Saturday, 16 December 2017

On The Fifth Day Of Christmas, #TrumpWin Gave To Me… more pandering to Muslim grievance:
If President Trump is thinking about fulfilling his campaign promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, it is reasonable for him to apply the same test to this idea as he outlined in his inaugural address: How does it affect U.S. interests? Or, in the vernacular, what does the United States get out of it? The answer is threefold.
...both Arabs and Israelis believe the Obama administration elevated outreach to America’s adversaries — especially Iran — over fidelity to America’s allies. For Trump, turning a page in the Middle East requires a commitment to restore trust and intimacy between Washington and its regional partners, a strategy he might call “America’s allies first.” Within this context, a decision to fulfill his promise to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem would send a message that America’s word is truly its bond.
...and telling it like it is, primal screaming, MSM hopelessness and despair and the best TV advert parody EVER!

Make Up Your Minds, Ladies!

At gal-dem we are inundated with irrelevant requests for comment, advice and guidance from white people; and it’s tiring, these tokenistic faux attempts at diversity. Even as I was writing this piece I received yet another email from a journalist looking for a comment on a topic I do not care about. I have been asked only because I am a “black” voice, not because I have any expertise on the subject.
Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff there, bewailing the terrible situation whereby the media come to a black feminist magazine for quotes. The same media she's always slamming for 'ignoring people of colour'.

Ever get the feeling you just can't win? Especially with someone who can take offence at a restaurant menu...

Which One...?

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We are aware of this case being dismissed from court and are carrying out an urgent assessment to establish the circumstances which led to this action being taken.
“We are working closely with the Crown Prosecution Service and keeping in close contact with the victim whilst this process takes place.”
Why do I think you aren't referring to the guy you nearly shafted?
Chief prosecutor Alison Saunders has made a high profile push to bring more sex attack cases to court and asked her lawyers to trawl through a man's relationship history to boost conviction.
Time she went.

Friday, 15 December 2017

On The Fourth Day Of Christmas, #TrumpWin Gave To Me…

...telling it like it is!

 ...and primal screaming, MSM hopelessness and despair and the best TV advert parody EVER!

Looking After Their Own....

A Pakistani doctor who molested a student nurse on a hospital ward is to keep his job after blaming the incident on 'cultural norms' in the UK.
 What, he'd seen 'Carry On Nurse' too many times..?
In June 2016 the father-of-two was ordered to sign the Sex Offender Register for five years after he was convicted of sexual assault by a jury.
He was also sentenced to a 12-month community order and subsequently lost appeals against his conviction.
That's 'appeals', PLURAL!
....the tribunal said erasing Qureshi's name from the Medical Register would be disproportionate, punitive and not in the public interest.
I'm the public. It's definitely in my interest.

H/T: Pcar in comments

Should've Stuck To Turning It Off And On Again....

...or picked better friends:
Aron Duplock was working on the device with his stepbrother when the electric shock knocked him back and killed him.
The 25-year-old father-of-two, who is from Brighton, was at stepbrother Paul Brown’s flat in Downland Drive, Hangleton, when the accident happened, his inquest heard yesterday.
Fixing computers was a hobby the two shared, Brighton Coroner’s Court was told.
Aren't you supposed to be good at a hobby?
They believed there was a problem with the fan in the computer and had to remove what is called the heat sink, which helps to cool parts of the machine when it gets hot.
A simple procedure. Unless it goes wrong.
However, the power was turned on while Mr Duplock was working on the computer and a shock of around 400 volts went through his body and killed him.
Yup, that went wrong! Still, he had friends who could call the emer...

Giving evidence at the inquest Mr Brown and Miss Cutler said they thought Mr Duplock was “mucking around” and pretending he had been electrocuted.
As the current went through his body, he called out to Mr Brown “I can’t let go [of the computer].” The inquest heard that strengthening of ones grip is common when being electrocuted. It was at that point they realised the power was turned on, Miss Cutler said in court.
However, Miss Cutler and Mr Brown then decided to go out for a cigarette.
As you do.
She confessed at the inquest that she had panicked when she saw what was happening.
She said that was why she went outside for a cigarette before calling for an ambulance.
Of course. Makes perfect sense.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

On The Third Day Of Christmas, #TrumpWin Gave To Me…

...primal screaming:

...and MSM hopelessness and despair and the best TV advert parody EVER!

"Please Mister Postman, look and see, is there a letter, a letter for me...?"

A 44-year-old woman is wanted by police after allegedly stealing a lot of alcohol from Morrisons in Swindon and pulling out a weapon which she threatened to use on a member of staff.
Almost certainly a known alcoholic & persistent shoplifter, the brave boys in blue will have her in clink in no time. Right?
Wiltshire Police wrote to Melanie at her last known address to give her the option to hand herself in before they put her photo out on social media but have not heard back.

Luckily, the comment section went to town for me:

If you see Melanie, do not approach her but call police on 999 with her exact location, direction of travel and description of clothing and any items she is carrying, referencing the Wanted This Winter campaign.
Anything else you'd like? Her inside leg measurement, perhaps? Her holiday plans?

H/T: wiggia via email

Money For Old Rope Nags!

One of my readers noticed this listed on the official Government contracts site.
The Recovery of Stray, Loose and Abandoned Horses (from the highway) Kent Police and Essex Police
The Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent Contract award notice - two contracts have been awarded following a 2-Lot procurement exercise.
Lot 1 - Kent Lot 2 - Essex
Location East of England, South East
Value £1350000
Date notice published 28/11/17
Closing date 01/09/17
Notice status Awarded
Notice type Opportunity
That's a pretty nice little earner. Now, if they could only stop them from simply getting more horses once the ones removed are all in Tesco lasagne...

H/T: David Abell via email

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

On The Second Day Of Christmas, #TrumpWin Gave To Me…

...MSM hopelessness and despair:
A year of this stuff, and never has mainstream opinion journalism seemed so inconsequential, so powerless to envision anything useful about our national predicament. Look at the grand sweep of history: this is an angry, populist age, and with every year – with every little tightening of the inequality index – it grows angrier and more populist still. To the satisfied and comfortable American pundit class, these are alien and deplorable sentiments, and so they fall back on high-decibel moral aghastitude. They scold and they scold and they scold. But if they really want to send Trump and the Republicans packing, they will make an effort to understand.
...and the best TV advert parody EVER!

If You Build It, They Will Come....

...and dump their general waste in it:
Recycling sites across Bexley have been "forced" to close after they were exposed to severe contamination. Bexley Council has said non-recyclable waste has been dumped in recycling bins, which are emptied by hand, costing an extra £10,000 a year to regularly empty.
A spokeswoman for the council said: "The borough’s waste and recycling team were finding large amounts of fly-tipping thoughtlessly dumped at these sites, as well as consistently finding the banks full of non-recyclable waste such as raw meat and household waste, rather than plastics and cartons."
Why wouldn't they? There are no consequences to doing so, after all.

Just as there are no consequences whatsoever for the people who dump carrier bags full of household waste outside the street bin next to my local paper shop. The street sweeper often bags up sackfuls of the stuff, which then have to be collected by lorry.

This was something totally unheard of about 15 years ago. So what changed in my area over this period of time?

Can anyone guess?
Cabinet member for community safety, environment and leisure, Councillor Peter Craske said: “We pride ourselves on being the top London borough for recycling waste and we urge all our residents to recycle their waste responsibly.
"Unfortunately, because of the minority spoiling these sites, it is no longer cost-effective to keep them running for the little recyclable plastics and cartons they produce.
We hope that residents will continue to recycle as much as they can through their normal weekly collections.”
Household plastic packaging and beverage cartons can continue to be recycled through the kerbside recycling collection in the maroon box for houses, or silver bins for flats.
So what's to stop these getting similarly treated?

No Surprises Here....

West Midlands Police were alerted to a dog described as an American Pit Bull attacking a Rottweiler dog in the Woodgate area of Birmingham on Saturday 18th November.
And by 'alerted' we can guess they looked up briefly, shrugged and the radio, and carried on reading the paper....
After a while, a man described as tall, white, of medium build, aged between 20 to late 20s, wearing a baseball cap, red zip up jacket and matching sports trousers, ran towards Tasia and David, trying to get the dog off them.
The man claimed to be the owner of the dog that reached the man’s shoulders when on it’s hind legs – he also claimed he’d only had the dog for a short while from a rescue centre and it had slipped a choke chain.
Once the man managed to slip the choke chain on the dog, it is said that he had no control of the dog and it still tried to attack.
Where were the police? Nowhere.
Myfanwy explained: “I treated her for shock. She attempted to stand but went rigid and fell into a convulsion. She then had a stroke and could no longer stand or comprehend what was happening to her.”
They had to stretcher Tasia into the vets, they were told she’d had a fit, stroke and massive internal damage to her stomach area.
Nor was the dog the only victim.
Fortunately David didn’t require medical treatment, however he did sustain severely bruised arms and chest from defending both himself and Tasia.
Dangerous dog, person injured, family pet killed...and no arrests made? Welcome to that new DDA that the police said they needed to 'take action'...

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

On The First Day Of Christmas, #TrumpWin Gave To Me…

...the best TV advert parody EVER!

*Looks Up 'Mitigation' In Dictionary*

Hmmmm. Odd.
Alan Pollard, 28, from Brighton, was caught with £1,000 of class A drug crystal meth and class C drug GBL when police raided his home. The drugs are popular at gay sex parties in the city. Judge Charles Kemp said the offences were so serious Pollard could have faced four- and-half-years in jail.
So, did he? Reader, you won't be at all surprised....
In mitigation, the court heard Pollard funded his eight-year addiction to the drugs by starting to sell it.
I must have the wrong bloody dictionary.
Sentencing, Judge Kemp, slammed the porn star for dealing the dangerous drugs. He said: “You have to understand why the court regards it so seriously. You have no control whose hands they end up in, often the most vulnerable who get addicted to them like yourself.
“This is why you should have never been involved in the foul trade. Often people have their lives blighted or extinguished by these drugs.”
Judge Kemp sentenced Pollard to two years’ imprisonment, but suspended the sentence for two years to allow him to focus on drug rehabilitation.

A Somewhat Chilling Headline....

An East Croydon pizza shop has been given a one-out-of-five food hygiene score after inspectors found it was selling turkey as ham.
Whew! Could have been a lot worse!
The pizza shop was also criticised, among other things, for storing onions under the sink and because food handlers had no training in food safety, and also because the cold water tap on the wash hand basin didn't work.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Nice Perk If You Can Get It...

“Beale left the documents in the boot of his car for five days while he carried out errands, including a pub visit with a colleague and supermarket shopping.
The vehicle was also parked at an East Midlands railway station for several days while he went on a weekend holiday with his wife.”
The document loss is bad enough.

But no-one seems to be at all concerned that an unmarked police car is being used as a 'company car' rather than being out on the road with a proper police officer or two in it!
Mr Beale has been suspended from duty and is due to face disciplinary proceedings.
His lawyer, Duncan Atkinson QC, said it was possible Mr Beale would now lose his job.
Only 'possible'...?

H/T: Pee Wee via email

They Aren't Getting A Chance To Say 'No', Are They?

Old Spitalfields Market, in east London, has asked traders not to sell fur products from the start of 2018.
A statement, posted on the market's Facebook page, read: “Following a review carried out by the Market, we have taken the decision to request stall holders do not offer animal fur for sale from the beginning of next year.”
So is it a ban, or a request? What if the stall holders refuse?
Director of Corporate Projects at animal rights group PETA Yvonne Taylor said: “The British public is saying no to fur – and Old Spitalfields Market has listened.
“Today's consumers want cruelty-free fashion – and PETA urges those markets still peddling real fur of any era to follow in Old Spitalfields Market's footsteps so that they, too, can become shopping destinations fit for Britain in 2018.”
They aren't getting the chance to say 'No', you ghastly harridan - some animal rights nutter is trying to say it for them. Stall holders wouldn't sell it if there was no market.

And you can have my fox & mink jackets when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

"You Do Not Have To Say Anything, Unless You Wish To Do So..."

The first line of the UK police caution. Something the police themselves would do well to heed....
In a strongly worded statement following the Premier League clash, Chief Inspector Simon Nelson said the match had signalled a “return to the dark days of football”.
He said: “We are aware that a significant number of people attempted to enter the ground with pyrotechnics, knives and knuckledusters, which were found following efforts to gain access through fire exit doors in the south stand.”
 Just one problem. It wasn't true.
But neither Brighton and Hove Albion or Crystal Palace have said that weapons were discovered.
 Whoops! So, time to retract? No, no!
Crystal Palace fans have pushed for proof of weapons but none was provided, however Sussex Police maintained that weapons had been found and told a reporter that they were now evidence
Then yesterday Chief Inspector Simon Nelson was on Twitter telling a Crystal Palace fanzine that Brighton and Hove Albion had found the weapons.
Someone needs to taser this chap & wrestle the dangerous weapon - his Twitter account - from his hands!
But The Argus understands the club had not found any weapons and has not been party to any claims that they were found either inside or outside the ground.
Sussex Police claim information about the weapons was logged by an officer but the force has not made clear where the information came from.
Ah, the convenient 'anonymous officer who can't be traced', despite the police having all those systems for logging seizures & intelligence...
The police apology, issued last night, said: “The reference to weapons being found discarded at the stadium following the Brighton v Crystal Palace match on November 28 was based on information logged by our officers on the night and done so in good faith.
“Subsequently, it has been established that no such items were physically recovered at the stadium or in the city.
“We accept that this information was incorrect and the tweet published earlier today (December 7) by one of our officers was wrong.
“Sussex Police apologises to both clubs and their supporters.”
...through gritted teeth, I'll bet!
Last night the police said that they would not make any further comment.
Like most of their 'customers'!

"To Serve And Protect (Unless We Don't Feel Like It)"

Shocking footage shows a pit bull trying to rip off the bumper of Jessica Dilallo's car as it tried to get to two cats hiding underneath the vehicle in Georgia, in the US.
Ms Dilallo is heard pleading with responding officer Dalton Police Lieutenant Matthew Locke to stop the animal by shooting or throwing a rock at it.
'The bumper was not off ten minutes ago. You can't throw a rock at him? You can't do anything?' she asks.
She later says: 'If I go out and get a gun could I have shot him legally? Why not? He's destroying my property.'
But the officer refuses, telling her the dog was not being aggressive towards people.
It's being aggressive towards someone's pet, while destroying someone's property. But hey, why should you worry, eh? It's not like you're paid to defe...

Oh. Right.
Police said they waited 15 to 30 minutes for another officer to safely capture the dog using a catch pole.
Standing around, drinking coffee?
In a statement, police said: 'We were dispatched to a call of an aggressive dog attacking a woman's car. When Lt. Locke arrived, the dog walked right up to his window and was not aggressive towards people. The dog resumed attacking the car's bumper.
'Lt. Locke decided not to try to pull the dog off himself because he didn't want to be in a position where the dog attacked him and he was forced to shoot the dog.'
It's not something you usually have a problem with, is it?

Friday, 8 December 2017

"Is That A Phone In Your Pocket..?"

"...or are you just pleased to see me?"
At a medical tribunal Yasin, who was working as a locum at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, denied their claims saying the women may have been confused as he had a Nokia Candybar handset and car key fob in his trouser pocket.
As excuses go, it's pretty novel.
Panel chairman Richard Tutt said: “Dr Yasin abused the special position of trust a doctor occupies and demonstrated sexually motivated predatory behaviour towards two junior female colleagues in the workplace, who were vulnerable by virtue of Dr Yasin’s respective seniority.
Having sexually assaulted Miss B, within a period of approximately two hours, Dr Yasin, from Birmingham, persisted in his sexually motivated predatory behaviour when he then sexually assaulted Miss A.
 That's showing a lot more stamina than we'd expect of an NHS worker..!
“His behaviour towards Miss A, the more vulnerable of the two complainants, was particularly persistent as he continued in his actions twice after she had moved away from him.
Bang to rights! 
“Subsequently, Dr Yasin has shown limited insight into the less serious allegations made against him, and has shown little or no insight in relation to the more serious aspects of his behaviour.”
Well, I suspect it's no biggie in his own country.

H/T: Ted Treen via email

"Me Fail English? That's Unpossible!"

"...because me is the English teacher!"
...Ms Berker, who appeared at the hearing via a video link, said the students could have colluded before they made their statements.
She added: It is interesting to note that not one of them said what I said. They all could of got together and colluded.
‘I will maintain what I said until my dying day. It was ill-judged. It was a throwaway remark that was made in jest. I was not trying to invoke or promote violence.’
*winces* It's 'could have', you ignoramus! What qualifies you to teach?
Ms Berker once appeared on Stars in Their Eyes alongside Matthew Kelly.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

It's Called A Fait Accompli....

Chaucer House, in Chestnut Grove, Southend, has been converted from a women’s refuge to general accommodation for the borough’s homeless. However, some residents in the area have voiced concerns.
Which they would have voiced a lot sooner, if they'd only had the chance to do so.
They are upset they were not consulted and claim the new facility is attracting antisocial behaviour, excessive rubbish and parking problems.
Given the issues they cause in the high street, it's hardly surprising!
Traci Dixon, group manager for Support Services at South Essex Homes, said: “We have arranged a meeting to discuss these issues.
Why didn't you arrange one to discuss the conversion? Because you knew the rough ride you'd get!
“We will also use this opportunity to reassure the community that, while we feel there is no need for concern or alarm, any antisocial behaviour reported to us will be investigated and managed appropriately.
“Alongside these general concerns, issues around car parking and rubbish at Chaucer House have also been raised by residents which we are looking to resolve very soon.
“We would encourage local residents to attend this meeting - being held on Tuesday, November 28 at 7pm in the Civic Centre - to discuss any issues they may have.”
The usual do-gooders infest the comments to accuse the residents of NIMBY behaviour, but they didn't object to the women's refuge, as pointed out in a comment rebuttal:

I wonder where Traci Dixon lives..?

Cyclist Vs Dog Walker...?

Adam Trimingham, who was a reporter at The Argus for 30 years and still writes for the paper each week, was riding along the cycle lane close to the King Alfred leisure centre in Hove when a dog ran out and he was badly hurt.
Well, I'm conflicted now!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

No, Actually, They Didn’t…

Really? Well, no.
He had been drinking since 11am and then, at The Railway pub in South Street, Lancing, he threatened to burn the barmaid’s house down and was asked to leave.
When he refused, bar staff called 999. When he eventually left, they rang the police back to tell them he had gone so no officers attended.
So the complainant cancelled the call. Not the police's fault.
He continued on to the Andreas kebab shop. There staff also called 999 after Hearsey got into a scuffle and a window was broken. En route to respond, officers were diverted to a cardiac arrest at Lancing Railway Station as the closest emergency service to a potentially life-threatening situation.
So a potentially life-threatening incident took priority over the night's latest abusive drunk. Not the police's fault.
Meanwhile, Hearsey, still spoiling for a fight, carried on to The Farmers pub. When staff refused to serve him he threatened to cut a barmaid’s face off. Again the police were called – but again they were called back later when he left and no police officer attended.
So the complainant once more cancelled the call. Yet again, not the police's fault.
At 8.15pm Mr Creasy called police to report an intruder was attacking him. Finally officers did arrive, then after advising Mr Creasey to lock his doors, they responded to earlier reports from Andreas kebabs and The Farmers and went in search of Hearsey, but did not find him.
Cracking 'journalism' there, 'Argus'.

The Answer Is Simple: Bar Them From Ever Applying For A Taxi Licence

A visually impaired woman had her confidence “shattered” after a Boro Cars driver refused to take her guide dog.
Yup, you guessed it:
Hidayat Qahar had agreed to collect Rosie Pybus from Middlesbrough railway station, knowing she had an assistance dog. However on arrival, he refused to let her dog Kane into the vehicle and drove away, leaving Rosie stranded for 20 minutes until a replacement turned up.
And incredibly, once court proceedings were ongoing, Ms Pybus claims Qahar was sent to pick her up again, this time without her guide dog.
Not only that, but he decided to attempt to pull on the cloak of victimhood, as usual:
She says she was made to feel “uncomfortable and shocked” when he went on to discuss how the incident could lead him to losing his job.
I'd have felt delighted & vindicated, but that's just me. The cab firm seems to be only too well aware of the potential PR issue:
Boro Cars spokeswoman Christine Bell said: “Such behaviour will not be tolerated by Boro Cars. We provided key evidence to Middlesbrough Council to assist them in their prosecution of their licensed driver who no longer works at Boro Cars.
“We have also reminded all of our drivers of their responsibilities as private hire drivers and always try to help our customers with assistance dogs by providing larger vehicles that are more spacious and comfortable for the customer and their dog.”
So, what did our toothless 'justice' system hand out?
Qahar, 29, of Monkland Close, central Middlesbrough, was prosecuted at Teesside Magistrates’ Court last week after Rosie had complained to Middlesbrough Council over the May 4 incident, following advice from the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.
He pleaded guilty to an offence under the Equality Act 2010 and was fined £40 with a £30 victim surcharge and ordered to pay £200 costs.
Pathetic. How about a lifetime ban on applying for a cab driver license? Not just in the borough - all across Britain?

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Surely This Should Have Been 'Consecutively'?

Bourdon-Pierre, of Udimore Road, Rye, and Smith of Piltdown Close, Hastings, were found guilty unanimously by the jury.
Sentencing them, Judge McCreath, said: “I accept the defendants are regretful at what they did, but I am unable to accept they are remorseful in the true sense. After all they spent the trial trying to persuade the jury they were acting in self-defence and the victims were to some extent responsible.”
Smith cried in the dock as the pair’s sentence was read out. Both were given eight years for manslaughter and three years for GBH, to run concurrently.
Nice to hear a judge tell it like it is for once...

None Of Those 'Reasons' Excuse Him...

Reasons given in court for not sending him into immediate custody was that the 23-year-old had been bullied at school, suffered with depression and anxiety and found it difficult to stand up for himself.
So what?
District judge Simon Cooper said: “I have come to the decision an immediate prison sentence would utterly destroy you.
“What you did was vicious and savage but little would be achieved in the long run by sending you into custody.”
What exactly was achieved by you sending into immediate custody someone who didn't give you the respect you think you deserved?

Still, I suppose we should be grateful you didn't hand him a fishing rod.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Well, A Change Has Come Now, Sitey....

Mairuf, 19, of South Norwood Hill, racked up thousands of YouTube views with her rendition of Sam Cooke’s classic ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’.
...perhaps it should have been a cover of 'Jailhouse Rock' instead.
...her gang robbed at least 11 victims in a terrifying crime spree, with younger muggers - including a 14-year-old boy - looked up to her as ‘big sister’.
Mairuf’s mother, who wore a black headscarf, wept bitterly as her daughter was jailed for two and a half years at Inner London Crown Court.
Relatives of the boy, now 15, screamed abuse at Judge William Wood, QC, after he jailed him for three and a half years.
Ah, the pussy pass in effect - he gets an extra year for possessing a different set of genitalia, despite the fact that she took a lead role!

Any charges for the contempt of court?
The judge ordered them out of court and said: ‘I do not believe that the public would not approve of a word that I have said, it is appalling to think that the families would not consider this sentence long enough.’
Well, this member of the public approves, wholeheartedly! But why no contempt of court charges for the scum's followers?
While family members of the youths including mothers and sisters wept in the public gallery, teenage friends of the robbers started taking pictures on their phones in court and shouting ‘free the gang, free the team.’
Police were called to the court in south London to quell the disturbance and clear the court.
But not arrest anyone? FFS!
Two 16-year-old boys were also part of the large gang of moped-riding thugs - many of whom are still at large. The four youths were all convicted of conspiracy to rob after a trial.
Nor was that the only little wrinkle in this sorry tale:
One of the 16-year-olds was sentenced to four years and the other had three and a half years added to a six-year stretch he is already serving for manslaughter after killing a man by throwing a flare into his car 'for fun' while he slept inside.
 Yes, if you think that sounds familiar, you'd be right. And once again, the family & friends showed just what sort of 'people' we're dealing with...
Judge Patricia Lynch said the teenagers' actions had been "for fun", and she jailed Hobbs for nine years and the younger co-defendant for six years.
As the 16-year-old's lesser sentence was read out, there was a shout of "f------ soft spot corrupt bitch as far as I'm concerned" and "disgusting" from the family of Hobbs, who were sitting in the public gallery, directed at the judge.
And again, no arrests? 

Well, It'll Help To Teach Them About Commuting!

Mr Boyle, 43, concluded: “We know that the council is fearful of legal challenge if it does do something but we regret to inform you should that something be these proposals, it will guarantee a legal challenge from parents in the areas affected, as we sincerely doubt that they meet the test laid down in the School Admissions Code that catchments be ‘fair, clear and objective’.
“These proposals are trumpeted as enabling greater certainty, but that neglects to state the bald facts: in order to guarantee choice and certainty for the majority, our children are to be denied choice, denied access to schools in their community, denied the chance to go to secondary school with friends in their community, denied the chance to face this most important choice to date in their lives full of hope and expectation and instead contemplate 7am starts and earlier in schools miles away from their friends and miles away from their homes.
“This is not fair; they are kids, not commuters.”
So, it's OK to treat commuters like this?

But....won't your kids grow up to BE commuters? Better they get used to it, then!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

But You Want To Live Outside The Law, Right?

So don't start whining that the law won't help...
The Old Bailey erupted in fury and tears as two travellers were cleared of killing a young relative in a brawl at an M25 service station following a long-running feud.
Baker had denied murder, saying he had acted in self defence as CCTV appeared to show him backing off as Mr Saunders prepared to strike him.
Both defendants were cleared of murder after the Old Bailey jury deliberated over two days.
I'm surprised it took the jury that long for a verdict of 'Meh! Who cares? Pass the biscuits...'
A female relative collapsed in tears in the courtroom while others stormed out yelling 'I want justice served. I want justice served', before being ejected from the building by guards.
It'd take a heart of stone, wouldn't it? Nor was it this week's only case of 'NIH'*:
A father-of-three has been cleared of murdering a man in a dispute between travellers. Hugh Doherty, 45, died in hospital after being shot in Cranfield Park Avenue in Wickford, Essex, on Easter Sunday this year.
Levi Draper, 27, of Cranfield Park Avenue, was found not guilty of his murder at Chelmsford Crown Court. He was also found not guilty of the attempted murder of the victim's sister Esther Doherty. Co-defendant, 25-year-old Harriet Crittenden, of Cranfield Park Avenue, was also found not guilty of attempted murder.
In addition, Mr Draper was found not guilty of wounding and Judge Charles Gratwicke directed the jury on Monday to find him not guilty of possessing a firearm.
Ms Crittenden was also cleared of wounding and the judge directed the jury to record a not guilty verdict on a charge of possessing an offensive weapon in a public place.
No doubt there'll be more 'incidents', in retaliation. This time, don't waste court time.

*No Humans Involved

Well, Jonathan, There's Some Good Suggestions Below The Line...

These are not the robots of science fiction past, lumbering towards us, their arms stiff and eyes cold. They are unseen, ghosts in the machine. But they are exerting enormous influence on our lives. They understand our foibles, poke at our fears, keep us hooked to our screens – and are now involved in raising our children and picking our leaders in ways we would never have chosen.
Run away! Run away! THE ALGORITHMS ARE COMING!!!
As individuals, we can assert ourselves. Don’t let Twitter or Facebook “curate” your news feed; go to settings and select “show most recent”, rather than what the algorithm regards as the “top” items.
Wait, so the answer is there at our fingertips? Hmmmm. So why the panic?
We’re used to raging at politicians or bureaucrats, in the way that our forebears railed against princes and kings. But today the masters of so much of our universe are invisible strings of ones and zeroes and the corporations that own them. They’re shaping our lives much more than Brussels ever did. We need to take back control.
Oh, if only there was some advice we could heed that wo...

Oh. There is.

*gasp* Such a novel concept!

Friday, 1 December 2017

Leaving Out A Few Details, Aren't We?

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “The victim, a man in his thirties, reported to us how a man had punched and kicked his car causing damage to the door.”
Like how the driver followed him, forced him to stop, and carried out this attack while his screaming three year old daughter was in the car?

But I guess that's not as concerning as someone doing 23mph in a 20mph zone.

Well, Actually, The Drivers Might Prefer This...

Sgt Mark McQuade, of the Castle Point and Rochford Policing Team, said: “We hold this operation about every four weeks around schools to tackle speeding in the area.
“We use speed devices to pull drivers over and a group of youngsters will then give development advice to them.”
...the children are probably far more polite, and might even know the law.

Something you can't always guarantee with the average Essex plod.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Tweet Of The Month

The consistently amazing James Woods proves he doesn't need scriptwriters to hand the MSM their arses....

Post Title Of The Month

Bucko tells 'public health' to stand and deliver:

Quote Of The Month

HeadRambles on the gift that keeps on giving - Gordon Brown's incompetence:
"Now this idiot was a Prime Minister – a leader of his country – yet he doesn’t know the difference between tax avoiders and tax evaders? There are already penalties and prison sentences for tax evaders because tax evasion is generally illegal. Tax avoidance is perfectly legal as are most if not all the accounts mentioned in the so called Paradise Papers. He is implying that those mentioned in the papers were doing something illegal which they weren’t. If he is worried about tax avoiders then that’s because tax laws are incredibly complex and full of loopholes. Adding yet more laws is hardly going to change anything, and if anything will just make things worse."

Post Of The Month

Al Jahom celebrates 'Equal Pay Day' in his own inimitable style...

Not A Fit Mother...

Leeds Crown Court heard the victim of Natalie Dennison’s violence had been looking after another woman’s baby while she went out drinking with Dennison and another woman to the Red Lion in Heckmondwike on the evening of November 28, 2015.
Martin Robertshaw, prosecuting, said when the three women returned they found the baby, who was teething, was crying and blamed the babysitter for not looking after her properly.
Dennison pushed her on to the couch before grabbing her hair and dragging her into the kitchen, punching her in the face on the way. She was “subjected to a sustained assault” with Dennison punching her to various parts of her body. At one stage she was pushed into a dog cage before she was allowed outside.
Dennison told her not to report it saying she knew what they could do to her.
The court heard from a probation officer that Dennison blamed drink for her actions.
She regretted what had happened and since then she had stopped drinking and was now in a settled relationship.
Ah, the usual excuses. And why are they the usual excuses? Because they work, of course!
Dennison, 36 of Howarth Lane, Lockwood, admitted assault and was sentenced to nine months in prison suspended for 18 months.
She was also given a two month curfew from 7pm to 7am and ordered to pay £200 compensation.
Judge Geoffrey Marson QC told her it was a “nasty and unpleasant attack” which caused her victim great fear but he accepted the delay in the case was not her fault and in the 17 months since she had taken steps to address her drinking.
And she gets to keep the child, of course.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

On The Contrary, I Think It Is Known...

Michael Camp had wet himself and was found to be three-and-a-half times over the limit when he was pulled over by police.
They had spotted his car weaving down a road in Spalding, Lincolnshire, in November 2015.
He was taken to a police station for a second breath test, but was unsteady on his feet and collapsed while trying four times to blow into an intoximeter machine, meaning he couldn’t give a sample.
Cue 'OUTRAGE' at the lenient, ineffectual court system!
District Judge Peter Veits had decided at Lincoln magistrates’ court that his drunken state was a ‘reasonable excuse’ for his failure.
He was allowed to carry on driving because the judge said he had not ‘wilfully’ refused to co-operate.
Disgraceful! Outrageous! These soft judges who....

Wait. Hang on. I've seen 'Police Interceptors'. I know what you're supposed to do when you can't get a breath sample.
Rules state that police can request urine or blood samples if the breath test device is not available or is not working correctly or if the driver is medically unable to give a breath test.
It is not known why one was not taken in this case.
Hmmm, let me guess. Sheer incompetence? appeal, costing thousands, is now under way.
It should be taken out of the wages of the idiots who didn't follow procedure!

Don't You Already Have A Full Collection?

Carl Kingsley, mitigating, explained to Kirklees magistrates that his client committed the offence on impulse.
He said the 35-year-old has issues with his accommodation and poor health, having been in and out of hospital due to his deep vein thrombosis, blood clots and abscesses.
He explained: “This is as a result of years of taking intravenous Class A drugs.
“He still takes a bag a day of heroin, some crack and some spice, none of which will do him any good.
“Two weeks ago he was badly assaulted and had his front teeth knocked out.
“He’s been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and personality disorder, which may be drug-induced, a drug habit and a rotten record.”
Well, this should be straightforward then.
Magistrates ordered a full probation report on Gair, of Clarkson Street in Ravensthorpe, prior to sentencing him on November 13.

Yes, indeed, a man who's made more appearances in the dock than Bob Hope made farewell tours, and they have to call for yet another report before they can impose the feeble sentence they have at their disposal.

And people wonder why there's no faith in the justice system?

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Steakhouse Chain Miller & Carter Are Winning The PR Game!

Reality star Marnie Simpson has hit out at steakhouse chain Miller & Carter claiming they refused to seat her for lunch while she was wearing a tracksuit.
The 25-year-old tweeted it was 'discrimination against the lower class' and believed she wasn't being served because she wasn't 'posh enough'.
'Come and dine with us - we guarantee you won't be seated next to a chav loudmouth.'

Well, that's a winner for me!

She Certainly Sounds Like One To Me...

A man in his 20s was attacked in Twyford when a female dog walker, who identified herself as an officer, barged past him.
She later approached him and told him he was under arrest before punching him several times in the head.
So unlike a modern day policewoman!
Police say it is "not clear" whether the woman is an actual officer.
Hmmm, rude, aggressive.... It's hard to say. Does she like having her authority challenged?
The woman said she had "warned" the man about his dog on a previous occasion before the attack on 10 October, police said.
Officers added the man was assaulted after asking to see her identification.
That clinches it!

Monday, 27 November 2017

"There's No Risk" Say The Women...

...who sit in comfortable offices where no agitated mental patient or junkie will ever spit at them:
Rachel Halford, the deputy chief executive of the Hepatitis C Trust, said she agreed that police should be protected from health risks, but rejected the force’s implication that the virus could be transmitted through spitting.
“Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus and is therefore only transmitted through blood-to-blood contact. The virus cannot be transmitted via spit,” she said.
“Stigma and misinformation about hepatitis C and other blood-borne viruses is a key challenge faced by patients, who are already disproportionately from the most marginalised and disadvantaged groups in society. Many patients report feeling ‘dirty’ and experiencing social exclusion due to misinformation about transmission risks.”
Yes, they are the victims. Even when they are facing arrest for their actions.
Kat Smithson, the director of policy and campaigns at NAT (National Aids Trust), said Avon and Somerset’s claims about HIV and hepatitis C were wrong and stigmatised people with the conditions.
“HIV is irrelevant to the debate about spit hoods because spitting simply is not an HIV transmission route,” she said.
“In the history of the epidemic, there has never been a case of HIV being passed on through spitting, even when the spit contains blood.”
They said it couldn't be passed on by visiting a dentist too.
According to Avon and Somerset police, the restraints will be used only when a person threatens to spit, has attempted to spit or has already spat, and only when officers’ body-worn cameras are switched on.
Despite those safeguards, Deborah Coles, the director of Inquest, raised concerns over their introduction to another police force. “There should be no doubt spit hoods are a use of force and have the potential to cause acute trauma and injury,” she said.
“We know from our work that mental health concerns or other difficulties often sit behind agitated behaviour. Our fear is spit hoods will become the default response and used against vulnerable detainees.
“We had hoped that after the restraint death of James Herbert, Avon and Somerset police would have prioritised safer, more humane policing methods with a focus on de-escalation and detainee welfare.”
I prefer to concentrate on police officer welfare, love. Since I'm paying for them.

It's Called 'A Lead'...

...maybe you should try it?
Gary Vicary, from Roe Drive in Norwich, said he felt “victimised” by the university as he was unable to stop his dog Monty from attacking the animal.
If you can't control your dog, you shouldn't have one.
Mr Vicary said the campus and Earlham Park were the only places where he felt safe walking through due to CCTV coverage of the area.
CCTV is everywhere these days.
“It’s really important for me because it’s right on my doorstep and I have been using that route for four years,” he said.
Ah, entitlement. It's a toss up between who displays it more often, the disabled or dog owners.

Say, this guy doesn't own a bicycle as well, does he?

Saturday, 25 November 2017

"Where's the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?"

Ah. Here he is:
Andy, who is in his 50s, was attacked after going to the aid of a young female shopworker who was challenging Hoey outside Iceland in Poole Road, Westbourne, on August 7.
Not only is he in his 50s, he's disabled.
Andy, who is still awaiting test results for Hepatitis C, told the Daily Echo: “This guy suspect started pushing the woman so I intervened.
“I had hold of him, I was trying to restrain him. All I came in for was to buy some lemons, now I’ve got this guy swearing and spitting at me.
He said ‘******* let go of me you old ****’. If he hadn’t called me old, I’d have probably let him go, but I thought ‘you definitely aren’t getting let go now’.
After Hoey fled the scene on foot, Andy - who suffered a stroke eight years ago - decided to get into his mobility car and search for him.
“It had been 20 minutes and no police had turned up,” he said.
Who's surprised? Not me.
More than two hours later, while sitting in the Westbourne pub with pals, Andy spotted Hoey crossing the road. “I said to my mate, ‘ I cannot believe it, that’s him’, ‘I’m going to hit him as hard as I can, the police aren’t coming.’
My mate told me to give the police another ring. The operator said she knew about the earlier assault. I told her that unless police got here quicker than the 20 minutes it took them to not turn up earlier, I was going to hit him. The police arrived within two minutes and arrested the guy.’
The only surprising thing is they didn't nick him for making the threat!
Andy, who attended Hoey’s sentencing, now says 12 months is just not long enough.
“This guy has a string of convictions, he is dangerous and I’m sure he will seriously hurt someone, it is just a matter of time,” he said.
“I’m annoyed about the way the whole thing was handled. If I hadn’t been in court the judge wouldn’t even have known about the tests I’ve been waiting for. If a guy who knows he has Hepatitis bites you, then he is using a weapon.”
Andy for Crime Commissioner!

And This Is Why It's Called 'Terrorism'...

A scuffle on the Tube, the transport system goes into lockdown mode, armed police scramble like they were starring in their own disaster movie, celebrity idiots Tweet panic to their followers...

...and then there's the inevitable climbdown, and the 'nothing to see here, carry on!' message. In the run up to Christmas.

Am I the only one suspicious?

Still, the British sense of humour is intact:

Friday, 24 November 2017

Mind Your Language!

An independent review into Bradford council’s taxi licensing service was carried out by Leeds council inspectors and its findings published this week.
This'll be good!
The Bradford council service, which deals with 330 Hackney Carriage drivers and 3,970 Private Hire drivers, is responsible for licensing and inspecting vehicles to ensure they do not pose a risk to the public. Bradford council now asks drivers who want a taxi licence to speak to an officer in person rather than by telephone.
It was urged to take action over concerns that new applicants were asking family members to complete forms and answer questions for them over the phone. The review said that 40 per cent of those who applied for a licence and attended an appointment could not complete the application because they failed the English comprehension and literacy test or due to wrong or incomplete information.
Hmmm, It's all coming back to me...

The Leeds city council authors said these concerns “require genuine consideration”. It said: “Part of the English comprehension tests involves how the applicant responds to simple questions over the telephone so if another family member is doing this on behalf of the applicant the test is being compromised.
“Certainly that would be exposed when the applicant comes in for his appointment and has difficulty answering further questions with an officer over the counter, but that could be valuable time wasted if the applicant will never be able to pass the English comprehension test.”
Well, quite! So, a damning indictment of the council?
Coun Sarah Ferriby of Bradford council said: “The council has always had confidence in its taxi licensing service but it’s great to see that an independent review has found that such confidence is fully justified. We have received some complaints about the service and we have answered those issues that have been raised.”
Hmmm. I think the drivers aren't the only ones who could do with English language lessons.

H/T: Tommy Robinson via Twitter

Let's See The Media Pack Surround Paul Baxter And Rip Chunks From Him...

...just like his fighting dogs did to a family pet:
Paul Baxter, the owner of the dogs, says he is devastated by what happened, and claims that the dogs are usually gentle with his three-year-old daughter.
Christ! It's bred! No doubt the child isn't trained well either... dogs have never acted like this before. They are good with other dogs....
Really? That wouldn't be quite the truth, would it?

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said the two dogs have now been seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991).
Police said Mr Baxter has not yet been arrested, as the investigation is ongoing.
Perhaps if you'd acted on the other incidents, this wouldn't have happened. Pity the owners of the beagle can't sue you for negligence.
Mr Baxter said whatever the outcome, he won’t see his dogs again. He added: “Even if they aren’t put down they will have to be rehomed. How could I ever walk them around here again after this? Imagine the daily abuse we would get.
“I’m gutted - those dogs were my pride and joy.”
Yeah, sure. You took them to obedience classes, taught them to fetch and...


Now, why would anyone want a 'family pet' that can hang off a tyre? Or one with illegally-cropped ears?
He told the Manchester Evening News : “Nothing like this has ever happened before. I don’t understand why this happened.”
It happened because you have an even lower IQ than your fighting dogs, as is evident from the semi-literate scrawl that is your Facebook page (which you've still not had the sense to delete).

And to pile injustice on top of injustice...
It could take up to six months before a decision is made on the future of Deebo and Loki.
The taxpayer is feeding these mutts at great expense while the wheels of justice creak lethargically into life. The police should have taken them into the front garden and shot them both. Or perhaps employed mighty hunter Venables to 'keep us all safe'?

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Once Again, The Police Prove Themselves Ignorant Of The Law...

The couple were visiting the town from their home in Milton Keynes at the time and were walking to their car after a day at the beach when the bull mastiff approached.
“Before anyone knew what was happening it had its jaws clamped around Zack’s leg,” said their daughter Rebecca Atherton.
Horrified, the pair tried to pull the dog off Zack but when the bull mastiff growled they had to pull back for fear of their own safety.
That's a significant thing.
Miss Atherton said: “Eventually the owner of the dog came over and pulled his dog off Zack, but then proceeded to put his hood up and walk away after the attack, not taking any responsibly at all for what happened.
My parents were horrified – they are very shaken up at the moment.”
And they reported it to the police. Who fif as they usually do, and tried to palm it off on someone else:
The attack is being investigated by the dog warden.
Who, if he has any sense, will pass this hot potato straight back:
The couple informed Dorset Police and officers referred the incident to the borough council’s dog warden.
You see, Dorset Police are too idle or thick to realise that this is, indeed, a matter for them:

When the public know the law better than the police claim to, aren't we entitled to ask why we continue to pay them?

Call Them What They Are...

...bums and druggies:
Southend is being swamped by rough sleepers from other parts of Essex because...
Oh, I just can't imagine!
...they receive so much help from the borough’s charities, a councillor has revealed.
While we have large numbers of residents willing to give help to those in need, some neighbouring councils are said to be taking advantage of this generosity and fuelling a growing problem for the town.
Ann Holland, councillor responsible for culture, tourism and the economy, said other local authorities in the county are supplying the homeless with subsidised train tickets to come to Southend to be helped by the town’s many charities and volunteers.
And this is why it's become impossible to walk down the high street without being hassled for money. Great job, do-gooders!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Never Ask A Question To Which You Don't Know The Answer...

...I thought that was the first thing barristers were taught?
Giving evidence, Pc Kinsey confirmed that police attended and searched the premises.
Upon entering a shed in the back garden, the officer said he saw “lots of blood splatters” on the wall and “fresh breast feathers” on the floor.
Under cross-examination, when the officer was asked if he was an “expert in feathers”, he confirmed he had a lifelong hobby of keeping chickens.

A Mystery, Wrapped In A Riddle, Inside An Enigma...

The family of a man who was electrocuted by overhead power lines at Preston train station are demanding answers as to how he died.
Well, start with how he came to be on the tracks?
Anthony Armstrong, 33, is believed to suffered fatal injuries after running across the tracks and climbing onto a freight train parked in the depot.
Minutes earlier he had been quizzed by officers from the British Transport police (BTP) on suspicion of stealing a bottle of wine from the station shop.
...his devastated sister Carly says the family have unanswered questions and want to know the circumstances of his death.
Errr, what more do you want to know? Was he a fine, upstanding, law-abiding sort or chap? One not used to dealing with the police?
Carly said: “I spoke to him at 6.30pm. He was asking me to come and join them.
“He was very happy and joking with me on the phone.
“He was on a tag and he wanted to get home.”
Ah. So much for that, then.

And it seems they can't even honour their fallen with the usual chavshrine:
To compound Carly’s misery, she says flowers left at the station in Anthony’s memory have been moved four times.
She said: “They’ve moved the flowers to where the weekend drunks walk.
“When I went to view his body, the police brought the flowers to the mortuary.
“I wanted to put them where the freight train is, it’s nowhere near the public, the public can’t even get there but the excuse was in case people decide to run across two train tracks to look at them.”
 Well, the place does seem to have more than its fair share of cretins. Can't be too careful!

H/T: anon in comments

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Obstinate, Or Just Thick...?

Lisa Lowder, 30, of Minerva Street in Bulwell, has not been able to get her six-year-old daughter into Springfield Primary School in Lawton Drive, Bulwell, which is outside of the catchment area in where she lives.
Isabelle has now been out of school for 10 months. She said: "I obviously don't want my child to be out of school, that is the last thing I want. But I am a single mum with four children. How am I meant to be in two places at once? It is just impossible."
It's entirely your own fault that you are 'forced to be in two places at once', love. No-one else's.
"When three of them got a place I didn't think it would be a problem and I don't want to have to take my child to a school ages away, I don't know how it would be possible.
"This is why I have been waiting for a place at the same school as my other children. I am not trying to cause problems, I just want what is best for them."
'What's best for them' would include a father. You didn't seem to bothered about that.

Nor about compromise to ensure this situation doesn't drag on.
Alison Michalska, corporate director for children and adults at Nottingham City Council, said: “Ms Lowder decided to remove her four children from school in the middle of an academic year without making arrangements for where they would go next.
"Having moved house, she then applied to a non-catchment school and we were able to find places for three, but unfortunately the year group for her daughter Isabelle is full. She remains on the waiting list there at her mum’s request, but this is controlled by the school as an academy.
“We have urged Ms Lowder to work with us by making the full six preferences on her application form and to ensure that a catchment school is included. However on the two occasions she has applied, Ms Lowder has only selected the same out-of-catchment school for Isabelle."
So what is it, is she hopelessly thick? Or foes she just believe, as all these women seem to believe, that if she stubbornly refuses to change, everyone else will change to accommodate her desires?

Just imagine what the children will grow up into, with this example for a mother?

I Don't Think This Was What Andy Warhol Had In Mind...

Primary school teacher Paul Pawlowski, 32, was left horrified when he stumbled upon the offensive items while browsing the UK site.
...when he (probably didn't) said everyone would be famous for 15 minutes.
Mr Pawlowski told The Sun: 'I was horrified to see these things listed for sale.
'This is Amazon, a global company.
'OK they are put up there by third party sellers. But you would think Amazon would have some filter on what words you can use. It's truly shocking.'
 Really? Why, did they leap into your basket and force you to buy them?
Amazon confirmed the items were no longer for sale.
A spokesman said: 'All Marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don’t will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. The products in question are no longer available.'
Congratulations, Mr Pawlowski, you win Snowflake Of The Minute award.  Now budge up, there's going to be another along in a minute...

Monday, 20 November 2017

When Your Postgraduate Course In Women's Studies...

...writes cheques your body can't cash:
Sam Saia, 37, said she had politely asked the man to move his legs while she was sitting on the N train on Thursday, when he erupted into a violent rage, and began swearing at her, threatening her and punched her in the mouth. Thankfully, a fellow straphanger intervened and grabbed the attacker, forcing him off at the next stop. But Saia says she lives in fear of seeing the suspect again, who has not yet been arrested. 'That b*****d is still out there,' she told The New York Post on Friday after her commute home. 'I'm afraid he might retaliate. But I'm not going to back down.'
You go girl! What's the worst that could happen?

H/T: Bobby via Twitter

But They Mostly Seem To Be Aspiring Footballers And Rappers, Mayor...?

We need to get the message across to young Londoners that their lives are too valuable to risk by carrying a knife. They are our future musicians, artists, sportsmen and women, comedians, scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs and role models. Our city and our society need them alive.
Do we? I'm not too sure.
We need Londoners to hear this message from the people they most look up to, so I am delighted that some powerful voices are speaking out today. From leading grime artists, like Yungen, to the blogger The Slumflower, these are the people young Londoners listen to and look up to. They have used their talent to achieve great things and to realise their potential.
Now, far be it from me to rubbish blogging, but...'great things'?

And grime music? What the hell has that ever done to be described in those terms?

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Yes, It Works, But....

The Met Police has scrapped a controversial risk assessment form for live music events after it sparked a race row.
Top DJs, promoters and venues held talks with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who asked the police force to look again at “form 696” amid concerns it was being used to unfairly target grime and R&B artists.
Yes, well, as has been pointed out, there's no corresponding link with violence at Seventies Disco Night events or Glyndebourne, is there?
The form was originally introduced in 2005 following several shootings at promoted club nights across London.
In 2009, two questions asking for the ethnic make-up of the audience and music genre were scrapped from the form following complaints of racism.
*rolls eyes*
The Met said that while “there is no doubt that over the last decade a number of serious incidents have been prevented” because of the form process, they recognise the recent concerns.
Translation: "We're terrified of the 'r' word, so bugger safety of the public.."
Superintendent Roy Smith, said: “It is clear that in recent years the landscape of the night time economy in London has changed and thankfully we have seen a reduction in serious incidents at promoted music events, particularly those involving firearms. We have also been working in close partnership with the music industry and others to raise standards of safety in venues and at events.
“We have taken the decision to remove the Form 696 and instead develop a new voluntary partnership approach for venues and promoters across London. This will provide an excellent opportunity to share information at a local level and work to identify any enhanced risk to ensure the safety of the public.”
That'll be worth the paper it won't be written on then...
Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “Developing a night-time economy that works for everyone is a key priority of mine but it’s also vital that live music events in London take place safely. I called for a review of Form 696 earlier this year because of concerns raised by promoters and artists in the capital that this process was unfairly affecting specific communities and music genres.
“By bringing together the Met and representatives from across the city’s legendary grassroots music industry, we have shown why having a Night Czar is so important for London. ”

The Mayor pictured with his Night Czar, shortly before she ate him

Cutting The Mutineers Adrift...

The RNLI has shut the St Helier lifeboat station after a breakdown in the relationship between the charity and crew.
It follows the sacking and subsequent reinstatement of the Jersey station's coxswain Andy Hibbs earlier this year after all the crew walked out.
In other words, the charity lost tried to bully one of the crew, then lost big time. RNLI crews are volunteers; treat them badly, and they'll walk.
It means there will not be an all weather lifeboat crew in Jersey until a replacement can be trained.
So much for safety. I guess putting in charge a woman with no qualifications to do anything but shill for a charity doesn't work out so well. Who'dathunkit?
The 26-strong crew had previously asked the charity if they could run an independent lifeboat service on their own.
Leesa Harwood, the RNLI's director of community lifesaving and fundraising, said once the crew had made it clear they wanted to go alone the charity could not maintain the station.
She said: "I no longer have confidence that the station can be run without constant challenges and without constant threat of crew resignation."
Just another charity that's got too big for its' boots...
Andy Hibbs, former St Helier lifeboat coxswain said the move by the RNLI left him disgusted.
He said: "Everything that has gone on with the RNLI over this last year has been a disgrace, their management, everything they've done, the way they've handled this whole scenario."
As the RSPCA, so goes the RNLI. My list of worthy charities diminishes steadily.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Wait, How Can He Afford Cigarettes Then...?

In 2012, the asylum seeker fled Daraa in Syria, where he had been working as a cook in a restaurant. Anti-government protests in Daraa are said to have triggered the beginning of the Syrian uprising in 2011. Both his parents were killed in the conflict.
After escaping from Syria, he embarked on a dangerous journey through Jordan, Egypt, Libya, sailed on a dinghy to Italy, then travelled to France, finally reaching the UK last year and claiming asylum. He is in Home Office accommodation in east London and is given £36.95 per week to live on. Asylum seekers are not allowed to work.
So, basically, he entered the country illegally. He should be grateful he wasn't simply put on the next plane home.
The man thought he was safe when he reached the UK – but when he dropped the cigarette butt outside North Acton station on 27 October he unwittingly jeopardised his asylum claim. As soon as he stubbed out his cigarette he was approached by an officer from private security company Kingdom Security and issued with an on-the-spot £80 fixed penalty notice (FPN) from Ealing council. He speaks only a few words of English and was bewildered by the fine as he had no idea he had committed an offence. He was distraught as he had no means of paying it within the 14-day deadline. “Even if I starved for two weeks and used all the money I get from the Home Office for food to pay this fine I would still be £6.10 short of paying it off,” he said...
I thought you lived hand to mouth on a pittance...?