling for more resources from Westminster to help the authority meet its commitments.
Westminster doesn't have any 'resources'. It's taxpayer pockets they'll be rummaging around in. As usual.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Errr, Hold On A Mo...

A woman wearing a hijab claims she was racially abused by a thug who spat in her face at a west London chip shop.
Oh, really? Can we see the CCTV?

What, there's none..?
The 46-year-old Government researcher and anti-racism capaigner...
*rolls eyes*
Ms Ashraf, who is part of the organisation Stand Up To Racism, had been visiting the capital from her Manchester home and said the abuse in a multicultural area like London left her horrified.
The poor wee lamb. Can she shoehorn Brexit in here somehow?

Reader, she can...
There was a spike in hate crime in the capital following the Brexit vote (Ed: no, there was a spike in reports of this...), but Ms Ashraf said the problems stemmed from hysteria over the hijab and people blaming social problems like austerity on minority groups.
I don’t think people overnight became racist in this country,” she said.
“When you look at the figures, it’s more Muslim women rather than Muslim men that are being attacked.
“In any other culture it wouldn’t be acceptable to talk about a woman’s dress – it’s their choice.
But for Muslim women it’s open season. It’s just shocking.”
It is indeed their choice. Or so we are always told.
Police confirmed they were treating the incident, which took place on January 6 at around 9.30pm, as a racially-aggravated hate crime.
Well, that's a very broad definition these days, catching all sorts of people.

But I'm sure they'll soon apprehend this pasty-white, tattooed, Union Flag T-shirt wearing, UKIP voting thug, won't they?
A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “Officers attended but the suspect had already fled the scene, in the direction of Hammersmith Underground Station.
“The suspect is described as a male of Arab appearance, aged in his 30s, about 5ft 9ins tall, with facial hair, balding head and a non-British accent.”

It's Enough To Drive You To Drink!

Peter Clemenson, 47, of Shoebury Road, Southend, was a teacher at South Essex College until 2011 before he moved to the Lower Basildon Academy.
That's....well, not exactly a step up.
The National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) noted how Clemenson picked up his first conviction, for failing to stop at the scene of an accident, in October 2007.
He was also convicted for failing to provide a sample for analysis, resulting in a two year disqualification, a £750 fine and an order to pay £90 costs.
Well, one mistake is understandable, we're all human after ...

In September 2012, Clemenson was convicted of drink-driving and banned for three years, and fined £450 with £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.
I guess he didn't learn his lesson the first time.
However, it was his conviction in March last year for possession of a knife in a public place on July 15, 2014, that led to a jail sentence of eight weeks, a £500 costs order and an £85 victim surcharge.
Clemenson also received another two weeks, concurrent, because he failed to surrender to bail.
Well, to be fair, Basildon Academy is the sort of place you may want to arm yourself before attending. Pupil or teacher.
The report said Clemenson’s five convictions suggested a “repetitive pattern of behaviour.”
No shit..?

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Neoteny Generation...

"The tree appeared to be stable and I think there were people walking under the tree in front of me. I decided it was probably the optimum route," she said in a statement read to court.
"I walked my dog under first and I followed. It was clearly open."
She added: "I don't recall seeing any officer on my side of the road and no-one tried to stop me from walking under the tree."
Yes, of course, it must have been the fault of the police, and never, ever the people who decided to walk under the tree....

But since they get blamed for it regardless, is it surprising when they overreact?

What A Wonderful Opportunity For Some Virtue Signalling!

Young pupils in Sudbury formed a “walking bus” to urge motorists to drive slower after three children were run-over outside their primary school.
Three children! Gosh!
They formed their walking bus exactly two weeks after two pupils and their toddler brother was hit by a car on November 25 at 3.30pm.
Ah. That's three children in one incident. So, not quite such a black spot as the headline might lead you to think.
The pupils showed their handmade posters with warnings including “Aggressive is not Impressive”, “Slower Speeds = Happy People”, “Slow Down for a Happy Town” and “Do Not Crash Car” to motorists as they drove past.
So we mustn't use mobiles while driving due to the danger of distraction, yet we allow, nay, encourage, the schools to send children out with these sort of posters designed to attract a driver's attention?

I mean, is it me..?
The day was given to a road awareness campaign with two assemblies in the afternoon, to encourage children to encourage their own parents not to drive to school.
Excellent idea!

*boots kids out the front door into the pouring rain* "Sorry, sweetie, but it's what you want, right? Off you go!"
The school is under “requires improvement” following recent troubled history with its previous headteacher.
Mrs Ragheb was brought in to replace Uma Pandya who stood down from the role following her suspension.
Hmmm, if this is considered an improvement, she must have been pretty awful

But back to this accident. How do three kiddies get mown down? On a crossing?
Sharon Samuels, who has a nine-year-old daughter at the school, said: “The cars shouldn’t be sitting on Watford Road. The children weren’t even on the road, they were on the pavement.
An adult with the children was treated at the scene while the driver of the car was taken to a west London hospital. No arrests have been made.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Not Named For Nothing...

A man stabbed his 72-year-old sister in the neck and threatened to “slit her throat” after arguing over a new washing machine he had just plumbed in, a court heard.
Robert Patient, 60...
...lost his temper with Valerie Maguire at her home in Central Avenue, Southend, on June 30, moments after coming home from the pub.
I'm shocked, shocked, to hear that alcohol was involved.