Saturday, 13 January 2018

Unexpected Fox

In the grey and damp New Year, I took a trip to Romford to do some shopping, and chanced upon this stunning piece of art, no less amazing for being that dreaded scourge of property maintenance people, graffiti:

I can't begin to explain why my spirits rose on happening upon it, but it was, perhaps, the sudden appearance of something beautiful amid the damp, grey temples to conspicuous consumption all around.

Now, I've expressed admiration for graffiti 'artists' before, and there's no doubt that some are immensely talented. It's just rather sad that their outlet for their talent is someone else's property.

No doubt this will soon be removed, it's chance to brighten someone else's day flowing into the drain under the high-pressure house of some minimum wage employee. That will be a sad day.


Anonymous said...

Agree. >99% of graffiti is ugly disfigurement, often called "tags" iirc. However, they can be helpful - Danger, Hi-Crime area : don't shop here.

The fox is pleasant to look at.

Longrider said...

Knocks the puerile crap produced by that idiot Wanksie into a cocked hat