Friday, 21 October 2016

“Sometimes the girls are the worst because they feel like they have more rights than the men..."

The 24-year-old was pulled to the ground by her hair before the gang of men and woman launched a vicious assault at about 3.55am today.
She was left with cuts and bruises to her head and legs following the incident outside Royal Grill, in Southchurch Road, Southend, which police are treating as grievous bodily harm.
Acting chief supt Gary Lane, Southend district commander, said the attack was captured on CCTV.
Yet there's no description. Odd...
A worker at another Southchurch Road takeaway, who did not want to be named, said revellers often behave “like animals” in the early hours of the morning.
“It is a shame this happened. Unfortunately people drink so much they don’t know what they are doing.”
These 'ladies' seem to know exactly what they are doing. I wonder where this belief that they are untouchable came from?

Who's Laughing Now..?

Defence solicitor Kevin Walker said Walker, a labourer, suffered from ADHD as a child and did not learn to read and write.
He made friends with the wrong people and claimed he did not know they were going badger baiting. He went along with it to not appear weak. He did not own a dog.
He said he was not involved directly because he had been asked only to film the events and had tried to limit his involvement with these friends.
“He is thoroughly ashamed of his involvement and has lost the respect of his family who have thrown him out of the family home.”
Mr Walker asked that his client be given a suspended sentence claiming he was a “changed man”.
 The magistrates weren't fooled, for once:
A Bradford man grinned as he was led away to start a 26-week prison sentence for his part in a badger baiting gang where he was heard laughing as he filmed the animals being savaged by dogs.
I do hope nothing happens to him in prison....

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Chinese? Thai? Mongolian?

Police said after one of the dogs ran near to the jogger, he swore and continued running before passing the family again, kicking one of the dogs and then the young boy as he tended to his pet.
A spokeswoman for Derbyshire Police said: "The boy went to see if the dog was injured and the man pushed him to the floor and kicked him in the mouth, causing minor injuries. The dog was uninjured."
Any description? Well, yes....
"The jogger is described as Asian, in his mid-30s and of athletic build."
That clears that up, then....

When You See The Term 'Known As'... know there's no point wasting tears:
Josephine Azadi described the moment she tried to rescue Sheldon Thomas, known as Shellz, after the Volkswagen Golf he was driving smashed into a tree in Parks Road, Oxford, shortly after 5am on May 2.
The labourer had been out with friends in Lola Lo nightclub before he left in the hire car with Anthony Pedro, known as Tizzle, in the passenger seat.
Hmmm, just how did the fatal accident occur?
Blood tests showed he was above the legal alcohol limit for driving. A police investigation revealed he was also driving at about 50mph in the 20mph road and had not been wearing a seatbelt.
Yup. That'll do it...
Coroner Mr Chipperfield ... concluded accidental death and told Mr Thomas' family he was 'very sorry' for his loss.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I Guess Essex Police Have Nearly Lost The Function Of Their Brain Too...

Because of his serious head injuries, Knight was taken straight to hospital and spent three days in a coma.
Doctors even told his family he could have lasting brain damage - but he made a full recovery.
In case you're wondering, yes, this is indeed that case...
Emma Nash, mitigating,said: “He understands that none of this would have happened if he had not chosen to commit this offence.
“He very nearly lost the function of his brain. He really thinks it’s time for a change.”
But Essex Police had no choice but to arrest the victim, right? I mean, it was his word against the..

Miss Davison added: “One neighbour said she could see the defendant running away from Mr Sharp when he fell and hit his head.
“He ran off and bounced off the walls.”
So they had a witness, and they still arrested the poor sod?

It's 'Spot The Difference' Time Again...

Case no 1: A woman owns a dog that savages to death another woman's child in Halstead. She is immediately arrested for allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control.

Case no 2: A woman owns a dog that savages to death another woman's child in Colchester. She is not immediately arrested for allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control, and in fact, the police make a point that they are not treating the case as a criminal one.

So what's the difference in these cases? Is Colchester a far more lenient place than Halstead? They are, after all, both in Essex, covered by the same farce force. Is the breed a factor (American bulldog vs 'Staffie cross')? They are both legal breeds not covered by the DDA.

Of course, the cynical might just say that the difference here is in the person who owns the dog being a fine upstanding police officer in this second case.

But that can't be true, can it? Don't the police on social media always say how feared the PSD are, how keen they are to 'make an example' of any police officer transgressing, in order to uphold the image of the police service as one above reproach?

So there must be some other critical difference. I await the full picture in order to discover why such a different approach has been taken in the second case. As, I'm sure, Jade Dunne's lawyers will be doing...

*settles in with popcorn*

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

VirtueSignalling Attempt: Fair, Could Do Better...

Mr Foster said the pupils at St Mark’s Academy are learning about the refugee crisis and had an “incredibly positive” reaction to his trip, and he has hopes that teachers from Mitcham will become a regular fixture in the camp during school holidays.
Mr Foster added: “It’s amazing to see what the human spirit is capable of, against all that adversity. It was quite humbling, but it left you feeling very frustrated because if the right people in the government made the right decisions and came and met these people, they would realise so quickly that they could be a real asset to this country.
“You know all the people you’ve met would do brilliantly if they were just given the opportunity.”
Excellent idea, Mr Foster. Tell you what - we'll take in two child refugees from the Jungle, and send you there permanently. Call it a swap.

I'm sure you'll do brilliantly.

"Let's hope this gets resolved before something really bad happens."

Something 'really bad' has already happened, love, though being a vegetarian, you probably don't comprehend this:
One walker said she hoped the sign was not genuine as it was off-putting for responsible dog owners.
Jane Winterburn said: "I understand that it's not right for anyone's livestock to be terrorised, I'm a vegetarian so I'm all for animal rights however there has to be a better way to resolve this.
"The very top path of the woods backs straight on to farming land and fields and the access into here is ridiculously easy."
So what's your suggestion?

Monday, 17 October 2016

Let's Hear It For Personal Responsibility!

Barbara Ellen opines on the Ched Evans debacle:
Legality aside, what Evans might find himself dealing with from now on is the wider public response to the sickening, self-justifying culture he’s come to represent and the importance of personal responsibility.
Hurrah! Quite right, Barbara! So, we'll be suggesting that young women don't get lagered up and throw themselves at footballers (and their friends), will we?
Despite all the money sloshing around, football has miraculously remained one of the few areas of public life where those at the top tend to come from working-class backgrounds, which is something to be proud of.
But how is it possible to be “proud” of a grubby, self-gratifying world where, in too many cases, the personal nightlife “perks” have revolved around budget hotel rooms, crude phone footage and impressionable, outnumbered women?
So it'd have been OK if she invited friends too? Bit hard to see where you're going with this one, love...
This has become about everyone, but mainly a certain breed of calculating men, taking absolute responsibility for their sexual conduct.
Ah. My mistake. It's going exactly where these columns in the MSM always seem to go. As Tim Worstall points out, it's the usual double standards.

The SPCA...

...every bit as useless as the RSPCA:
A Scottish SPCA inspector later reviewed CCTV footage from the pub and said the dog should be seized as it had the “characteristics of a pitbull terrier” – a breed banned in the UK.
The animal was taken away from Duguid’s home to a kennel and was later examined by the SSPCA.
However, it emerged that the results of the organisation’s investigation was unknown, so the court could not be certain the dog was a pitbull or whether it had been put down.