Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Are You Sure You Wouldn't Be Better Off With 'Media Studies', Love?

Lizzy Kelly, a history student at Sheffield added: “Students might be more inclined to read what academics want them to if our curricula weren’t overwhelmingly white, male and indicative of a society and structures we fundamentally disagree with because they don't work for us.”
You're studying history, love. White, male and a 'society you don't agree with' is pretty much the coursework, isn't it?

H/T: wiggia via email

Hurrah! Progressives Have Finally Figured Out Why Anti-Semitism Is A Bad Thing!

...and given us a new definition of 'self-absorption' into the bargain.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

I Wonder If Sergeant Peter Allan Dreamed Of Arresting Armed Blaggers As A Child...?

If so, it must be a crushing disappointment to learn what his job now entails...
Sergeant Peter Allan, the force's hate crime sergeant, said: "I am pleased the court has convicted the defendant in this case. No-one should be targeted in such a personal and public way because of the way they dress.
"This sentence sends out a clear signal that we will take a robust approach to those who target individuals based on their disability, gender identity, race, religion or sexual orientation."
Well done. Have a break. Have a biscuit. You deserve it, tangling with such a tough opponent, you brave crime fighter, you...

People Who Despise Fox Hunting Should Reconsider...

The hunt has since apologised to Miss Brown and, as a gesture of goodwill, bought her three replacement sheep.
But no such apology has come from the RSPCA and there has been no offer to return her cats.
They couldn't possibly have known the RSPCA were playing fast and loose with their power. They had no need to do this.

They did it because they are fundamentally decent people. The opposite of those who work for the RSPCA, it would seem.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Shorter Hadley Freeman: “Shut Up, You Hideous Bigoted Old People!”

I am an older and quite well-known person about to be interviewed for a national newspaper. Any tips?
An Older Person, Celebrityland
Oh, my dear Older Person. When I look at you, I see not a dignified soul striding off to attend to one’s media requirements but a helpless young babe in the wood, rucksack on your back, skipping straight into the mouth of the lion.
Wow! That’s not at all patronising, is it?
Here’s how it works now: a famous older person goes off to give a talk or an interview. They are either encouraged to give their views on transgender people or do so of their own accord. Their slightly outdated views are then gleefully published everywhere by newspapers so as to encourage people to tweet and Facebook their outrage, ideally with links to the article, thus generating more readers.
And who has encouraged this sort of mob mentality, Hadley? Could it possibly be you and your SJW chums, gleefully sneering and shouting down anyone who holds an opinion not in accordance with yours?
Anyway, what can you, famous older person, do about it? Fortunately for you, I have compiled a small map to guide you through this minefield. Just ask yourself the following questions and go to the appropriate answers. Good luck, gentle soul.
1. Do you want to talk about trans rights in an interview? (a) What are trans rights? (Go to 5) (b) Actually, I have some very interesting thoughts on this subject that I’d like to share. (Go to 2)
2. Do you think men are men and women are women and no fancy political correctness can change that? (a) Obviously. (Go to 5) (b) Actually, my gay nephew Owen was explaining to me just last week that it’s a little more complicated than that. (Go to 3)
3. Do you plan to make frequent references to genitalia in your argument? (a) Well, of course. (Go to 5) (b) In public company? Certainly not. (Go to 4)
4. Speaking truth to power and all that, but do you fancy spending the next month being yelled at by millions of people online and the rest of your life answering questions about this in interviews? (a) God, no. (Go to 5) (b) Why would people yell at me? (Go to 5)
5. Do not talk about trans rights in an interview.
So basically if you don’t share the ‘Guardian’ view of any subject, you should cease to talk about it entirely?

That Law Of Unintended Consequences (Part 45689087)…

Mr Glanville, 60, from Billericay, was arrested in connection with the murder probe along with a 54-year-old man from Basildon after the death in July 2015 and had been due to answer police bail in May.
Essex Police announced yesterday that the men will face no further action and an inquest into Mr Gallagher's death is due to take place.
It took a year. A whole year!

That’s a stunning new level of utter incompetence and slothfulness even by Essex Police standards, isn’t it?
His widow, Linda, said she had been left "devastated" by his death and has requested the case be looked at again, according to a national newspaper.
The Crown Prosecution Service said: "We have had an application from a family member under the victim's right of review for the decision to be looked at again and we will be doing so."
How is it that someone who breaks into your house and sets about you and your possessions can now be considered a ‘victim’ if you kill him in self defence?

Sunday, 1 May 2016