Saturday, 25 October 2014

Move Back To Perth – Problem Solved!

The Perth-raised mum said Adelaide’s beaches were one of the attractions of moving here from Melbourne in July.
She said dogs were banned from beaches in Perth except for a designated dog beach at Swanbourne, which was self-policing.
So move back to Perth. Don’t move to Adelaide and start demanding they be more like Perth.
Holdfast Bay city assets manager Steve Hodge the council had considered and rejected “many reports” about creating dog-free areas and dogs parks.
“A large proportion of Adelaide’s population has a pet and would like the opportunity to exercise them and enjoy their beach with their whole family, including their dogs,” Mr Hodge said.
Good for you! A bit more of this wouldn't come amiss, officials.

Lola Okolosie Sees Dead Racist People…

…she sees them everywhere:
A photo opportunity with a world leader is never really casual; the politician always has a motive or communicative intent, the pendulum swinging between a wish to be seen as leader or wo/man of the people.
Or just a chap trying to eat a bacon sandwich (and failing)…
In our modern world, much continues to be done in the name of culture and tradition that could be deemed inappropriate, if not unacceptable.
By anyone we should pay heed to, Lola? Or just by your racehustling chums?
Is the prime minister an expert in the complicated and obscure history of blacking up in Morris dancing?
Well, are you..?
That neither he nor the PR team overseeing this shot on civvy street didn’t, and couldn’t, see its racist resonances is a stretch. Rather, this tells us something about where the prime minister would now like to position himself in the public imagination.
As someone who doesn’t dance to the tune of the Sisters of Perpetual Grievance, I’d hope…
Two factors may explain Cameron’s easy pose. The surge in support for Ukip and the call for English votes for English laws that was sparked by the Scottish referendum are game-changers. Ostensibly, this is a time to endorse English values and an English cultural identity. That black people may be offended or, indeed, intimidated by this climate, no longer matters. Gone are the days of being, to quote Cameron, squeamish and bashful about patriotism.
Well, quite! Why assume, Lola, that ‘black people’ can’t be patriotic, unless it’s to a ‘home country’ that some of them may never have even visited?

Isn’t that just a tiny bit racist of you?
… last Friday, we woke up to discover that the “fruitcakes and loonies”, as Cameron once called Ukip, now have their own member of parliament. Three days later, our leader has the temerity to pose with blacked-up Morris dancers. I know I’m not the only one feeling left out and isolated by this renewed zeal for Englishness. Clearly, only certain citizens belong or matter.
Yup. The ones that matter are the ones that don’t have a chip on both shoulders & seek to look at everything through the prism of their own identity politics.

Those, we can well do without.

Signs Of A Much-Needed Reformation..?

The event held at Central Park in Bandar Utama near here on Sunday was also held to encourage people to be compassionate towards dogs.
It is said to have received the blessing of the Selangor Islamic Council, but Selangor Mufti Datuk Setia Mohd Tamyes Abd Wahid yesterday declared that it was of no benefit to Muslims.
Mohd Tamyes said that while dogs should be treated humanely as they are also God’s creatures, events such as the one held on Sunday did not bring any benefit to Muslims in the country.
It brings quick a lot of benefit, surely? It enables people to see them as fellow human beings and not reactionary raving nutjobs?

Like their spokespeople:
Jakim director-general Datuk Othman Mustapha said the campaign was conducted openly, including for Muslims, without a good reason.
He feared that the organisers might have a hidden agenda and saw it as trying to create a new culture that could lead to insulting Islam.
Yes, yes, because everything’s a big plot against Islam, isn’t it?

And why not take a leaf out of the Christian’s book, and simply shrug off ‘insults’? Is it because ‘turn the other cheek’ isn’t to be found anywhere in your Holy Book?
Popular freelance preacher Mohd Kazim Elias has accused the organisers of trying to legalise something that was clearly haram (forbidden) in Islam.
In his Facebook posting yesterday, Mohd Kazim claimed the event was also a subtle way by certain people to liberalise and pluralise Islam.
“Muslims cannot, for no reason, touch dogs. What is the purpose of having a programme to encourage Muslims to touch dogs? They are considered unclean (najis mugahalazah), the same as pig,” he said.
Well, maybe the purpose is to encourage you into joining the 21st century with the rest of the human race?

Friday, 24 October 2014

If She’s Only 29, They Must Have Been Hard, Hard Years…

Mother-of-two Hayley Sandiford, of Worcester Road, has been fighting to keep American bulldog Winston, despite him running up to the delivery man, snatching a bundle of letters out of his hand and trying to bite him.
Royal Mail has suspended deliveries to Miss Sandiford and her neighbours in both Worcester Road and Surrey Road.
The 29-year-old (Ed: !!!) was sentenced to a six-month community order when she appeared before Blackburn Magistrates and was told the dog would be destroyed if she did not comply with conditions.
What a rough looking dog…
Speaking after the hearing, she said: “I am glad in a way that it is all over now, but there is a risk that Winston might get put to sleep.
“These conditions are what I have been doing anyway, so there is no reason why the dog should get out down.
“Winston is great, he is as lively as ever. He is a brilliant pet.”
Hmmm, a little too lively. And ‘brilliant pets’ should be the sort that don’t lead to the threat of eviction…
Twin Valley Homes, which owns Miss Sandiford’s house, said they were still looking to have an injunction taken out against her, forcing her to give Winston up.
Martin Jackson, the housing association’s anti-social behaviour manager, said: “We’ve taken note of the outcome of the criminal case involving Miss Sandiford but it would be inappropriate to comment further until we’ve had the result of the civil case.”
Well, if you can’t rely on the criminal justice system (and often, you can’t) it’s good to know that someone else will pick up the slack!

Oh, For Heaven's Sake..!

“We thought we were using the wi-fi for a good fortnight and there was nothing to suggest it had disconnected.
"We didn't know we were using up all these charges for the internet at a premium rate.
“As far as I was aware, the wi-fi was connected. I wasn’t informed otherwise.“
Really? You mean, apart from these little symbols on your Nokia Lumia that tell you what you are connected to?

No wonder Vodaphone charged you a £381 cancellation fee. Consider it an Idiot Tax.
"Now they are threatening to take me to court - it's frightening that they can bully you this way.
"I might have to sell my van just to afford it, by I rely on that for my livelihood, I don't know where to turn."
After the single father-of-one dispute (sic) the bill he was then informed he had been blacklisted by Vodafone.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

And What Reception Will You Give Journalists, Or Ottawa's Police Chief..?

Barely 24 hours after a gunman attacked Parliament Hill in Ottawa, killing a soldier, lawmakers gave a standing ovation to Kevin Vickers, the legislature's sergeant-at-arms, for reportedly firing the shots that took down the assailant.
Vickers, 58, stood at attention and appeared close to tears before the House of Commons as the applause wore on. He's being regarded as a hero in Canada for keeping the gunman from penetrating farther into the parliamentary compound.
As RAB at 'Counting Cats...' points out, he's a brave man, and more importantly, a man who had the right tools for the job to hand when he needed them.

But sadly, he's too late to prevent further penetration of Canadian society:
She was dismissive of uncovered plots against the Canadian state and instead focused on Muslims who had volunteered for the security services. She then went on to suggest that unless Canada dropped its opposition to ISIS the Muslim community might change its allegiance.
And far too late to prevent further penetration of the country's police farce:
Ottawa police Chief Charles Bordeleau sent out a letter that encouraged building the relationships between ethnic groups over breaking them.
He also said police are aware of potential concerns for Muslim groups. ​
"This is about one individual who committed a despicable act," Bordeleau said, "I want to reassure [groups] should there be any backlash that they notify us.… We are there to continue to support them."
What can you say? Other, that is, to echo Farenheit451:
"This murderous attack should be a lesson to us all, and that lesson should be that wherever Islam goes and wherever Islam is tolerated or indulged, there is violence from the followers of Islam. This violence is so often aimed at those at the individuals and institutions of those countries which naively tolerate or facilitate Islam. We’ve seen this now not only in Canada, but also in the United States and the United Kingdom."

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Sadly, They Didn’t Finish Up Like ‘Thelma & Louise’…

Two sisters without driving licences led police on a 90mph chase – and asked cops for a cigarette when they were finally halted.
Amy and Laura Humpage (Ed: SNORK!) also SWAPPED seats before officers caught up with them, drove on the wrong side of the road, ran three red lights and demolished a 2ft brick wall.
A lovey pair. And recipients of the now-notorious leniency reserved for the fairer sex:
Laura, 27, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving without insurance and a licence.
The court heard she had suffered mental health problems and had been sectioned in the past.
She was handed a 12-month suspended sentence and a supervision order.
Amy, 25, admitted careless driving, failing to provide a specimen and having no licence.
She was given a two-month suspended sentence and ordered to pay £250.
This despite the acknowledged seriousness of the offence:
Passing sentence, Judge Murray Creed told the pair: “I’m quite satisfied that, as far as the crime is concerned, it passed the custody threshold.”
Well, you can’t be that satisfied, can you?
And he told Laura: “I am concerned about your bipolar condition and in particular the fact you’ve been subject to mental health orders in the past.”
I’m concerned too – concerned that the next time these two go on a car chase with the police, they’ll mow down someone who isn’t the expendable Judge Creed.

No, They Don’t Care, Why Should They?

A single teenage mum who has been living rent- free above a Worcester pub says she and her sick baby will soon be homeless after new managers arrived to take over.
Yes. And..?
Mrs Franklin had been running the pub since April 28 and her daughter moved into the flat the following month.
As an illegal sub tenant. That didn’t go over well with the brewery, as you can imagine.
During a meeting at the pub, former manager Tracey Franklin, Megan’s mum and Grace’s grandmother, held talks with representatives of the pub’s owners, Westbourne Leisure Ltd.
During the meeting, Neil Tooth, Westbourne’s operations manager, said he would have the locks changed if Tracey Franklin did not hand back the keys.
But Mr Tooth said Miss Franklin should never have been living there in the first place and the pub had been losing money “hand over fist”.
I can see why. But now the jig is up, the game’s over, there’s no more free accommodation. This is, of course, an OUTRAGE!
Miss Franklin was written to by Westbourne on October 9 telling her she had to move out by October 24. She said: “I’m annoyed and angry. They don’t care.
“They don’t care that my baby is constantly ill because they haven’t fixed the windows. It is so cold.
“This is the first time we have ever met the people from Westbourne. I need to find somewhere else to live. This is a total shock for me. I was expecting it but not so soon.
“It’s alright for the people from Westbourne. They have a home to go to."
Yes, one they legally own or pay rent for, I suspect. Are those alien concepts to you?
She now hopes to meet with a housing officer from Worcester City Council tomorrow with a view to sorting out alternative accommodation.
Great! So now we, the taxpayer, get to pick up the tab instead…

The Tyranny Of The Minority…

An online petition garnering just 65 signatures was enough to sway the administration of the UK’s most famous music festival, helping to convince Emily Eavis that the ceremonial garb should not be treated as meaningless fancy dress.
The Glastonbury website has since listed “Indian headdresses” , alongside cigarettes, candle flares and flags as items not to be sold in its traders section “without prior authorisation or discussion with the markets’ management”.
Yes, it’s the continuing crusade about the use of Indian headdresses.

And just 65 people are enough to rule their sale ‘unacceptable’. Remember when Glastonbury was counter-culture, do as you please, freedom of expression, love alternative cultures & all that hippy garbage?

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

"Feed Me. FEED ME!"

Going to work one morning last week, I saw a young herring gull chick begging for food from it's parent.

It was nearly twice the size of Mum (or Dad) and standing in a heap of easily-obtainable discarded food waste, oblivious, squawking demands that its parent do the hard work...

I was reminded of that reading this:
Val, 45, works in a supermarket and receives staff discount. But she shops elsewhere because it’s cheaper and she needs her money to go further to ensure her daughter Anastasia, 21, does not go short on food.
Yes, you read that right. 21. Now, there's a pic of 'Anastasia'. She doesn't look incapable of finding her own food to me...
The financial strain has left Paul suffering from depression. Val says: “It’s painful to see the man I love come home from a long shift, say ‘I can’t do this any more’ and curl into a foetal position on the floor.”
I don't blame him. Time Anastasia flew the nest, then..?

H/T: MarcherLord via Twitter