Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Obstinate, Or Just Thick...?

Lisa Lowder, 30, of Minerva Street in Bulwell, has not been able to get her six-year-old daughter into Springfield Primary School in Lawton Drive, Bulwell, which is outside of the catchment area in where she lives.
Isabelle has now been out of school for 10 months. She said: "I obviously don't want my child to be out of school, that is the last thing I want. But I am a single mum with four children. How am I meant to be in two places at once? It is just impossible."
It's entirely your own fault that you are 'forced to be in two places at once', love. No-one else's.
"When three of them got a place I didn't think it would be a problem and I don't want to have to take my child to a school ages away, I don't know how it would be possible.
"This is why I have been waiting for a place at the same school as my other children. I am not trying to cause problems, I just want what is best for them."
'What's best for them' would include a father. You didn't seem to bothered about that.

Nor about compromise to ensure this situation doesn't drag on.
Alison Michalska, corporate director for children and adults at Nottingham City Council, said: “Ms Lowder decided to remove her four children from school in the middle of an academic year without making arrangements for where they would go next.
"Having moved house, she then applied to a non-catchment school and we were able to find places for three, but unfortunately the year group for her daughter Isabelle is full. She remains on the waiting list there at her mum’s request, but this is controlled by the school as an academy.
“We have urged Ms Lowder to work with us by making the full six preferences on her application form and to ensure that a catchment school is included. However on the two occasions she has applied, Ms Lowder has only selected the same out-of-catchment school for Isabelle."
So what is it, is she hopelessly thick? Or foes she just believe, as all these women seem to believe, that if she stubbornly refuses to change, everyone else will change to accommodate her desires?

Just imagine what the children will grow up into, with this example for a mother?

I Don't Think This Was What Andy Warhol Had In Mind...

Primary school teacher Paul Pawlowski, 32, was left horrified when he stumbled upon the offensive items while browsing the UK site.
...when he (probably didn't) said everyone would be famous for 15 minutes.
Mr Pawlowski told The Sun: 'I was horrified to see these things listed for sale.
'This is Amazon, a global company.
'OK they are put up there by third party sellers. But you would think Amazon would have some filter on what words you can use. It's truly shocking.'
 Really? Why, did they leap into your basket and force you to buy them?
Amazon confirmed the items were no longer for sale.
A spokesman said: 'All Marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don’t will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. The products in question are no longer available.'
Congratulations, Mr Pawlowski, you win Snowflake Of The Minute award.  Now budge up, there's going to be another along in a minute...

Monday, 20 November 2017

When Your Postgraduate Course In Women's Studies...

...writes cheques your body can't cash:
Sam Saia, 37, said she had politely asked the man to move his legs while she was sitting on the N train on Thursday, when he erupted into a violent rage, and began swearing at her, threatening her and punched her in the mouth. Thankfully, a fellow straphanger intervened and grabbed the attacker, forcing him off at the next stop. But Saia says she lives in fear of seeing the suspect again, who has not yet been arrested. 'That b*****d is still out there,' she told The New York Post on Friday after her commute home. 'I'm afraid he might retaliate. But I'm not going to back down.'
You go girl! What's the worst that could happen?

H/T: Bobby via Twitter

But They Mostly Seem To Be Aspiring Footballers And Rappers, Mayor...?

We need to get the message across to young Londoners that their lives are too valuable to risk by carrying a knife. They are our future musicians, artists, sportsmen and women, comedians, scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs and role models. Our city and our society need them alive.
Do we? I'm not too sure.
We need Londoners to hear this message from the people they most look up to, so I am delighted that some powerful voices are speaking out today. From leading grime artists, like Yungen, to the blogger The Slumflower, these are the people young Londoners listen to and look up to. They have used their talent to achieve great things and to realise their potential.
Now, far be it from me to rubbish blogging, but...'great things'?

And grime music? What the hell has that ever done to be described in those terms?

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Yes, It Works, But....

The Met Police has scrapped a controversial risk assessment form for live music events after it sparked a race row.
Top DJs, promoters and venues held talks with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who asked the police force to look again at “form 696” amid concerns it was being used to unfairly target grime and R&B artists.
Yes, well, as has been pointed out, there's no corresponding link with violence at Seventies Disco Night events or Glyndebourne, is there?
The form was originally introduced in 2005 following several shootings at promoted club nights across London.
In 2009, two questions asking for the ethnic make-up of the audience and music genre were scrapped from the form following complaints of racism.
*rolls eyes*
The Met said that while “there is no doubt that over the last decade a number of serious incidents have been prevented” because of the form process, they recognise the recent concerns.
Translation: "We're terrified of the 'r' word, so bugger safety of the public.."
Superintendent Roy Smith, said: “It is clear that in recent years the landscape of the night time economy in London has changed and thankfully we have seen a reduction in serious incidents at promoted music events, particularly those involving firearms. We have also been working in close partnership with the music industry and others to raise standards of safety in venues and at events.
“We have taken the decision to remove the Form 696 and instead develop a new voluntary partnership approach for venues and promoters across London. This will provide an excellent opportunity to share information at a local level and work to identify any enhanced risk to ensure the safety of the public.”
That'll be worth the paper it won't be written on then...
Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “Developing a night-time economy that works for everyone is a key priority of mine but it’s also vital that live music events in London take place safely. I called for a review of Form 696 earlier this year because of concerns raised by promoters and artists in the capital that this process was unfairly affecting specific communities and music genres.
“By bringing together the Met and representatives from across the city’s legendary grassroots music industry, we have shown why having a Night Czar is so important for London. ”

The Mayor pictured with his Night Czar, shortly before she ate him

Cutting The Mutineers Adrift...

The RNLI has shut the St Helier lifeboat station after a breakdown in the relationship between the charity and crew.
It follows the sacking and subsequent reinstatement of the Jersey station's coxswain Andy Hibbs earlier this year after all the crew walked out.
In other words, the charity lost tried to bully one of the crew, then lost big time. RNLI crews are volunteers; treat them badly, and they'll walk.
It means there will not be an all weather lifeboat crew in Jersey until a replacement can be trained.
So much for safety. I guess putting in charge a woman with no qualifications to do anything but shill for a charity doesn't work out so well. Who'dathunkit?
The 26-strong crew had previously asked the charity if they could run an independent lifeboat service on their own.
Leesa Harwood, the RNLI's director of community lifesaving and fundraising, said once the crew had made it clear they wanted to go alone the charity could not maintain the station.
She said: "I no longer have confidence that the station can be run without constant challenges and without constant threat of crew resignation."
Just another charity that's got too big for its' boots...
Andy Hibbs, former St Helier lifeboat coxswain said the move by the RNLI left him disgusted.
He said: "Everything that has gone on with the RNLI over this last year has been a disgrace, their management, everything they've done, the way they've handled this whole scenario."
As the RSPCA, so goes the RNLI. My list of worthy charities diminishes steadily.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Wait, How Can He Afford Cigarettes Then...?

In 2012, the asylum seeker fled Daraa in Syria, where he had been working as a cook in a restaurant. Anti-government protests in Daraa are said to have triggered the beginning of the Syrian uprising in 2011. Both his parents were killed in the conflict.
After escaping from Syria, he embarked on a dangerous journey through Jordan, Egypt, Libya, sailed on a dinghy to Italy, then travelled to France, finally reaching the UK last year and claiming asylum. He is in Home Office accommodation in east London and is given £36.95 per week to live on. Asylum seekers are not allowed to work.
So, basically, he entered the country illegally. He should be grateful he wasn't simply put on the next plane home.
The man thought he was safe when he reached the UK – but when he dropped the cigarette butt outside North Acton station on 27 October he unwittingly jeopardised his asylum claim. As soon as he stubbed out his cigarette he was approached by an officer from private security company Kingdom Security and issued with an on-the-spot £80 fixed penalty notice (FPN) from Ealing council. He speaks only a few words of English and was bewildered by the fine as he had no idea he had committed an offence. He was distraught as he had no means of paying it within the 14-day deadline. “Even if I starved for two weeks and used all the money I get from the Home Office for food to pay this fine I would still be £6.10 short of paying it off,” he said...
I thought you lived hand to mouth on a pittance...?