Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Don’t Expect To See That £260 Any Time Soon…

The owner of both dogs, Paul Cave, 60, from Eton Avenue, Oldham, was found guilty in his absence after a trial of three charges - causing Rebel and Zola unnecessary suffering, failing to take steps to ensure their needs were met and failing to protect them from pain, suffering and injury.
He was sentenced today at Runcorn magistrates Court, but didn’t turn up to the hearing.
Clearly trembling in awe before the might and majesty of the justice system, there…

I make a prediction his cheque for court costs will similarly fail to make an appearance.
Cave, who is thought to have been working at the festival site near Runcorn at the time, was disqualified from keeping animals for life and conditionally discharged for 12 months.
He was also ordered to pay £260 costs.
Let's hope he goes to prison. Animal abusers must rank just under paedophiles.

Ah, Those Benefits Of Free Movement Within The EU…

Non-English speaking Maria Araujo asked her husband Eduardo to help her deal with some documents, Bristol Crown Court heard.
In an argument that ensued she lashed out with a small kitchen knife and stabbed him in the upper inside of his thigh and calf.
And it’s not the first time she’s been in the dock for this…
The court heard the case had a protracted history and included a trial in April 2014 in which she was acquitted of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
Time she spent remanded in custody, and also being put on a curfew, meant she had served the equivalent of a ten months prison sentence, the court heard.
So, guess what? Yup, you guessed it!
The court first had to swear in a Portuguese interpreter for Araujo to enable her to understand proceedings.
What’s the Portuguese for ‘pussy pass’? We should ask that expensive court interpreter…
The recorder Mr Stephen Hall: "You attacked your husband with a knife. It is said you employed a device to get him to your home so you could attack him."
Clear premeditation, so why the soft sentencing?
Mr Hollier said the prosecution accepted a jury's finding that Araujo did not intend to cause the injuries, but she conceded she was reckless.
You lie in wait for someone you’ve lured to a place with a knife, and you don’t intend to cause injuries? But let me guess, she’s the real victim?
Mr Nelson, defending, said: "It is hard to argue that it does not pass the (custody) threshold.
"The injuries were serious at the hand of a knife.
"She has suffered a great deal from depression and she has found this whole process extremely difficult. The court will be pleased to hear that since proceedings there has been no issue between the parties. There's no contact."
OK, back to Excuse School for you!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

No, The Death Of Conley Thompson Is Not The Fault Of The Police...

John Wright, another neighbour, said that he had spoken to police looking for the seven-year-old last night, and told them to search the building site and the schoolboy had previously been warned about playing there.
'Police came round last night asking and my kids told them he might be playing at the construction site,' he said.
'They said they'd looked but not found him. I'm telling you they should have found that bairn last night.
'How can someone not be there then suddenly be there. It's a disgrace.'
It's a disgrace, all right, Mr Wright. But not for the reasons you seem to think it is...
Peter Taylor, who said he was a manager at Security Guards UK, said the firm had reported that children were playing on the site.
'Basically we finished there on July 16, we leave warnings signs up as an extra visual deterrent,' he said.
'When we were there we had reported the perimeter was not secure, there were children trying to come on to the site and we were stopping them.
'We were pulled off immediately without any notice, we then reiterated the issues.'
He added: 'If a security guard was on site then he would have spotted it and would have prevented it from happening. We are very sorry for the family's loss.'
It's not the construction site company's fault either, nor that of the security firm (who clearly want to be continuously employed, and who can blame them?)..
Another neighbour, who lives opposite Conley and his mother, also said local children had been playing at the building site.
'He's been playing in there for about two weeks now,' she said. 'There used to be 24 hour security and gates there, but they've taken them down.
'He's been going a few times with other boys - I've seen them playing on the diggers.'
Alicia Dalton, who had visited the building site today to lay flowers, said: 'I heard he was playing on the site. Kids will go where they want to go.'
If it really does 'take a village' to raise a child, this one's unusually full of idiots, isn't it?
Conley had gone to meet his friends in Locke Park in Barnsley yesterday evening, spending two hours with them before leaving to go home at around 8pm.
But the youngster failed to arrive back home, which is around two miles - a 40 minute walk - from the park, and was reported missing a short while later.
Seven. He was seven...
Ms Fraser said her grandson's father was 'not around', but said his mother, Paula Thompson, would be 'devastated' by Conley's death.
'You can't knock Paula as a mum,' she said. 'She's an absolutely ace mum.
'She really tried her best with him, even though she had her tough days with him she was a brilliant mum and she's going to find it really, really hard without him.'
Paying tribute to the little boy, she said she was 'shell-shocked' by his death She added: 'He was always in trouble, he was never out of it but when he came to my house to stay he was as good as gold, really good.'
There's poverty in Britain, yes. But it's not the lack of money type...

It's The Boundless Gratitude That Makes Taking In Refugees Such A Heartwarming Gamble...

Declan Adams, defending, said: 'There is an aggravated feature here, given the tragedy that happened in Tunisia.
'From what I know of the defendant he is a 31-year-old who came to the UK as an asylum seeker from Iran.
'It appears he suffers from trauma and depression, and presents himself as a man who has possible trouble in that area. He says he lives in a hostel.
'He certainly was not aware of what a coroner's court was, and in that respect didn't realise the sensitivity of the situation.
'He said he felt depressed and wanted the flowers to brighten up his room. He wants to extend his apologies to those victims and express his sympathy.
'He is not familar with current affairs and had he been aware he would not have taken the flowers.'
Bravo! A stirring performance, sir! It should win you the lawyer's equivalent of a BAFTA! Now, all we can hope is that your client doesn't ruin it by...

Oh. Too late!
Moradisohi stood and shouted when ordered to pay the fine, saying: 'Why should I pay? I am sick. I have a mental problem. How can I pay? They give me poison and make me disabled.'
Well, you could always try the top-class medical facilities back in Iran, chum...

Fahrenheit211 has more.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Are There A Lot Of Pitbulls In Truro..?

I’m pretty sure when I holidayed there as a child, it was mostly collies, Labradors and terriers:
A Devon dog owner owes his life to his pet after a horrifying dog attack left him scalped and crawling on his hands and knees for help.
Peter Fitzgerald, from Malabar, Cornwall, was attacked last Saturday evening while walking his own dog, Kimbo. As he tried to pull his pet away from an attack by a loose pitbull-type dog, the snarling animal turned on him, pushing him to the ground and ripping the skin from his head. Kimbo leapt to his defence and scared the vicious animal away.
Covered in blood, the 58-year-old said he crawled on his hands and knees to the home of nearby residents who called the police and ambulance service.
Whew! Thank god he didn’t have a collie, Labrador or terrier himself, but rather something capable of seeing off the attacker...
Recovering at home from a three-hour operation that included having hundreds of stitches and staples in his scalp, he said he was left traumatised by the experience. He said: “If it hadn’t been for my dog helping me I would be dead. I suffered a broken neck a few years ago so I am limited in mobility and cannot lift my arms above my head so was unable to fight off this dog.
“It was absolutely horrific. I was covered in blood and could only crawl to get help.
If that dog had attacked a child they would have been killed.”
And the police have acted, one hopes? Since they were called to the scene?
However he said that when he returned home on Monday he was told the dog was still walking the streets with its owner. He said: “That dog should not be allowed out as it is dangerous. I am a dog lover and would never want to see a dog put to sleep but that one is dangerous and could kill someone.”
Truro police want to speak to anyone with information about the animal.

This Is Why These Stories Get Published…

A pregnant young mum has been offered a house in Manchester by Bexley Council after her grandmother's death left her homeless.
And this isn’t quite your usual story, either:
Natasha Mullan was forced to move out of her step-grandfather's house in Bexley after her grandmother, who brought her up, died from cancer last year.
Due to him being a Muslim, she was forced to move out of his home in February as she is an unmarried, single mother.
Ummm, which she presumably was while her grandmother was alive. Given she’s not just pregnant, but also has a one-year-old?
Ms Mullan, who is mum to one-year-old Annabelle and 31 weeks pregnant with her second child, said: "Once the funeral was out of the way I had to move out as it's against his religion.
"It's not my fault, it's nobodies fault."
Really..? I mean, really…?!?
The 21-year-old has since been staying sleeping (sic) on friend's sofas after being told by Bexley Council that there are no suitable properties in the area but she could be offered a house 230 miles away.
She added: "My friends aren't being horrible when they're saying they can't have me there but it's not practical to someone living on your sofa.
"It's no life for my daughter either, not knowing where we're going to be next week.
"But we can't move to Manchester, it's ridiculous, I don't know anyone there.
"Annabelle's dad lives nearby here and we try and make it easy for her to have a relationship with him."
And if Annabelle’s dad had done the decent thing and married you (assuming he’s single) and provided you with a house, you wouldn’t need to be sponging off the taxpayer.

But he didn’t, so you are, so it’ll be the taxpayer that tells you where you can afford to live.
A spokesman for Bexley Council said: "Ms Mullan refused the offer of accommodation in the Manchester area, despite it being all that was available at that time.
"Where we can, temporary accommodation is provided in borough or in neighbouring boroughs such as Dartford or Gravesend.
"Due to the current housing pressures, on occasion our only option is to use accommodation that is further afield, including the Manchester area.
"As Ms Mullan turned down this offer, this meant our interim duty towards her was considered to be discharged."
Quite so. But hang on!
Since speaking to News Shopper Ms Mullan has now been accepted to bid for housing in Bexley via Bexley’s Home Choice system.
See? This is why these stories get taken to local newspapers, as a commenter noted on a previous story:

Because it works

Saturday, 25 July 2015

”How much is that doggy little girl in the window…”

Lots of tabloid reporting of the sad case of the grandparents deemed ‘too old’ to look after their granddaughter following her mother’s mental problems.

The full text of the judgement was released and immediately seized upon by social services apologists as ‘proving’ that age wasn’t a consideration, oh dear me no, it was the grandparent’s own poor childrearing that made mummy mad, and so of course the most logical thing to do was give the girl to total strangers. Your mileage might vary.

But this sentence stood out:
The Children’s Guardian said to me that if matters were put off she would be able to observe contact between C and the grandparents but at the present time C had had a final contact visit with her mother, that was on 5th June, and that C was now reconciled and prepared to moving on to a permanent placement. She had been told that she would not see her mother again and that communication would now be by writing letters. Miss Rosenthal said it would be very difficult for C to start unpicking this and looking at any further contact. She had reached a sense of closure and was being prepared and indeed looking forward to meeting a forever family.
A ‘forever family’? I wondered why that phrase jarred so much.

And then I realised why:

You may think, of course, that there's nothing wrong with treating children like unwanted puppies or kittens. But I'd respectfully disagree.