Monday, 25 July 2016

Chav Bloodlines - Harder To Extinguish Than A Cockroach...

The judge, Mrs Justice Carr, agreed to an adjournment based on medical information provided to the court.
However, she described it as "woefully inadequate", adding: "I am no medical expert but I'm not sure the delay is in anyone's interests, in any point of view.
"The sentencing process is going to happen and I am not going to delay it until after the birth. She [Riley] has to be sentenced. The sooner that happens the better."
The child's death was in 2014...
It was not stated in court who the new baby's father is.
Or what?

Sounds Like A Fair Exchange....

Shaun Draycott, defending, said: “At lot of people will have a perception of a strong, tough rugby player, able to handle anything.
“However we have had the sight today of a man who it’s fair to say can look pretty terrifying in possession of a rugby ball, reduced to tears in respect of his dogs’ future.
“So much so he has indicated that if it were possible, he would trade his freedom for the lives of his five dogs.”
Put him down instead.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

So, It's OK To Blame A Victim Of Robbery Or Vehicle Crime..?

Pupils in Bristol were given the leaflets, which said “R U Asking 4 It?” on the front cover, at the Only Yes Means Yes event last week.
They were produced nearly 10 years ago and were aimed at student safety following a spate of robberies and vehicle crime.

Well, there's Virtue Signalling to be done here, of course. To the Smugmobile!
Teenagers from the North Bristol Post-16 Centre took to Twitter to criticise the police for handing out the leaflet.
Eloise Mainstone wrote: "We should be teaching people not to rape, not teaching us how to avoid it."
Damn! Why didn't anyone else think of that? It's so simple! *slaps forehead*
Avon and Somerset Police said the leaflets were "inappropriate" for the session and would be destroyed.
Wait, what? Are they no longer useful for the intended purpose? I'm pretty sure they are. Let's check:

Yup, seems like it's still prevailing wisdom amongst the boys in blue that taking precautions against crime is sensible.

So...why can't it work the other way around?

But no. The SJWs must be appeased, not just with abject apologies and denials of basic common sense...
Chief Inspector Marie Wright, force lead for rape and sexual assault, said: "Any suggestion that a victim of rape or sexual assault can ever, in any way, be to blame
is totally unacceptable and is the exact opposite of the message we've worked so hard to get across through our 'This is not an excuse' campaign.
"Our stance couldn't be clearer and the students were right to challenge the incorrect message.
...but also with a sacrificial burning of the 'offending' material:
"We're sorry this has happened. I will personally ensure a correct session is delivered to the students involved and have already arranged for the leaflets handed out, which are nearly 10 years out of date, to be destroyed."
Can she be arrested for wasting taxpayer money?

#GenerationSnowflake Finds Paid Work!

...mostly, it seems, finds it beneath their dignity:
I've been working in the room-service department of a five-star hotel for six months.
Good going! Want a cookie?
...the beauty of our service is that all guests are treated equally as nicely — whether we like you or not.
Errr, well, yes. Why is that a surprising concept?
Saying that, your hotel experience will be much more enjoyable if we do like you. So here are some important do's and don'ts for your next stay, from the girl who brings you breakfast and restocks your mini bar.
Important, eh?
Delivering breakfast to people who are half-dressed (or worse) is not really how I like to start my day.
Well, perhaps you should have found another job?
Comment on the weather, ask how our day is going, or tell us about your stay so far. This is a great way for us to assess how happy our guests are.
Is that a big concern for you then? It really doesn't sound as if it is...
Although I'm sure my managers feel otherwise, I don't like it when guests take items from their mini bars.
Ummm, what? You do know the inflated prices on those things help to fund your wages, right?
The mini bars in each room of our hotel contain over 20 different kinds of snacks and drinks, and I'm in charge of restocking them — meaning that I have to review a master list in every single one of our 144 rooms every day to figure out if anything's missing.
Then, I have to bring the items to each room via a very badly designed, top-heavy cart, or, if it's not on the cart, I have to run across the entire hotel to get it from the supply closet. This whole process can take over three hours.
Oh noes! You poor little darling! The horror..!

No-one told me there'd be restocking involved!
Some people are overly critical, but others are afraid to speak up if they aren't satisfied. As long as you tell us nicely, we really do want to hear if there's something we can do to make your stay more pleasant.

There. How's that?

Friday, 22 July 2016

#VirtueSignalling Level: Boss

Harold Saunders, of Basildon, was on his way to work at 5.30am when he went to the BP garage, off of the Roundacre roundabout, Basildon.
On his way in, he was stopped by a man who gave him some money and asked him to buy a coffee on his behalf.
As an opening gambit to begging more money for drugs or booze.
Mr Saunders said: “I asked him why he couldn’t buy himself a coffee.
“He said that they wouldn’t allow him to go in to the petrol station because he is homeless.
“I told to him to come in with me.
“He initially refused but after some persuasion he came into the store with me.
“I immediately asked the cashier why he wouldn’t serve the homeless man a drink and he pointed me towards the manager.”
With an eye-roll of epic proportions, I suspect...
When Mr Saunders spoke to the manager, he was told that it is BP policy to not serve homeless people at the garage.
Mr Saunders said: “I asked him how he sleeps at night.
Probably pretty well. Why wouldn't he?
“I left and gave the gentlemen my latte.
“I was honestly shocked and appalled at how such a large company are conducting themselves on such a small matter.
“I know the homeless seem to congregate outside the BP, but instead of being proactive they are being negative towards them which in my eyes is bang out of order.
“BP makes billions in profits annually.
“They should be feeding the homeless or even setting up little charities to help them, not treating them like this.
“They should hang their heads in shame.
“They made him feel like he was completely nothing.
“It’s an absolute disgrace what they did.”
*yawns* Oh. Have you finally finished? Sorry, I dropped off there for a minute...

Surprisingly, for once, BP showed a bit of backbone:
BP has defended its decision, saying the garage has a problem with a group of homeless people who congregate on the forecourt.
A spokesman from BP said: "We work to ensure our stores are safe and meet the requirements of all our customers.
"We do not have any policy that discriminates against customers who may be homeless.
"We will, however, decline to serve those who disrupt our business or our other customers.
"In recent months, we have had an issue with a number of individuals persistently loitering and begging for money outside the store on our Basildon site, disrupting our other customers.
"We have made clear to these individuals that their presence is disrupting our business and we will not serve them."

Let's see more of this from big companies, faced with this sort of thing.

Some Of His Friends Were Prats Too...

Tributes were paid to Mr Simpson today and flowers and messages have been left at the scene.
Friend Anthony Pratt, 29, a welder said: “He was such a lovely guy, always smiling and good to be around. These guys who perform the stunts are amazing and attract huge crowds from miles around. It’s like a family day out.
“They should not have been doing what they [did] but there are no facilities for this kind of thing. He died doing what he loved but it’s a tragedy — our hearts go out to his family.”
Funny. I don't recall any of my childhood 'family days out' being anything like this...

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Why Do They Do This?

Well, because it works:
Scholasticah Rowland had been married to her 57-year-old husband Robert for 17 years when he lost his battle with cancer last August.
Ever since his death, Mrs Rowland, 54, of Crayford Way, says she has been fighting EDF Energy over an unpaid bill of £292.
She claims her husband always paid for energy bills, and that she wanted the last one written off as a gesture of goodwill.
“These people care more about making money rather than people’s emotions.
“Instead of mourning my husband’s death, I’m constantly thinking of EDF. It’s like cutting my wound which is already open. I can’t carry on like this.”
Errr, they're a business, love. While I'm sure it's a personal tragedy for you, why exactly should they care?
After being contacted by News Shopper, EDF agreed to credit Mrs Rowland's account with the full amount owed for the bill.
There you go! Got bills you can't pay with a utility company? Get a sob-story in the local paper in an attempt to guilt-trip them into waiving them.

All you have to lose is your last scrap of dignity and self-respect...