Thursday, 19 October 2017

PussyPass Declined...

At Blackfriars crown court yesterday, the New Look shop assistant’s tearful plea for a suspended sentence was rejected by Judge Michael Simon.
“There is far too much in the way of drugs and other illicit items in prisons these days and the courts can’t condone on any basis, regardless of the mitigation there might be, attempts to contravene the rules,” he said.
“There were plenty of points along the line where you should have backed out, but having continued you must face the consequences.”
Excellent news! Well done, Judge Simon!
Radford, a trained hairdresser from north Woolwich, admitted two charges of conveying a prohibited article into prison. She waved to her mother in the public gallery as she was led sobbing from the dock.
More please, faster!

Why Is He Described As 'A Builder'...?

Surely 'serial menace' is his real job?
Adam McDermott was driving his girlfriend’s car when he sped around the corner of Montague Place in Brighton on the wrong side of the road and knocked Andrew Payne into the air.
He raced off in his fiancee’s Fiat 500 before the 53-year-old had even fallen back onto the concrete, leaving him with life threatening injuries.
The CCTV is horrific.
McDermott, 32, yesterday confessed to causing serious injury by dangerous driving as well as a string of other charges when he arrived to stand trial at Lewes Crown Court.
He also pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice with Clark Walker.
The pair bought lighter fluid and set fire to the car in a bid to destroy evidence.
It was found partially burnt out just two streets away from the house in Vernon Terrace which McDermott shared with his mother and fiancee Robyn Burns, with whom he has a six-month-old child.
Great! It's bred already.
Described by his defence barrister Pierce Power as having a long and “chequered” criminal past, McDermott said “cheers” as he was taken down to the cells.
He is already in custody, serving a sentence for shoplifting and threatening somebody with a knife at the Lakeside shopping centre in London.
Walker, 31, of Ditchling Rise, Brighton, is also behind bars
After the arson he was recalled on an indefinite sentence for his part in a kidnapping.
They say you can tell a man by the company he keeps. They're right.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The 'Guardian's' Efforts To Find The Least Sympathetic Cause Might Have Run Its Course....

....because I can't see them topping this one:
In a corner of a teeming refugee camp, 40 miles north of Raqqa, a small group of women and children are kept alone. They mill together at the back of a blue building; blond and brown haired children darting in between blankets that their mothers have hung as doors across small, dank rooms. Others in the Ain Issa camp call them “the Daeshis”, meaning Islamic State families. No one wants to know them.
 Hardly surprising!
International aid agencies and governments are scrambling to assess the numbers of widows and orphans now thought to be at extreme risk, both within their societies and at the hands of predatory local officials.
“No one will deal with them, or even touch them,” said Ahmed al-Raqqawi, a 25-year-old anti-Isis fighter in the centre of Raqqa.
When they were here, they used to think they were kings. Even the women.”
Well, most likely, they thought they were queens...!
“The women who chose to leave the UK and go there need to be responsible for what they did. They will not be coming home,” said a British official.
The children, though, deserve compassion.”
Do they? Why? Why take the risk? Even the French are well aware of the dangers they may pose:
On Friday, France appeared to flag an advance in its position, with the defence minister, Florence Parly, announcing on French radio that the children of its dead nationals may be taken in, but not their mothers.
“Children who are in local custody can, depending on their parents’ preference, either stay with them while their parents get tried locally, or be repatriated to France, where they will be cared for by social services. They are usually very young, but they can have been radicalised and need to be watched. The challenge for us is to turn them into citizens again,” said Parly.
Is it a challenge worth taking? I don't think so.

Mayoral Priorities...

Offered without comment.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

I Think The Problem Is Closer To Home...

...on his first day she was called into school over claims he attacked a dinner lady.
Ms Yourelis claims this was because he was alone and 'petrified' of the other children in the playground.
She said: 'Eli began hitting this person and as a result I was called into the school.'
Well, yes. What else would you expect?
'Eli's condition is not diagnosed yet but he has trouble understanding social situations and will often get confused and lash out.
Ms Yourelis, from Bromborough, Merseyside, had a meeting with staff and claims she was told that expelling him was an option.'
I'm wondering why someone whose initial reaction is physical violence was ever admitted to a normal school!
She said: 'I told them he needed support not exclusion and a behavioural plan was put together.
'He has lashed out a few times at school since he started but they haven't given him the support he needs.'
They aren't equipped to do so. If he's that uncontrollable, he needs to be in a special school, for his sake and everyone else's.
'They tried to show me videos of Eli striking out at teachers but I never gave them permission to film my son.'
That's a strange reaction, isn't it? To immediately think that your uncontrollable little hellion is the real victim?
Ms Yourelis received a letter on September 28 stating that Eli will be permanently excluded from the school. The letter said that Eli was excluded due to a serious breach of school behaviour policy. This included seriously harming and attacking five members of staff - thumping, kicking, biting, damaging school property and using offensive and threatening language.
She added: 'I'm going to tribunal with this case because I feel like the school have failed my son.'
They had him for one day. You had him for four years. What are the odds?

'Lenient Leigh' Strikes Again...

Sam Kent, 26, of Dovervelt Road, Canvey, and drinking buddy Jak Bruce, 27, smashed up 11 cars outside the Smuggler’s Den in Pooles Lane, Hullbridge.
Basildon Crown Court heard police found the pair in an “agitated state” after their rampage and had to forcibly restrain them on the floor.
Kent was banned from driving for two years after the court heard he also drove into a van and then gave chase as the terrified driver tried to flee.
Both had been on an all-day bender on May 25.
How on earth do you do £12,000 worth of damage and not see a day behind bars for it?
Judge Samantha Leigh (Ed: *groans*) handed both men a three-year community order, with 200 hours of unpaid work and a thinking skills course. Both must pay some compensation to the drivers who did not claim on insurance.
She said: “How on earth you have both got yourself in to this situation is really quite incomprehensible. It just doesn’t make sense. Mindless violence and vandalism are the only words that spring to mind.”
Oh, I dunno, Samantha, a few others actually spring to mind...

Monday, 16 October 2017

I Don't Think Hurricane Ophelia's Going To Be So Bad After All...

...unless you're a cat lover, I suppose. Or Muslim!

"My old man's a dustman, 'e wears a dustman's 'at...."

....'e wears gorblimey trousers, and is abused by a Muslim chap."
The man filming says: 'Because there's a white woman here, he's taking everything.
'It is a matter of colour of skin here.'
 Of course it is... *rolls eyes*
The man filming ends the video by pointing the camera at the binman and saying: 'This face is going on YouTube today. That is the most racist little b*****d face.'
No, his isn't. But your's just might be...

H/T: DanSaffend via Twitter

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Diversity In The Met Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving...

A former senior Metropolitan police officer and relative of Rashan Charles, whose death sparked protests in east London, has said that the family is being treated with “disdain” by the force he served for 30 years.
As a relative, shouldn't he be more concerned with the fact he has criminals in his family?
Rod Charles, a retired sergeant and the 20-year-old’s great-uncle, said Scotland Yard’s refusal to explain the circumstances of the death shortly after contact with police meant the family’s rights “are being violated”.
He refused to stop for police, tried to swallow the substance he was carrying so police wouldn't seize it, and choked on it. What more explanation do you need?
Referring to police “use of force” principles, Rod Charles wrote that when the known circumstances are set against official guidance, it appears that “the force used [against Rashan] was unreasonable, disproportionate, unnecessary and excessive”.
He added that the Met’s refusal to explain the purpose of the arrest also seems to contravene the law.
A former public support unit commander, Charles said the family was concerned that Rashan did not receive first aid. “We will continue tirelessly to secure all our legal entitlements,” the statement added.
They always know their entitlements, but are somewhat hazy on their responsibilities....

Not So Much Fun When You're On The Receiving End, Eh?

Michael Segalov, a former University of Sussex student, was all set for the start of the conference in Brighton on Sunday, only to be informed his accreditation had not been accepted - because he did not pass the security check to enter the site.
However, the force has refused to say why the journalist has been banned.
Gosh, it's like something out of Kafka, isn't it? Good thing that's not something the Labour Party would normally condone, eh?
Mr Segalov, who is the news editor for Huck magazine, based in London, said the conference was one of the biggest events in the calendar for his publication, and said it is a huge loss not being able to attend. He does not have a criminal record and has never been arrested.
Mr Segalov, who was an officer for university’s Students’ Union during his studies, said it has prevented him from doing his job.
“Not being able to access the conference despite having no criminal record, never having been arrested or convicted of an offence while being a member of both the National Union of Journalists and the Labour Party, has meant I’m unable to fulfil my job as a journalist,” he said.
“Accessing political events is integral to the work I do, and right now, despite being given no justification or reasoning, the police are restricting me from doing this.”
Hmmm, I know it's around here somewhere....

Aha! There it is!
A spokesman for the force said: “All applications to attend the conference are subject to an accreditation process. We will not disclose details about individual applications and the reasons for their refusal for operational reasons.”
Heh! Enjoy, Mr Segalov! It's the society you helped build, after all.

Friday, 13 October 2017

It's A Bit Late Now...

Detective Chief Inspector Andrew Packer, who is leading the murder investigation, urged partygoers to contact Scotland Yard.
He said: “Our enquiries so far have established there was a large group of young people from east and south London who attended this party and I need to trace as many people as possible to piece together the events that led to this murder.
“The stabbing occurred in the street and would have been clearly visible to passers-by and residents who may have been disturbed by the noise of the fight.
“This was a brutal attack that has taken a man’s life and I am urging anyone with information to come forward and speak to police.”
Yes, it's terrible when the public won't co-operate and refuse to tell the police anyth...

Oh! Hang on!
Describing the party, a neighbour, 34, said: “It was crazy. We were telling police that it was getting worse but they said they couldn’t do anything as it was a private event.
“They were playing grime music so loud and the crowd was getting more boisterous. They were swarming like bees. They all found out about it on social media.
“There were hundreds of kids waiting outside like a West End nightclub. It should’ve been shut down earlier.
There were scuffles everywhere. They were so many people rowing they were scattering in all directions.”
Ah, if only the police had turned up then, there might not have been a murder, and they could have spent their time doing what they prefer, chasing people for Facebook comments instead...

The NHS, Wonder Of The World...

Sussex Police said they were investigating the death of an 85 year old woman at the Royal Sussex County Hospital last month.
The Argus understands the investigation is looking into whether the patient was given a cup of orange liquid – which it was mistakenly believed was juice – but may have turned out to be a cleaning product.
I really don't know what's more worrying, that the cleaners put cleaning fluid in cups, or that the quality of NHS food is so poor, orange juice smells like cleaning fluid....

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Only Ones 'Targeted'....

...are the ones who deserve no help:
Pedestrians in High Street North have been parting with £20 at a time in a gambling ruse known as the shell game.
Played since Ancient Greek times, the swindle involves a small ball being shifted between one of three identical containers with players having to guess where it ends up.
Small groups have been operating up and down the high street for several months, often outside WH Smith and across the road from KFC.
Well, yes, that's where you'd expect the terminally dim to cluster, wouldn't you?
There are fears that the criminals involved are using fake players who ‘win’ to hoodwink unsuspecting people.
No, just greedy people. And thick people!
Responding, a council spokeswoman said: “The problem of illegal street gambling in the borough is a matter for the local police, however council officers are aware of the issue and have been lending support, with our CCTV team monitoring, and passing on information to the police.
“Tackling this problem requires significant police resources, as these criminal gangs are extremely well organised.”
And is this really where we want to target police resources? I really don't think so.

The Usual Demographic...

Mrs Annels said she did not understand why they were allowed to move back into the house with so much left to do.
She said: “I think it’s absolutely disgusting that they left it like that.
“Surely it is against health and safety to let us move back into the house when it is like that.
“Freddie has behaviour issues and could have put his finger in one of the sockets.”
Mrs Annels says the situation has caused distress for her and husband Michael, who suffers from depression and heart problems, along with high blood pressure.

Child with 'behaviour issues' and husband on the sick. Complaining that 'the state' hasn't done what it should. In the local paper.

How'd the 'accidental' fire start, anyway?
The fire was started when someone dropped a lit cigarette which ignited the bamboo in the Annels’ garden.
*skeptical face*

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Hark, Hark, The Dogs Do Bark...!

Charley Nathan and Karen James, owners of AA Dog Rescue, of Burnham Road, Latchingdon, must pay more than £20,000 in costs after admitting the two charges at Chelmsford Crown Court on Tuesday.
The breaches occurred during May 2016. Ms Nathan and Ms James have been ordered to cease using the site as a dog rescue centre with immediate effect.
A spokesman for Maldon District Council said: “At Chelmsford Magistrates Court yesterday the defendants, Ms. Karen James and Ms. Charlene Nathan, each entered guilty pleas to one charge of breach of Noise Abatement Notice and one charge of breach of Enforcement Notice.
"Both defendants were sentenced to a two year conditional discharge (on each charge to run concurrently) and each ordered to pay costs of £10,000 plus a £10 surcharge.
“The defendants must now immediately cease the unauthorised use of the site and comply with both the Planning Enforcement Notice and Noise Abatement Notice. The council will be closely monitoring the situation to ensure that the defendants comply with the court order.
“The council, in order to fulfil its duties under both the planning and environmental health regimes, took enforcement action in the Magistrate’s Court in relation to unauthorised use of the site at Oldfield Lodge, Latchingdon, and statutory nuisance being caused through such use.”
Naturally, there's a huge hue and cry on social media, sobbing celebs pleading with everyone to help the poor wittle doggies (stuff the neighbours), and blaming the awful council for endangering them.
When sentencing, the district judge told the defendants: “You continued taking on dogs without the facility to do so and have been causing nuisance to your neighbours.
“You have got to stop and get to grips. Until you get planning permission you have to stop running a dog rescue.
“You need to close down the business so it doesn’t cause a nuisance or breach the Enforcement Notice. Otherwise the Local Authority will bring you back to court.”
Wait, a business? I thought this was run by selfless animal lovers, beggaring themselves to ensure poor Fido has a fome?

The reference to a dog they passed on having killed a child is this infamous case.

Hmmm, sounds like a lucrative business indeed!

The comments are pretty illuminating about this 'rescue organisation', aren't they? 

*Rummages* Where's My Heart Of Stone?

An exercise game encouraging participants to tap electronic fobs on boxes around Dagenham has been postponed...
Oh..? Due to weather? Lack of interest? Technical difficulties?
...after all the boxes were stolen.
Seun Oshinaike, from DigiLab, explained that the team had originally put the boxes up on Sunday, and that damage had been caused within hours.
“We put about six of them in the park and when we went back to make an adjustment we found it had been knocked off,” he said.
“I’m not quite sure what reason someone would have to steal them,” Seun said.
It's the 'Nam, fella, they don't need a reason, other than 'it was there'.
“It could be someone who stole them to try and sell the parts, or because they had a grievance.”
A grievance against a fitness company..?
But the theft isn’t going to stop the game from going ahead - it will be relaunched, complete with new boxes, on October 9, and run for six weeks.
“We’re not going to let this stop us,” Seun said. “The new boxes will have extra security.”
Unless they are electrified, I don't think that's going to work. Still, you got some publicity out of it. And, no doubt, a nice little earner from the council.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Well, Look At It Like Chlorine For The Gene Pool, Love...

The women’s hoodie, which describes anorexia as "like bulimia, except with self control", has been heavily criticised and Amazon urged to remove it from their website.
Anorexia sufferer Beth Grant, speaking on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show, said the hoodie “could be extremely damaging to anyone suffering with either bulimia or anorexia."
She said: "I think it could damage their mental health even further and cause them to potentially harm their life."
*shrugs* I don't seel that would be much of a loss, frankly.

But maybe she's got a point?
The hoodie, which is from a third party seller, is not available to buy from the company's UK website and cannot be shipped to the UK.
Hmmm.... Doesn't that make a bit of a difference, then?

Reader, of course it doesn't.
However Ms Grant said this would make little difference to those with anorexia or bulimia.
She added: "You can still see it on the internet. It can still harm them, even if they're not wearing it.
"I think they should issue a statement saying it is 'so sorry it's on our website'."
I think you should sod off and eat a sandwich, love. Your 5 minutes of fame are up.
Critics expressed their outrage on the Amazon sellers page.
One person commented: “So disgusting. There is a special place in hell for people like you who profit off of young girls dying of eating disorders.”
Is it next to the one for people who use 'off of' to mean 'off'...?

Has Someone Boobed Here..?

Labour Party chiefs in Southend have blocked an activist from standing in local elections – because of his career as a...
Abortionist? Communist dictator? IRA hitman?

Well, no, obviously. They've no problem at all with those!
...Page 3 photographer.
Mike Fieldhouse, from Westcliff, stood in last year’s Southend Council elections in the Prittlewell ward, losing out to Conservative candidate David Garston by just 78 votes.
But this time around Mr Fieldhouse, a member of hard left faction Momentum, has been told his profession as a glamour photographer could be used as a “political weapon” by opponents.
Oh, the irony!
A selection panel labelled his job an “embarrassment” to the party and criticised the dad-of-two for considering it a “trivial matter”.
How's it feel to be on the wrong side of the Star Chamber for a change, chum? And you spent so long polishing your SJW credentials, too!
But Mr Fieldhouse told the Echo he has worked for national newspapers, including the Daily Star, for more than 25 years and his work is “no secret”. He said: “It was disappointing and surprising. Just last month the party put out a press release saying I was a ‘valuable member of the local party’.
“So it’s come as an absolute shock that in just over a month I’ve become someone who they don’t think is suitable to stand.”
Mr Fieldhouse volunteers at Southend’s Night Shelter Project and is a qualified counsellor who works with a charity providing support to victims of rape and child sex abuse.
I can't wait for the appeal! *gets popcorn*

Monday, 9 October 2017

Customer Service In A Diverse Society....

GoAhead is the bus company that operates this route on TfL's behalf.
The spokesman added: "We're in the business of safely transporting all our passengers and we seek to do so in a professional manner, with due regard to the law and TfL's rules."
Then might I suggest you only hire staff who, when asked to perform their statutory duties, don't have a meltdown at the customer?

Oh, and if you could hire people who can pronounce 'ask' correctly, it might help....
The driver grew frustrated when Mr Stapleton got out his camera and repeatedly asked: "Why are you filming me?".
She then went to ask passengers occupying the disabled space to make room.
When she returned to the drivers' cab, she said: “You’re ignorant and selfish. No one put you in there, but we must show you pity because [of] the law.
“You have no manners. Put it [the footage] on News at Ten because I watch that channel.
What a disgusting excuse for a human being this woman is. And how dim must you be to stand there while someone's filming you and further compound your error?
TfL said in statement that it was appalled by the footage, and apologised to Mr Stapleton.
Claire Mann, TfL’s Director of Bus Operations, said: “We are appalled by this and apologise to our customer. An urgent investigation is underway.
“We expect the highest standards from bus operators and their drivers and something has clearly gone wrong here."
I hope by now this woman is an ex-driver.

And maybe another company could be found who'd do more than make a mealy-mouthed excuse when their employees are caught abusing their fare-paying customers?

Well, At Least This Time, They're Asking!

Usually, they just go ahead and do it without telling anyone:
Parents are outraged after a letter was sent out asking if they would like a New Addington school to serve only halal certified meat.
Oh dear! Let fly a thousand angry Facebook shares!
Wolsey Academy headteacher Claire Majumdar said the school was happy to talk to parents about concerns and noted the letter did not mean a change was imminent.
"This all began after a parent wrote me a letter asking if we offered halal meat in the kitchen because that was their preference," she said.
"I then talked to our chef about it and he said that meat would either have to be all halal or no halal. So I sent out the letter hoping to hear what parents had to say.
"It was about hearing parents' voices and going with the majority."
Well, you've heard them now! Did you really expect a different response?
Ms Majumdar said she was surprised by the quick backlash.
Good to see that 'breathtaking naivety' is no bar to a teaching career...

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Saturday, 7 October 2017

A Fool And His Money...

Philip Moore said his world fell apart when a man who called himself David rang from Natwest's listed customer services number at around 8.30pm on September 7.
Oh oh!
A series of phone calls followed over the next three days where the man, who claimed to be based in Bristol, told the father-of-three fraudsters were trying to hack his business accounts and make thousands of pounds of withdrawals.
Gosh, really? I hope they didn't try to get you to do something totally implaus...

He urged him to move all his money from his business and personal accounts to a holding account set up in his name with Barclays.
Because banks do that, don't they? Suggest a rival bank?
It was only when the 41-year-old rang back later to ask a question that he discovered no such employee existed.
You'd need a heart of stone, wouldn't you?
Mr Moore said: "He knew so much about me and my account, his call came from a recognised number. I was so panicked by what he was telling me I just acted.
"This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I have no idea how I am going to survive financially. I'm living off the small amounts of money I make with my part-time taxi service at the moment.
"The money was to help me launch by new business venture - a pillow to reduce snoring - in November so now I don't know what to do. I think I'm going to have to re-mortgage my house.
"I've had a breakdown about it and am now on medication.
"I wished there was a protocol in place which meant the cashier should question such a big transaction."
Oh, gosh, yes! We'd all love to have yet more hoops to jump through to get our money because some people have a room temp IQ!
"I'm worried the man had been an employee as he knew so much."
He just knew more than you. Not hard, you'd think. But then....
"I've been a victim of fraud before and the bank recovered the money..."
Sussex Police do not investigate such cases of fraud unless they class the victim as vulnerable. Instead, they refer them to Action Fraud, which happened in this incident.
I'm not sure he shouldn't be classed as 'vulnerable'. He should certainly be classed as something!

The Next Social Media Bullying Campaign Is About To Leave The Station...

All aboard!
Burger King has been criticised by social media users for...
Too much salt? Too much fat? Litter? longer serving free tap water in their North Street branch.
Hmmmm. Why would they do that?
A Burger King manager told The Argus: “We had a lot of problems with free tap water, especially later at night.
“When we gave tap water out people were throwing it around. Some of the customers fell on the floor because it was slippery.”
Ah. The late night scene. Well, can't force them to serve it, can you?
Under current law, only establishments licensed to serve alcohol are legally required to provide free drinking water.
See! But that doesn't stop the usual suspects.
Many Burger King customers expressed their disagreement with the decision on Facebook.
Chloë Kristel Amy-Hannah Hall wrote: “It's not a legal requirement but it's definitely the right, human thing to do.”
If they want to drink it, yes. If they want to throw it around the shop because they are drunk or stupid, no.
“Water should never be denied to anyone,” wrote Rooti Burgs.
This isn't the Sahara, love. They'll be fine.
Smashburger, also on North Street, provide free tap water for all customers, and are welcoming the introduction of the new app.
Assistant manager Michelle Green said: “We have Deliveroo drivers come in all the time and on a hot day we give them a drink.
It’s a basic human right.
Blimey, that list grows and grows....
Harry Woodhams, general manager of Trading Post Coffee Roasters on Ship Street, said: “We will definitely do it.
Tap water costs us nothing so there is no reason not to.”
Yes there is. Burger King have pointed that out.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Action, Meet Consequences...

“About three weeks into it all I went up to the headteacher and said, ‘sir, you know what’s going to happen and the time has come, we’re going to have to leave on March 4. Unfortunately because everything’s up in the air the kids are going to be gone about three weeks’.
“He said, ‘wow, you can’t get three weeks off, I won’t confirm it’.
“I said there’s nothing you can do about it, I have got to take the kids. We have never been apart.
“We went, we came back and I received a notice from the council that we were fined.
Well, you can't say you weren't warned...
Craig, who is disabled because of a spinal injury, said it was important he travelled with his family because his wife, Nicola, 33, is his carer.
Bet he 'can't work'. But can go lay down the law to the head & travel...
He added: “The headteacher said the kids should have just gone to Jamaica for one week and your wife should have come back with the kids and left me there.
“I said how can I come back home? I’m vulnerable.”
“I paid the fine but I just think it’s not fair because it’s not humane, it can’t be human to think like that, to think that somebody’s family does not matter.”
Like your kids' education & the rules everyone else has to follow don't matter, you mean?

A Small Victory...

Proposals to amend Brighton and Hove City Council’s animal welfare charter to ban the use of domestic animals in circuses were voted down by the tourism development and culture committee on Thursday, in large part due to legal precedent.
Or as we laymen put it 'a fear of getting sued'.
The vote has caused bad blood, with one Green councillor accusing committee chairman councillor Alan Robbins, Labour, of a u-turn.
Cllr Robbins hit back by saying the Greens were indulging in “political point-scoring”.
Good job the Labour politicians would never do that, eh?
Zippos presented the meeting with its own 2,000-strong petition of support for the circus, which uses horses and budgerigars in its acts.
Its director Martin Burton said: “The petition is based on moral, not welfare, grounds and its supporters aggressively seek to impose their extreme political agenda on everyone.”
And it's long past time someone stood up to them.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Just As 'No Plan Survives Contact With The Enemy'... 'No sob story in a local newspaper survives closer examination':
A homeless single mother and her ten-year-old son are having to share a bed in a flat that has had no hot water for 12 days.
OK, everyone ready? Let's go!
Lisa Sullivan, was placed in the bedsit in a homeless shelter in South Coast Road, Peacehaven, with autistic son Thomas Ellis six weeks ago after her relationship with her partner broke down and she had nowhere to live.
'Autistic' again? Why are they always autistic in these stories?
She was told by Brighton and Hove City Council they would only have to stay there for four weeks – but has now been informed it could take up to a year to find somewhere else.
Seems fairly normal so far.
Ms Sullivan, 33, who a few years ago appeared on TV dating show Take Me Out...
Oh oh! More red flags in this one than a F1 season!
...said: “It is inhumane to be left living like this with my young boy.”
As the commenters point out, you're fed, warm, dry, have a roof over your head. That's not really 'inhumane', is it? And why no hot water?
“It has been 12 days we have gone without hot water and we have complained both to the council and the landlord but both just say it is not their problem and there is nothing they can do.”
Really? They are legally responsible for it. I think we aren't getting the whole truth here...
“I am not homeless through my own fault so I don’t understand why we haven’t had any support.”
What a pity the 'Argus' didn't let the father have a say in....


Well well well!

That Moment When....

Pop star Florence Welch has scolded the Conservatives for using her music after her version of You Got The Love was played at the party's conference in Manchester.
The lead singer of Florence And The Machine said she did not approve the use of the song and would not have permitted it if asked.'re so determined to virtuesignal and get your name in the papers, you forget it wasn't even 'your music' to begin with!
The song is a cover of a 1986 single by Candi Stanton (sic).

Maybe there's a message here: the original is always, without exception, a better choice.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Futile Gestures Part 24257851

South Essex College bosses have banned all staff and students from bringing in sport cap a bid to...
Oh, I can't wait...!
...stop acid attacks.
Huh? So...has there been some at this college?
A spokesman told the Echo the decision was not prompted by any incidents at the college.
Ah. OK. Well, guess it can't hurt to be proactive.
He said: “There’s no hidden element behind our new policy. “As the weekend’s events in Stratford show, these attacks are unfortunately becoming all too common. We’ve put this in place as a purely preventative measure, we will continue to make sure the safety of our students, staff and visitors remains our top priority.
“We have more than 10,000 students, and up to 1,000 staff members, across all three of our campuses.”
Well, good job you didn't just take a knee-jerk over reaction that even they could see thr...

Oh, wait. You did!
Molly McTigue, 17, from Little Wakering, who is studying Media Make Up at the college, said: “I got told off for bringing a Lucozade bottle into class on Wednesday. I didn’t know why.
“I suppose it’s good because they’re trying to prevent acid attacks, but I don’t think it will make any difference because they will find other ways of doing it.”
Incredibly, they seem smarter than their educators already.

Oh, 'Outrage'.. *Yawns*

A clothes shop aimed at teenage girls has sparked outrage from parents over...
Oh, Gawd!
...a “sexist” and “disrespectful” slogan.
The pink neon sign reading “send me nudes x” appeared in the Missguided store in Bluewater, Kent.
It was spotted by Twitter user Rachel Gardner, who after taking offence set up an online petition demanding the shop take the sign down.
I guess she didn't have anything better to do with her time? These types never seem to, do they?

Why don't they just get a blog?
The sign has now been taken down, the Standard understands, but not before it caused a social media frenzy, with many people taking to Twitter to blast it.
What doesn't cause a 'social media frenzy' these days?

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Ah, The Benefits Of Diversity & Enrichment....

...the gifts that just keep on giving:
West Midlands Police has confirmed the incident is not terror related but they are keeping an 'open mind as to whether it was religiously or racially motivated'.
The boy's uncle said: 'They slashed his throat, stabbed him twice in the face and in his arms.' The founding member of the Shia mosque, who asked not to be named, believes the attack was 'inspired by Daesh' - the Arabic nickname for ISIS.
He said: 'There is no doubt that this was a targeted attack.
'The victim might have been random, but in my mind it is clear that these people are from Daesh, and wanted to kill a Shia Muslim based on the belief that they would go to heaven.'
Witnesses at the scene told the Birmingham Mail the teenager was stabbed after being dropped off at the mosque by his father for part of a special 10-day event.
Thanks, progressives!

Update: 'Dominic Palmer' doesn't sound very ethnic. A convert?

They Kinda Saved The Best 'Til Last....

Father William Haymaker, 63, was convicted of fraud after using the blue badge to park in a disabled bay in Western Road, Bexhill, in December 2015 – but it belonged to a woman who had died two months before.
His sentencing at Hove Crown Court this morning was delayed by around 90 minutes while staff tried to find a working hearing aid for the priest who said he could not hear proceedings from the dock without it.
Hmmmm. How does he manage in the confessional?
Judge Christine Henson also ordered Haymaker to pay £3,700 in costs after she said his financial situation was “a little bit murky.”
She told Haymaker: “I don’t think this court has been appraised of the true picture of this financial situation.
“It is difficult to see what you are spending your money on.”
Presumably, not wine, women and song?
Haymaker, who was ordained in 1984, is a rector of St Paul’s Anglican Parish in Bexhill which is part of the Anglican Independent Communion. The court heard he has no connection to the Church of England and regularly travels to Moldova.
Reverend Peter Gadsen said there is no such church in the parish, and contacted The Argus to say Father Haymaker is in no way associated with St Paul’s Evangelical Free Church, Bexhill, where he is a minister.
Haymaker also claimed to have worked for many years at British Airways. But investigations by his legal team and prosecutors failed to find any evidence he ever worked for the airline, the court heard.
Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear....
He was again accompanied to court by his official clerical dog The Venerable Mr Piddles.
*sprays tea over keyboard*

Monday, 2 October 2017

That Word 'If' Is Doing A Lot Of Work There....

If Sir Edward Heath were still alive today, I would be his local MP. His famous former home, Arundells, lies in the very heart of my Salisbury constituency.
So I was as appalled as anyone else at the manner in which the inquiry into sex abuse allegations against him began in 2015.
So says John Glen MP.
But over the past year, my anger at that ill-judged approach has given way to greater concerns.
Concerns that are greater than the issues of a man's name being traduced after his death?
I have watched with increasing disquiet as the inquiry has been subjected to repeated attacks seemingly designed to discredit it before it even sees the light of day. And the man who took the difficult decision to launch it, Mike Veale, has been pilloried, his competence and professionalism questioned.
Well, yes. Are you saying they should be beyond question?
If there are victims of historic child sex abuse in this case, they deserve to be heard and have their allegations properly investigated.
Maybe establish if a crime has indeed been committed before starting anything?
Sadly, critics of Operation Conifer have casually conflated it with previous discredited inquiries, as if one set of unfounded allegations automatically disproves others in perpetuity.
Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus...?
This inquiry was never going to ‘prove’ Sir Edward’s guilt one way or the other. Only a court of law can do that and obviously the former PM can no longer face trial.
Then what's the point? At least medieval witch hunts required a live witch!
But Operation Conifer may at least shed some light on whether he should have done.
To what end? That never seems to be answered. Any more than the question of how it can ever be proven, to the required degree, after so long has passed.

NB: Apologies to commenters - this post was published early on Sunday morning in error!

In Twitter, Veritas!

The most used hashtags by borough have been revealed and it doesn't paint a pretty picture for Croydon. #Murder #stabbing #police.
That's what people from Croydon are posting on Twitter according to a recent study done by The Original Tour.
Is anyone really surprised..?
In comparison, just a short drive over in Sutton sees a very different grouping of words. #Singing, #Charity and #Technology lead the way.
The trend doesn't change when switched with Bromley either, as #Roses and #History making the top of the list.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

'Daily Mail' Caption Writer: "Me fail English? That's unpossible!"


"Remember that raid on Sadie May's cat-house, hundreds of cops all running about..."

"...didn't we laugh when the mayor and sheriff, bare-ass naked came galloping out!"

Am I the only one to note that the two reporters' names make 'Sandwich'...?

I guess the sheep in these valleys are particularly unattractive?
Defence barrister Andrew Taylor later added that the Labour party councillor went to the brothel “of his own volition” because he trusted Hall’s establishment.
Mr Taylor said clients had to provide a name, bank or credit card details and an identity, arguing they were “vetted” before they we allowed in.
Cllr Carter did not wish to comment when contacted by WalesOnline.
I'll just bet he didn't!

H/T: @Wirespy via Twitter

Sunday Funnies...

Life sucks for a grey whale that's unlucky in love...

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Post Title Of The Month

The irrepressible David Thompson on people who go a bit further than your average tree-hugger:

Quote Of The Month

Tim Newman on modern parenting:
"I don’t know what came first, the availability of nice clothes or the vanity of the parents, but nowadays many mothers (and occasionally fathers) see their children as fashion accessories, objects which makes a statement about them in terms of wealth and taste (ha!). I’ve seen 5 or 6 year old kids walking around in Canada Goose jackets. For whose benefit are they being worn, do you think? It’s a subsection of the molly-coddling that I mentioned in my earlier post. If a mother thinks her boy needs to look super-cool in the latest designer clothes, you can be sure she’s pandering to him in other ways and her priority is not raising him to be a functional adult."

Post Of The Month

Newgate News ponders the murky world of 'corporate development'.

“My dear boy, why don't you just try acting?”

An actor who appeared in acclaimed prison film Starred Up crashed his Mercedes into a wall while chasing two men who had stabbed him, a court heard.
Former inmate Basil Abdul-Latif, 31, pursued the men after being slashed across the arm during a confrontation with them in Tooting. He was flouting a driving ban, Kingston crown court heard, following a 2010 conviction for aggravated vehicle taking.
So, not really an 'actor', then?
Abdul-Latif met the screenwriter, Jonathan Asser, as a prisoner at HMP Wandsworth. He has said that being cast in the film helped to turn his life around.
Clearly, that went well!
The court heard Abdul-Latif was first banned from driving in 2010 and ordered to take an extended test when he flouted the ban 18 months later.
He passed an ordinary test in 2015 and even landed a job with the Highways Agency.
He said he did not realise he was still banned from driving.
And nor, it seems, did the Highways Agency. You'd think they'd check, wouldn't you?

Friday, 29 September 2017

The Fragrant Flower Of Modern Femininity...

Chairman of the magistrates Gary Gates gave her a community order for 12 months and ordered her to attend 20 sessions to address alcohol and drug misuse and emotionally aggressive behaviour.
She was also made to pay £50 compensation to each officer. Skinner will also be tagged for eight weeks and must adhere to a strict 8pm to 8am curfew.
Mr Gates said to a smiling Skinner in the dock: “We have gone a long way to help you, grasp the nettle and get on with it.”
Maybe you shouldn't have gone too far, given her crime?
Laura Devitt, prosecuting, told the court: “Skinner shouted at her mum ‘Why did you call the feds you c***?’ and threw a mobile phone at her.
“She then punched PC Haffenden in the face.
“The defendant then headbutted PC Whiteman. Throughout this time she was continuously shouting and being abusive to her mother.
How lovely! Surely, a finishing school candidate?
Skinner, of Forward Close, South Heighton, pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting a constable in the execution of his duty, possession of cannabis and using threatening behaviour to cause alarm.
The Plumpton College student, who attended court in jeans and wearing hooped earrings, also pleaded guilty to theft of a £14.99 bottle of vodka from SS Food and Wine in South Road, Newhaven, on August 9.
So far, so depressingly ordinary.

Oh. Wait!
She also admitted causing £1,400 criminal damage to a fishing vessel in West Quay, Newhaven, on August 9.
How? Did she get caught in their nets?

Why Didn't You Arrest Them When You Turned Up?

Police are probing claims that the wife of a football fan left seriously brain damaged by hooligans was subjected to vile abuse by their friends and family outside court.
What took them so long?
Several organisations filmed the unsavoury encounter and it is understood that police may base their investigation on the footage.
Ah. I see. Took them that long to find someone who knew how to Google 'YouTube'....
An Essex Police spokesman said: “We have launched an investigation into comments made outside the court after further discussion with Mrs Dobbin following the conclusion of the trial.”
You turned up mob-handed to disperse them. Wouldn't that have been a good time to start investigations?

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Did You Really Think You'd Heard The Most Ridiculous Whinge About Grenfell Tower?

Reader, you have now:
A man who lost six family members in the Grenfell Tower disaster has made a formal complaint about the use of a police helicopter during the fire.
In a witness statement, seen by Channel 4 News, he claimed the helicopter offered a "'cruel and tortuous" hope to his family trapped on the 22nd floor that they would be rescued.
*blinks* Really? Really?!? 
He wants to know why the helicopter was deployed and whether the police considered what impact its presence could have on those trapped, Channel 4 News reported.
Hell, I can answer that:

a) to survey the scene & relay vital information to the fire service and police, and

b) no, because their role is to deal with a life-threatening incident, not pander to the wild imaginings of Third Worlders who've never watched 'The Towering Inferno'...
Mr Choucair told the programme: "It made a big impact because they were living in hope that the helicopter was a rescue helicopter going to rescue them. So on the day, on the night, people were going up and down.
"And simply the reason they were going up was when they heard the helicopter and when they saw it - they thought, great, it's a rescue helicopter and they're coming to rescue us, rather than going down when they should have been."
How many people in Grenfell Tower? How big is the police helicopter? How many trips (assuming it could land amid the smoke, which it self-evidently couldn't) would it take?

These people think like children. You might as well wish for Superman to rescue you.
Channel 4 News said the IPCC has referred the complaint to the Metropolitan Police.
They should have had the courage to reject it there and then, and impart to Mr Coucair some hard-nosed reality.

Another 'Guardian' Headline That's Not Quite Accurate...

Hmmm, did they?

There's clearly two bullet holes in the driver's rear wing. What, someone couldn't hit the window from that distance?
One witness claimed to have heard five shots, another said there were 10.
Let's hope the first isn't correct. That's a lot of missed shots, otherwise!

The 'Guardian' homes in on the real issue with marksmanlike precision:
It is believed the man who was shot dead is white.
Awww, no riots for you, 'Guardian'....

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Potential For More Blood On Their Hands....

Cheshire Police have confirmed that a decision was made in August to take no further action against the owner as the dog is not a banned breed and there was insufficient evidence.
The case will be reopened if more evidence comes to light or if there are reports of any further attacks.
Let's hope that next attack isn't fatal, eh? But I'm sure the police are right, and it's just a case of 'he said, she said' with no witne....

“The only reason my dog and I were not more seriously injured was due to a lovely lady stopping in her car and offering to pick us up and drive us away from a very dangerous scenario,” said Kevin, who spoke of his disappointed that the police have not filed charges against the owner of the Rottweiler.
That rather changes things, doesn't it?

High Fences Make Good Neighbours...

There is uproar in East Budleigh after permission to build a fence round a football pitch was granted by the Parish Council.
I get the feeling East Budleigh isn't a place that seems much uproar...
East Budleigh FC, who play in Division Two of the Devon & Exeter League - the 12th level of English football - have endured years of having games halted in order to clear up dog's mess from their pitch, which is on a section of public green space. The club have continually requested a barrier to be put up round the pitch in order to combat the issue, and the Parish Council have now agreed to it - much to the relief of groundsman Richard Slade.
Doesn't seem like the sort of issue that would be controversial, does it?
But the Friends of East Budleigh Recreation Ground have claimed the decision has divided the community and say they have been left outraged and bewildered by the decision.
'Divided the community'..? You mean, there are people who want footballers to be sliding around in dog poo?
They claim that hundreds of letters to the parish council have been sent by members of the group but they have been met with a wall of silence.
Welcome to councils everywhere.
But the Parish Council have decided as a collective group that they will not engage with the group as they consider them a hate group.
Some of the councillors have been targeted with such abuse about the decision that they are no longer able to step foot in the local village pub.
Ah, bucolic village life!
Ray Marrs, from the Friends of East Budleigh Recreation Ground, said: “On behalf of residents of East Budleigh, we have become disillusioned by The Parish Council's actions that have directly resulted in setting one part of the community against the other.
“Frustrated by the Council's unwillingness to provide answers or even in some cases acknowledge numerous questions, letters, emails, phone calls an unprecedented number of residents, estimated at over 80 in total, gathered to seek clarification at the recent Parish Council meeting.
“We wanted to know how was it possible for councillors to have reached a decision to fence off our recreation ground based upon somebody's notion of dog fouling without any consultation or knowledge of the village?
'Somebody's notion'..? Are these loons claiming that there's not a problem? Reader, it appears the answer is 'Yes':
“The sensible and democratic approach, used by most other Councils, would have been to post a simple Notice of consultation. Views would have been expressed and a decision based upon consensus taken.
“The results may not have pleased everyone, but that's how democracy is supposed to work and I guarantee that the community would have readily accepted this.
“But the way it has been conducted has left the villagers outraged and totally bewildered about what is going on
“Lots of people use the field to walk their dogs on and none of us have ever noticed a problem with dog poo on the pitch at all.”

It would appear the dogs of East Budleigh don't excrete. Or the footballers of East Budleigh mistake mud for dog poo.

Any other possible explanations?

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Question Answered, Bucko!

When George Chappin was told he was no longer welcome at his scouts group, he was devastated.
Awww, his little face!
The seven-year-old suffers from complex focal epilepsy, which among other things, means he will often require one-on-one attention.
Booo! How could anyone be mean to a disabled kiddie! For shame. SHAME!
A letter sent to Mr Chappin on September 12 by the scout group's district commissioner Matthew Hewitt said it was in George's own interests not to return to the group.
"At the beginning of the summer holidays, the group scout leader and the cub scout leader met and concluded that they could not offer George a place in Cubs with their group,"
Mr Hewitt said. "This was not due to an unwillingness to have him in the group, but due to concerns over his own safety and ability to cope with what is a large colony of 28 cubs.
"The group does not have sufficient leaders to be able to provide one-on-one support for George, which is what they feel he needs to be safe."
Hiding behind H&S, eh?
Mr Hewitt cited numerous incidents where George's behaviour raised concerns with the group's leaders
"The most serious of these took place on visits to Tesco and Pets at Home, when on both visits George ran away from the rest of the group"
Oh. Ummmm.
It is disputed by the parents that he ran away in Pets at Home, who said he simply went behind the next shelf as George is scared of dogs.
 What was he scared of in Tesco, then? Cornflakes? Pints of milk?
"No other clubs will take him because we’ve been told there’s a six month waiting period," Mr Chappin said.
"I was in scouts my whole childhood and this goes against everything the scouts organisation stands for.
"I’m disgusted by this and they should have told us sooner."
Wah! Wah! Wah! Easy to see where little George learned it from...
Then just a day later Mr Chappin said he received a phone call informing him that George could come back to the group.
When the Croydon Guardian asked the scouting group to why its stance had changed in 24 hour span, a spokesman said: "The Scout Association is committed to providing opportunities for all young people and adults the opportunity to taste adventure and learn skills for life.
"We are clear that no young person should receive less favourable treatment on the basis disability (including mental or physical ability).
"We are currently supporting the local volunteer team to work with the family to find a positive way forward so that the young person involved to continue to enjoy scouting.”
See, this is why they keep giving these people column inches. Because it works, and they can feel good about themselves.
The spokesman confirmed George now has a place in the group, although they did not address specifically how the group would address George's needs, such as the group not having sufficient leaders to be able to provide one-on-one support for George.
Maybe George's father volunteered some of his time, eh?

Maybe Spend Some Of That Donation Money On Retraining?

Headteacher, Darren Mann - who only took over the role at the Quinton school on Monday - said he contacted the RSPCA, local vets and wildlife experts after the shock find.
He told the Coventry Telegraph that even the RSPCA team were in disbelief, repeatedly saying 'raccoons don't live in England' and reassuring him that it was probably a 'mangy' cat or badger.
 But wait! Didn't they recently get into a public strop about people keeping these things as pets?
Nicola White, an RSPCA officer specialising in exotic animals said: “The RSPCA is very concerned about the trend of keeping raccoon dogs as pets as we have in recent years dealt with a number of call-outs to stray pet raccoon dogs that have escaped, or been deliberately released to the wild. "
So there's no excuse for your idiot call centre handlers pooh-poohing this man's call, is there?

Monday, 25 September 2017

Handling Complaints...

The wrong way:
When blind IT supervisor Gareth Holdcroft, 32, tried to book a room at the Number One South Beach, a mix-up meant he was told in an email that the hotel would not accept his guide dog, Ross.
Claire Smith, owner of the hotel, on Harrowside West, said: “We apologise profusely for any upset caused – we certainly wouldn’t want to upset anyone for the world. “The problem is that our member of staff has sent an email saying that we do not take dogs because of allergies and she had no idea of the implications of this with it being a guide dog.”
Then you didn't train her very well, did you?
Mrs Smith said: “We can take dogs in the restaurant and in the public areas and have done many, many times. We are legally bound to do so, and quite rightly too.
See? You know the law. There are no excus...

Oh. Hang on.
“The last thing we want to do is discriminate.
“But we were in the awful situation where we had a guide dog stay with us. The dog left and we cleaned the room as we normally do and went to extra lengths so we thought we had removed all traces of the dog.” But she said their efforts were not enough to prevent another guest having an allergic reaction.
“He went up to his room and later came down with his eyes popping out,” she said. “It was terrifying. It frightened us to death because we thought we had killed this man. Had we not had this awful experience we would never have batted an eyelid.”
Riiiiiight. There's no provision for this in legislation & you know it. Enough with the excuses.

The right way:
Maggi Burgess was asked to leave the Seaward Hotel in Weston-super-Mare by a member of staff after she stopped off with guide dog Annie for a coffee during a charity walk.
What is it with hotels?
‘We went in and were greeted by a person who just said ‘no, no, no, you can’t come in here’.
‘I explained that I could and that Annie was a guide dog and she was allowed to go inside.
‘He said she couldn’t and ushered us out. He then told us to have a nice day, something which then became impossible.’
The response here couldn't have been more different, however:
A spokesperson for the hotel told ‘We unreservedly apologise to the guide dog owner for this incident.
‘The person who turned the owner away is no longer with us and does not share our values.
‘We welcome all guide dogs and other assistance dogs to our hotel have done so for the last 50 years.’
That's the way to do it!

"Oh, dogs. Sure, I like dags. I like caravans more."

Widely-circulated mobile phone footage appears to show Andy Cash, a traveller, on the floor with a police dog clamped to his leg.
Police had been called to an alleged theft in Birmingham on Monday when the incident happened.
A theft? Get out!
There has been no complaint but the matter has been referred to the police watchdog, West Midlands Police said.
*quiet chuckle*
He said he may need to undergo more surgery after sustaining about six wounds in total after the dog "mutilated" his leg.
His wife added: "They let that dog eat my husband like a bone. It was a treat for the dog."
I hope the poor thing is up to date on its shots.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Design Failure...

Freudian slip on the part of the sculptor..?

Well, It's Definitely A Tank, At Least...

Wrong animal, and a spot of appalling grammar! 'Mail', you're really spoiling me....

H/T: Stephen Brown via email

Update: according to comments, it isn't a tank. We have a trifecta!!

Sunday Funnies...

Rappers, pay attention to No 3...

Saturday, 23 September 2017

"But Dahlinks, I'm An Actor!!"

The Star Trek and X-man actor has condemned dangerous dog legislation from preventing him from giving a home to the pet that has become a regular feature on his social media pages.
Ginger cannot be brought into the country from the United States because she is a pit bull – one of a handful of breeds prohibited under legislation dating back 25 years.
 No excuses! The legislation applies to you too.
“I understand why it was put in place, but it doesn't address what the real issues are about the possibility of dangerous dogs.
"In most cases, and certainly in the case of pit bulls, it is not the dog that is the problem, it is always the owner.”
Well, true, but you're English, so we can't ban you....
Sir Patrick believes it is “high time the legislation was re-examined”, and pledges that he will be be taking Ginger's case further.
Well, good luck with that.

Well, That 'Increase The Number Of Female MPs' Thing Is Going Well, Eh?'d be nice if they weren't proving to be as thick as a whale sandwich & driven by emotion, though, wouldn't it?
Residents are up in arms after video emerged showing Poundland in Thornton Heath promoting "big knives" in its shopfront window, right next to the entrance.
Lorraine King posted the video on twitter on behalf of her friend Nicola Peters (who took the footage) and has sparked debate among residents and politicians alike, who are furious with Poundland's decision to display the knives in light of recent attacks in the borough.
Oh, good grief! *yawns* Another manufactured 'outrage'. Surely no-one's dumb enough to be bothered by this?

Oh. Hang on.
Even Croydon Central MP Sarah Jones was appalled by the decision.
"Shocking," she said. "I will write to @poundland about this. And looks like it goes against gov guidelines that @poundland have signed up to."
Really, love? Government has really written guidelines that say 'Look, retailers, if the yoof have been a bit too stabby in the local area, just hide the knives on sale for a while, will you?'...?
The guidelines Ms Jones referred to is the 'Sale of knives: voluntary agreement by retailers' which Poundland have signed up for.
Part of the agreement states that: "Retailers will ensure knives are displayed and packaged securely as appropriate to minimise risk.
"This will include retailers taking practical and proportionate action to restrict accessibility and avoid immediate use, reduce the possibility of injury, and prevent theft."
Ah. Didn't think so.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Virtue Signalling Olympics: Essex Contender

A former mayor has caused controversy by saying travellers should go “back to Ireland” with “their thieving and filthy ways” in a heated email row.
*settles in with big bag of popcorn*
Chris Walker, an Eastwood Park councillor, made the remarks to Labour councillor Julian Ware-Lane when referring to travellers in the borough.
In the exchange, seen by the Echo, the councillors debated the growing number of travellers camping in the borough. Milton ward councillor Mr Ware-Lane urged the council to find a space where travellers could set up camp temporarily and felt the council was “neglecting their responsibilities in this regard.”
He then wrote: “I am seriously concerned the traveller community gets treated like pariahs and are shifted from pillar to post. Whilst, of course, there are elements in the traveller community that do bad things, to the best of my knowledge none of the crime committed in Milton is committed by anyone from the traveller community.”
If they get treated 'like pariahs', maybe there's a reason?
Mr Walker responded: “They are treated like pariahs because they are pariahs. They have been driven from Ireland whence they emanate because of their thieving and filthy ways.
They contribute nothing to society in the way of taxes etc and create filth wherever they go. Why should we make allowance for them? It would be better for all if they were to learn the foolishness of their ways and go back to Ireland. They are their own worst enemies.
How come we know the contents of private emails between two people, anyway?
Mr Ware-Lane published the comments on his blog,
Stephen Aylen, Independent councillor for Belfair Ward, was also involved in the email exchange. He said to Mr Ware-Lane: “Next time we have these so called travellers arrive in Belfairs or Oakwood park (remember a large majority of the residents in the area around these parks are proper gypsies) could you please provide me with flyer maps of locations in Milton (such as the cliffs ) that these travellers may use.
Mr Ware-Lane told our reporter the comments were “shameful” and shamed every councillor. He added: “His (Mr Walker’s) ideas belong in the 19th century, we are in the 21st century.”
When asked why he publicised those comments, he responded: “I want them to realise what they’ve done and apologise, and not to repeat it again.”
And if they don't, will you thcweath and thcweam until you're thick?
The Echo called Mr Walker five times for comment, but we received no response before the paper went to print.
Awful when people won't comment on...


*rolls eyes*

Amazon's Wealth Does Not Excuse Your Carelessness...

A delivery driver was forced to pay compensation to one of the richest men in the world when thieves stole his van and the Amazon parcels inside.
Why does it matter that the owner of the company incurring the loss is rich?
Vladimir Staev had to reimburse the online giant by more than £2,300 to cover the cost of cameras he was delivering in Brighton when William Westein and Jamie Beaver took his white Renault and 72 packages last month.
The 37-year-old first time father Mr Staev lost his job and even had to pay to pay police £100 to get his stolen van back.
This is perfectly normal when the police seize a stolen vehicle. It's not the fault of Amazon!
Amazon - owned by one of the richest men in the world Jeff Bezos - tried to recover the cost of the stolen cameras from courier firm Fast UK Parcel.
But they passed the cost of the stolen goods on to their former driver Mr Staev and made him pay for a replacement van.
Why did the company do this? Well....
Fast UK Parcel said it had a policy of not leaving keys in the ignition.
Mr Staev claimed the thieves watched him and took a chance when he dropped the keys.
Right. Yes. Thieves often follow around delivery van drivers for that sort of opportunity.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Taking Non-Speculation To Incredulous Lengths…

Reece Harnetty, 19, died when his Mini Clubman burst into flames after crashing into the rear of a parked lorry in a layby in Suffolk.
An inquest at Suffolk Coroners’ Court in Ipswich was told Reece, of Ilmington Drive, Basildon had turned sharply from the outside lane into the layby at Creeting St Mary, near Needham Market on January 20.
The Toxicology tests ruled out the presence of alcohol or drugs and forensic accident investigator PC Jeff Cribb said there were no defects identified with the car, although a full examination wasn’t possible because of the fire damage. No faults were found with the road surface either.
Witness Dan Braun was travelling past just feet away when the crash occurred. He described how the Mini hadn’t slowed or changed course as it turned sharply towards the lorry.
Hmmm, seems deliberate. Or that other modern day scourge...?
There was no evidence that Mr Harnetty was using his phone at the time of the accident although checks had shown he had used it shortly before the crash.
Nope. Who was he calling?
It is believed he was upset following relationship problems with a girl he had met online.
The inquest heard that in phone calls prior to the accident, Reece refused to say where he was but was heard sobbing as he said: “didn’t want to be here anymore” and ending his last call without saying goodbye to the female, Alicia Watts.
Case closed!
His mother Wendy Harnetty suggested her son, who had only passed his test last May, could have mistaken the layby for the inside lane on the road as he wasn’t a regular on that route.
I can see why she'd like to think so.
Suffolk Area Coroner Nigel Parsley said: “We won’t ever fully know, regrettably, what made Reece turn into that layby. There are some unanswered questions here, however, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that Reece intended to take his life.”
At the inquest on Wednesday, Mr Parsley recorded a conclusion that teenager died as a result of a road traffic collision.

Pity You Can't Make One For The Owner Too...

The court heard on Tuesday (August 29) how Ribbons was asked to put his dog on a lead several times, but failed to do so.
It was also said that Mr Ribbons admitted drinking two cans of cider outside Sevenoaks Magistrates Court, before it was taken off him.
Such a lovely addition to the local court steps....
Defending, Richard Lamb said: "He stated that he let the dog off the lead as the security brought her some water out and that she was off the lead until the in incident.
"He stated that the dog was provoked by the male as he went up to the dog and raised his hands to her making a noise, and that this made the dog jump up and she just nicked him."
PC Hill, a police dog handler, also attended the scene and assisted in seizing the German Shepard. Ribbons also told PC Hill not to come near him otherwise he would get bitten. The 36-year-old was then arrested and the dog was seized and taken to the kennels.
Should have simply shot it there and then.
Chairman of the bench, Celia Clarkson said: "We are going to sentence you for having an unruly dog for a period of 12 months, with 100 hours of unpaid work.
"It would have been longer, but you pleaded guilty.
"We are making a destruction order for the dog."
Couldn't make it two, could you?

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Clearly, Judge Baxter, She's Right To Think They Are Daft...

A thieving mother-of-three has walked free from court despite being one of the most heavily convicted women in Britain.
Which is a difficult thing to rack up in modern Britain!
Police believe she has plundered tens of thousands of pounds worth of items during raids on ladies lockers at gyms, health centres and spas across the North of England. One victim lost her engagement and wedding ring and on other occasions Fidler broke into five different lockers in one swoop.
Despite being repeatedly arrested and jailed, Fidler would come out of jail and do the same thing again.
But I thought jail was a terrible, awful place? At least, that's what the bleeding hearts all tell us...
In a bid to stop her thieving spree, Fidler was banned from all leisure centres, gyms or hotels in the UK under the terms of an ASBO-style Criminal Behaviour Order.
But she was arrested again in July after various lockers were broken into after staff let her use the ladies toilet at Salford Community Leisure centre in Greater Manchester. At Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester, Fidler admitted breaching her Criminal Behaviour Order but escaped with a 12-month community order.
The single mother - who has three-year-old son (Ed: Why isn't the child removed from her 'care'?) - claimed she was only at the leisure centre because she was desperate for the toilet whilst visiting an art and craft fayre.
But Judge Bernadette Baxter said: 'I don't believe a word of it. The reality is she is a woman who is a heroin addict.
'She knew what this place was, she knew there was a pool there, with lockers and a gym.
'She could have gone to the local shops, pubs, cafes, anywhere that has a toilet. Why did she go out of her way to go to the leisure centre? How daft does she think people are?'
As daft as a mad old bat of a judge who lets her off a prison sentence because she has a child?
The judge added: 'You have umpteen previous convictions but I'm not going to send you to prison as I think this will encourage your little boy to get involved with the kind of life you have lived.
'We need to prevent you from going to leisure centre, breaking into the lockers and stealing other people's stuff, causing them distress and upset so you must get involved in a drug rehabilitation programme.
'You need to get in control and keep control and you need to start putting your child first instead of yourself.'
She's a junkie. She'll never put anyone ahead of that. You should be asking why she's allowed to keep a child. You've failed in your duty as a judge.