Saturday, 1 November 2014

How To Create A Problem Where None Exists…

Grainne Teggart is clearly an expert:
In an Amnesty poll launched today of UK attitudes towards abortion in the most extreme circumstances, we found that most people in England, Scotland and Wales didn’t know or wrongly assumed that the law relating to abortion was the same throughout the whole United Kingdom. When we told the respondents that in fact women and girls in Northern Ireland did not have the same rights and were forced to travel to the rest of the UK and pay for an abortion, the vast majority (76%) said that this situation was “unacceptable”.
So, they weren't aware of this awful 'problem' until you told them about it? And then - although these's been no attempt to hide this information - they are OUTRAGED! when told?

Well, frankly, I'd dismiss such opinions as not worth the effort taken to collect them.
International law states that it is for each country to set “reasonable” limits to abortion and it is for those countries to decide what is reasonable (although Amnesty would say that a restriction that posed a risk to the life or long-term health of the woman was not “reasonable”).
So...what's the problem,?
But we are concerned when issues such as time limits or changes to who can provide counselling services or “cooling-off periods” or restrictions on the premises where abortion can be performed are so clearly part of a long-term strategy to chip away at access to abortion with the ultimate aim to ban it entirely.
Ah. Of course. The long-running War On Teh Wymminz...
Politicians in Westminster and Stormont like to pass the buck when it comes to abortion. Westminster says it’s for Northern Ireland to decide, Stormont says it won’t change the law because that’s not what the people of Northern Ireland want.
Maybe it isn't?
However, our poll shows a clear majority in Northern Ireland in favour of access to abortion in the cases of rape (69%), incest (68%) and fatal foetal abnormality (where the foetus has no chance of surviving outside of the womb, 60%).
They'll have no problem voting in a party that calls for abortion laws to be overturned then, right?

Attention, Women: Don’t Be Whiny Little Bitches Who Write Pointless #FirstWorldProblems Articles…

Lindy West is concentrating on the major issues of 21st century life for women:
I was writing in a quiet corner of a Starbucks on Monday when a young blonde woman with a book took a nearby seat. She hadn’t even been there five minutes when a man, probably 20 years her elder and clearly a stranger, grabbed the chair next to her and started talking. About absolutely nothing. Dude literally opened with, “Mondays. The worst, right!?” It somehow got less interesting from there.
It didn’t matter to him that this woman’s response was tepid at best, or that she was busy reading – an act that explicitly says: “I am choosing not to be in this universe right now.” He wanted her attention and it was her place to provide it. The guy was friendly, gregarious, poised (as if he’d been through these motions before) and even though he didn’t say a single sentence with any substance whatsoever, his delivery was studiously, unimpeachably innocent. He couldn’t be violating anyone’s boundaries – he was being “nice”!
What’s next – are the feminazis going to outlaw smiles!?
Well, since they seem to think this is a problem solely experienced by women and perpetrated by men (the mad old bag who tried to engage me in conversation on yesterday’s train must have been in drag…), it wouldn’t surprise anyone…

And just in case you were thinking that she couldn’t top this, oh, believe me, she can!
Why is it that interrupting someone in a quiet moment, wilfully oblivious to their verbal and physical cues, is considered friendly, but rebuffing such an interruption is considered rude? Interrupting is objectively worse than not wanting to be interrupted. We only get one life. Wasting someone’s time is the subtlest form of murder.

I just....

Friday, 31 October 2014

Sorry, Mrs Moy, But 'Stronger Legislation' Won't Make A Blind Bit Of Difference...

After Mrs Moy’s wound had been dressed, she contacted police to report the dog attack.
Officers discovered the animal had escaped from a nearby house and had warned the owners to keep it under control.
 That's it? That's all..?
But Mrs Moy believes tougher action should have been taken.
“This dog was very strong and vicious,” she said. “What if it attacks a child next time it gets out on to the street?
“I really think there should be stronger legislation, so that dogs which have proved themselves to be dangerous should be taken away from their owners.”
Yeah, that'd be nice, wouldn't it? But all the evidence seems to say it ain't gonna happen until the relevant authorities have to bear the consequences of inaction, and not the public.

Post Title Of The Month

Well, I defy anyone to top David's offering:

Quote Of The Month

DumbJon nails the modern Tory Party:
"Yep, the Tory face cards all claim to abhor Big Government but they really do think the man in the street is a knuckle-dragging moron who needs to be watched like a hawk. Strangely however, it always turns out to be members of Cast Iron Dave's Nu Elite who get caught coming out with deranged anti-Semitic conspiracy theories."

Post Of The Month

Battsby gives us all a maths lesson...

Gosh, My Tiny Violin’s Getting A Good Workout Lately…

A Midland prison has been criticised for taking 50 MINUTES to call in medics after two brutal inmates strangled a child killer in his cell.
Oh dear, the tears, I can’t see the screen…

The report also revealed that the two killers, who were already serving life sentences for murders committed in the 1980s and 1990s, had both taken hostages during earlier, but separate, prison sieges in 2007 and 2011.
The report, from the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, added that the pair were only moved onto the vulnerable prisoner wing because they owed prison drug debts.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Avon & Somerset Police: “Urban Legend? What’s That?”

Dangling from telephone wires, shoes can be found suspended by their laces above terraced roads everywhere from St George to St Andrew's. To some, they are simply an eyesore.
But for police there is a more sinister explanation for their presence – they believe they reveal the locations where illegal drugs can be bought. Officers have now hired a cherry picker to remove shoes hanging from wires in St Paul's and St Werburgh's.
Remember, police are whinging constantly about ‘terrible Toreee cutz’. Bear this in mind, always…
In a post on the Avon & Somerset police website, PC Simon Humphrey, neighbourhood beat manager for Montpelier and St Werburgh's, said officers had been helping "keep the community safe" by working with Brandon Hire to "remove shoes and trainers from telephone wires that indicate the areas where you can buy illegal drugs".
Now, I've never heard of this one. So I did what any normal person would do – I went to Snopes, and discovered, in about 20 seconds, that it was unmitigated bullshit.

Not that the cops are aware of this, though I suspect smarter ones than PC Humphrey have an inkling:
Paul Bunt, Avon & Somerset police's drugs strategy manager, said shoes are found on wires in Bristol for a wide variety of reasons.
He said: "There's nothing to say that if you see them there is drug dealing going on, but that's not to say it isn't."
*chuckles* If you say so, Paul…
Maggie Telfer, chief executive of the Bristol Drugs Project, dismissed the practise of using shoes hanging from wires as a means of attracting drug users.
She said: "It's a bit of an urban myth and more of an American thing. Anyone seeking to buy substances on a regular basis wouldn't need a pair of trainers on a telephone wire to know where to go. If they are using substances, they will go to friends or people they know. We are not going to have people walking the streets looking for pairs of shoes.
"We haven't been made aware of police removing shoes."
You have now. I bet it gave you a few laughs.

Until you realise you’re paying the salaries of morons.

Post Title Of The Month - Special UKIP Edition

John Galt at 'Counting Cats...' nails it:

Quote Of The Month - Special UKIP Edition

From Tim Worstall:                                                      
"You only need a little bit of variance around those sorts of levels at a GE to win at least some of those Labour northern strongholds. That’s rather ore of a game changer than the Clacton win really."