Thursday, 29 September 2016

Another Journalism 'FAIL!'...

A grieving mum is unable to claim her daughter’s ashes because her violent ex-boyfriend signed for their collection.
Boo! Hiss!
She has spent the past four years being told her daughter’s ashes will remain at Adam & Greenwood Funeral Home in Billericay, Essex, despite Chloe having her daughter’s birth and death certificates.
“I’ve been on the phone to them [Adam & Greenwood] every day saying I want her home with me,”
Chloe said. “All they keep saying is he [Bluestar-Hill] needs to sign for it.
“He [Bluestar-Hill] hasn’t even bothered to call up and say he wants her ashes.”
Is he a monster? Oh, undoubtedly!
Chloe, who lives in Dagenham, suffered daily black eyes at the hands of her ex-boyfriend and was also beaten regularly with belts.
But if that's the whole story....why is there an injunction against her?
An injunction prevents her from directly or indirectly contacting Bluestar-Hill – who pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and two charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm – so even when he is released she would not be able to collect the ashes from him.
Very curious. You'd think the local paper might want to do some journalism, wouldn't you?

But you'd be wrong.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

I Suppose It's Just As Well Corbyn's Reelection Puts Labour Beyond The Pale...

British Muslims should be given a new way of reporting hate crimes that bypasses the police, because the Government’s controversial Prevent anti-extremism strategy has ruined trust between the two parties, Andy Burnham has suggested.
We should have a way of reporting crime that doesn't include the crime-fighters, eh? Sterling work, Burnham!
Mr Burnham, who is Labour’s candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester, compared Prevent to the French ban on the burkini swimming costume and said it “singles out one community for different treatment”.
Yes. Well, so what? Maybe that 'community' requires it..?
“If governments are doing things to almost legitimise things in some way by saying this community does need to be treated differently, it does need to be watched at a local level, because there’s danger here in terms of behaviour, that is highly problematic.”
It does need to be treated differently, and it does need to be watched at a local level. Until we can all get on a train or a plane and visit a shopping mall without fear of an attack.

But then, as Fahrenheit211 points out, when did Labour worry too much about the genuinely oppressed?

'Simple And Honest'...

Rafique Muhammed, 59, “lost everything” when flames ripped through the car storage yard in Norbury Crescent earlier this month, despite nearly 50 firefighters battling for more than three hours to control the inferno.
Oh dear!
A total of five vehicles, including Mr Muhammed’s caravan, were incinerated in the fire, which also destroyed a nearby railway embankment and forced the evacuation of more than 40 people from their homes.
Well, never mind, I'm sure his business insurance will pay up.

Wait. What?
The mechanic had only recently purchased the caravan, after doctors warned him that three years of living in his car repair workshop had damaged his health.
Now Mr Muhammed has been forced back to sleeping on the workshop floor and, after losing at least £500 cash in the fire, friends struggle to see how the “simple and honest” mechanic can go on.
Anis Thohan said: “We don’t know how he can survive. It’s a small business, and he has not any family here.
“This old man is alone and single. He’s very honest and I don’t know what he should do.”
So, probably not too much hope for the business insurance then?
Mr Muhammed, who is from Pakistan and speaks limited English...
According to Croydon Council, government legislation means that the authority cannot offer Mr Muhammed accommodation because he has a home in Pakistan.
*bangs head on desk*
Mr Thohan pleaded for someone to intervene. He said: “He went to the council and they said they haven’t got any property for him. He’s very simple and very honest.
“He’s lost everything.”
Well, no, he's got you helping him construct his sob story! Why don't you take him in? Because I'm not going to!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Wow! Car Valeting Pays Better Than I Thought..!

Stephen Sparks, prosecuting, told the court the self-employed car valeter was then approached by a security guard.
He said: “The defendant was challenged with a request for him to move his vehicle.
“At this stage he became angry and said: ‘Let’s have it’. He was being aggressive and getting in the officer’s personal space.
“He starts swearing and says he has ADHD and is going to ‘flip out’.
“Families and customers were watching. The police attend and he swears when they are in attendance.”
He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, clearly. Pretty fertile, though!
Roger Neild, mitigating, said Kalyan was “ashamed” and “sorry” for his actions but that he had been “exasperated” at not being able to find a parking space.
He said: “It was a very hot day. He had driven all the way from his home in Ilford with his partner and six children and no air conditioning.”
Probably couldn't afford a car with aircon, supporting six kids on a car valet's salary... /sarc
Kalyan was fined £160 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.
Going to have to wash a lot of Ford Escorts, isn't he?

Presumably, 'Getting Up Off It To Earn An Honest Living'...?

Mr Gordon read out a letter from Lewis-Barnes’ mother, Joan Lewis, pleading for leniency.
She said she depended on her son because she had problems with her back.
£5000 of drugs buys a lot of chiropracty...
Judge Samantha Leigh said she had given some credit to Lewis-Barnes thanks to the letter.
Lewis-Barnes was jailed for two years and six months, while Burrett was given an 18 month prison sentence, suspended for two years.
She was also ordered to complete a thinking skills programme and 100 hours of unpaid work.
She's 19, and clearly hasn't started doing any thinking yet...

Monday, 26 September 2016

When 'Challenge' Doesn't Mean What You May Think...

The campaign is run by the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation and Brighton and Hove City Council.
Oliver said “It’s great to see so many people across the city up for getting involved with the campaign – taking a Sugar Smart challenge is a great way to start thinking about how to reduce the amount of sugar you consume.
An even better was would be to not read his cook books.

And judging by the number I see unopened and pristine at boot sales, lots are following this advice!
The first challenge, which started yesterday (Thursday September 15) ) is “make your breakfast low-sugar”. All people need to do is like a Facebook page and send in a photo of their healthier breakfast.


More Joy In Heaven, And All That...

“I have an element of anxiety when I’m out and the other day as I was crossing in Barnes High Street a cyclist whizzed through a red light and in front of me. I thought it was happening again.
“I’m not sure what can be done but there doesn’t seem to be any significant penalties for cycling on the pavement or for riders who whizz through red lights. The feeling I got from police was that there was nothing they could do in my case.
“Had this man hit an elderly man or my young daughter it could have been a different story.
Says another anti-cycling driver who just wants to keep the roads all to themselves?

Well, no.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

It's No Good, I've Checked Everywhere... 'Settings', I've tried the 'Help'. read the manual, even asked Siri, and I just can't find them.

Are they new apps, maybe, and not features at all?

Well, He'll Never Match Up To His Father With This Menu...

...unless he moves to Korea, I suppose.

Sunday Funnies...

Can't help but think George R R Martin has .... plans.... for the Arbor, though!