Saturday, 13 January 2018

It's Not Often A 'Guardian' Article Shows This Level Of Cluelessness....

...but I guess one needs to consider the source:

Simon Bailey (the National Police Chiefs’ Council lead on child protection) seems to think that if you use a PC or smartphone in the UK, it grants you nationality! I wonder if all those false asylum seekers are aware of this odd wrinkle?
He added that most offenders across all categories of child sexual abuse were white, despite the considerable attention that has been paid in some parts of the media to so-called Asian street-grooming gangs.
Incredible! You can tell someone's race via their IP address! I didn't know that!
Some 20% of new imagery is self-generated and is often taken by other children. But Bailey said he did not regard those who viewed sexual images of children under the age of 16 as harmless under any circumstances.
Even when they are other children....?
On the emerging issue of live streaming, Bailey urged tech companies to do more. “Software providers have a critical role in policing the environment they create,” he said. “They have a social and moral responsibility to make their platforms safe for children to use.”
No doubt he'll want the Post Office to open all letters and parcels too, to make sure those using the 'postal environment' are doing nothing illegal...


ivan said...

Don't be so hard on him after all he has to embigen his job and follow the loony left line that all white males are bad and followers of the religion of peace and minorities are good.

There is also the fact he hasn't a clue what he is talking about as is normal with all idiots in positions of authority like him.

Ted Treen said...

Is he related to Dianne Abbott?

Since when did 4,000 equate to "tens of thousands"?

Sgt Albert Hall said...

How on earth did such a buffoon get promoted to this exalted position? To be appointed by his peers to speak for them all on this most complex issue is a sad indictment on the police service as a whole.