Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Well, I Guess This Is Proof The Gender Wars Are Over?

I mean, clearly all the big issues have been resolved?
Marks & Spencer is at the centre of a new sexism row for its decision to aim a range of dinosaur-themed children’s clothes — in partnership with the Natural History Museum — only at boys.
So the ‘Let Clothes Be Clothes’ campaign group and someone from the ‘Women In Science and Engineering’s’ young women’s board immediately mounted their hobby horses and began rallying their shrill troops.

As happens after every tedious little slight these harridans pick up on, after a social media campaign, the company immediately gave in. Thereby ensuring that they will never, ever be free to do anything these unrepresentative groups don’t like.

Not to be outdone, the anti-racism mob needed to find something even stupider to die in a ditch over, and they managed it:
Argos faced “racism” accusations today after selling white dolls for £10 more than their equivalent £24.99 black and Asian ones.
The chain store apologised and blamed “a genuine online pricing error”. It added: “We are urgently rectifying this and can confirm all three dolls will be priced at £24.99.”
So those who prefer a white doll won’t be gouged for an extra tenner? Result!

Hey, Durham Police, Here's How Real Men Deal With Injured Deer...

Olympic gold medallist Greg Rutherford has revealed how he carried an injured deer for two miles to his home after finding it while out walking his dogs.
Not wanting to leave it in pain, he carried it two miles and arrived home exhausted and covered in blood to the astonishment of his partner Susie.
Sadly, despite the best care at Tiggywinkles Animal Hospital, it died.

But it was luckier than the poor bloody beast that Durham Police's finest turned up to 'help':
Andrew Pittilla and Brian Clewlow, from Durham Constabulary, were alerted to the animal after it was hit by a car. On arriving at the scene they decided to carry it to the side of the road in the hope it would recover.
But two days later they returned ...
Yes, this is indeed that case, and we all know how they then dealt with the unfortunate animal.
The officers told a disciplinary panel their actions had been in the best interests of the animal and they gained no satisfaction from it.
They were removed from firearms duties and given final writing warnings but the panel stopped short of sacking them.
So, if you are ever arrested by these two charmers, you know what to do...

Creating Safer Neighbourhoods – Yr Doin’ It Wrong…

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard how Kabeer Yousaf, 31, was working for Green Street Safer Neighbourhoods Team in 2012 when he arranged to have sex with a woman in her 40s at a brothel in Corporation Street. Afterwards, he returned wearing uniform and demanded £2,000 to remove her details from the Metropolitan Police’s data systems.
Ah, diversity and positive discrimination to recruit from ‘unrepresented minorities’ is such a good idea, isn’t it?
In October that year, he investigated anti-social behaviour at a brothel in St Stephen’s Road, and returned a week later to demand the woman running it pay him money or he would shut it down.
The frightened woman agreed to pay £500 a fortnight, with Yousaf sometimes having sex with women at the brothel in lieu of payment.
I suppose the only saving grace is that he didn’t give the game away by his choice of automobile…
Following a trial which began on October 6 and finished on December 29, Yousaf was found guilty of two counts of blackmail, conspiracy to commit misconduct in a judicial or public office and committing misconduct in a public office.
I hope a lengthy custodial sentence awaits.

Monday, 26 January 2015

/Golfclap For Tell MAMA...

A formal complaint about the incident, obtained by The Independent, alleged that the teacher had “expressed his desire to purchase t-shirts with cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad as a way to challenge Muslims who are offended”.
The report said the teenager, whose parents have asked that he remain anonymous, was the sole Muslim in his class and had felt “unfairly targeted and belittled” by the discussion.
I don't think it's going to be too difficult to identify him from these details...

But when you're pushing an agenda omelette, you can't do it without breaking a few eggs, eh?

And please note, that an article that includes this footnote should be taken with an entire salt mine, not just a pinch:
Tesco attack
A young Asian dentist was attacked by a knife-wielding assailant at a Tesco supermarket in Mold, Wales. Police said they were treating the assault as racially motivated. A 25-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder.
Booooo! Nasty white supremacists going around knifing people because they are musl...

Wait. What?
There’s just one catch: Zack Davies is a Muslim who calls himself Zak Ali, and who warned on his Facebook page on the morning of his attack in Tesco: “The wrath of Allah is about to come down upon the kaffir, I will have my revenge.”
Oh. Umm....

Then She Lied. Isn't That Misconduct?

"The police officer told me there was nothing she could do because it was a dog on dog attack," she said.
Well, she was lying to you. Pity you don't let us know her name.
"Even though the warden said they had never seen such horrific injuries and asked for photos, he later told me the case was closed."
I'd really like to know his name too. Because I bet they crop up again.
A police spokesman said: "An investigation is ongoing and we are trying to identify the owner of the animal that bit the victim's dog. We will able to assess whether any offences have been committed under the Dangerous Dogs Act."
Loosely translated, this means: "Oh, damn! She went to the papers! OKm churn out some boilerplate stuff so it looks like we're doing something.."
A spokesman for the council said it was a police matter.
They must share the same PR staff,

You’d Have To Have A Heart Of Stone…

…luckily, I do!
Chairman Francis Barnes- Challinor, who has pledged to continue the service, said the not-for-profit organisation is desperately applying for grants to pay off its debts, but believes the authorities which direct people to the foodbank should support it.
Why? Is it their fault you’re an idiot, then? That you set up a non-for-profit and assumed that meant you wouldn’t have to pay any bills?
“The volunteers are very disappointed, of course. We have been here nearly a year.
“We didn’t think we would get into this financial state when we took the premises. We thought people would help us to pay the rent.
“At the moment, we deliver a lot of parcels to certain points such as probation, the council, the churches, or a lot of them used to help us by coming here.
“But they don’t offer any financial help or any volunteers.”
Well, why should they? You’ve taken away a burden so they are happy to see you shoulder it. They bear no responsibility for your plight. That falls to you.
The organisation is also hoping to offer courses, including cookery and management skills, in a bid to generate funds for any future rent.
Hmmm, I wonder if that will include financial management..?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

"What Do We Want?" "Immortal Lesbians!"

"When do we want them..?"


Make up your minds, progressives!

Speelchik Would Have Sorted This Out, Tesco..!

No need to thank me. Every little helps!

"I Talk To The Trees..."

....and they say 'Suffer, bitch!':
“I don’t want to move out because I’ve got beautiful neighbours. This place feels like home to me.”
Aggie Dabska's problem?
Aggie Dabska, 34, said her chronic fear of spiders has stopped her opening any of the windows facing the dreaded tree outside her Cardiff home.
And if the spiders in the tree weren’t bad enough, Aggie said the tree has also stopped light entering her eight-year-old son’s bedroom and has blocked her phone signal at her home in of Plymouth Wood Close in Ely.
Maybe it's an Ent, and it's really, really mad at you?
“After I posted a note online, someone came and hacked off some of the branches so it is a bit better now, but no one ever calls me about it.”
Who do you think should call you?
Ely Councillor Sue Goddard said: “We don’t have a letter from Ms Dabska on record, but now that we are aware of this we will see what we can do. However it is unlikely that the council would cut down the tree as it is their policy not to cut down healthy trees.
“As it happens we have been trying to get some other trees pruned for about five years on Plymouth Wood Close, and so we will be adding her concerns to a letter we are addressing to the council’s parks department.”
Ah, yes, it takes five years to get trees pruned. Truly, the local councils are typical agents of the State!

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