Tuesday, 15 May 2018

What Is The Penalty For Giving False Information To The Public...?

“The owner was standing right next to us and he didn’t do anything and when I asked him to put the dog on a lead or a mussel (sic) he just started laughing,” he said.
 A fairly typical reaction.
The police were called to the park and Mr Turner was given first aid and taken to the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead.
 And they arrested the owner, yes?

Oh, silly me.
A police spokesman said: “On Sunday at around 8.15am it was reported a man was bitten after trying to separate two dogs fighting in Greatness Park, Sevenoaks.
“It is alleged an alteration (sic) then took place involving one of the dog owners and another man. Police attended the scene and carried out enquiries.
No injuries were reported as a result of the altercation and no arrests have been made.”
Now, it doesn't take a genius to spot the obvious flaw in this statement, does it?

Lazy policing is sadly to be expected. This is a different sort of policing. What should we call it?

Ah, yes.


MTG said...

Mr Plod, AKA duplicitous dross, is more interested in fleecing the public. There was no quick profit to be made here.

On the other hand the lucrative roads are paved with motoring gold. Motorists framed for 'speeding' at 31 mph, representing the easiest pickings. Right, cynical Jaded?

Anonymous said...

100,000 signatures needed for a Clarkson's Law petition. Meanwhile, I've found a small aftershave spray in the eyes (of the dog) works wonders.

jack ketch said...

One glance at the photos of the injuries tells me this wasn't an Alsatian 'ATTACK' despite what the 'newspaper' headlines. Sloppy journalism. The guy got his hand/leg/other body parts in the way of two dogs going at each other- misadventure (or to give it its legal term 'stupidity')is a very different thing to an 'attack'. And yes I have been bitten by an Alsatian. If an alsatian or any other 'proper' dog bites (as opposed to a nip') your hand his teeth will probably meet. If a Bull terrier bites your hand you'll need reconstructive surgery and more time plastered than the town drunk.

Anonymous said...

At last Melvin takes the bait and emerges from under his bridge to repeat his utter rubbish.
Can anyone out there please confirm on here whether he or she has ever been prosecuted for doing 31mph?
If you tell a lie often enough....the lefty scum mantra....

Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

Yesterday I was threatened by an angry dog off a lead at the park. The owners appeared to think it was mildly amusing. 'It's because you're wearing a hat', they said, as though that excused everything. No apology was offered. When I gave them an incredulous look and walked off annoyed I heard the man say angrily 'Be like that, then', as though the whole thing was my fault.

Anonymous said...

The era has gone by when police were simply disliked. If they reap the harvest of universal hatred, there will be nobody else to blame but themselves.

Anonymous said...

Nice story Hector, got any more? I'm on the edge of my seat.

MTG said...

There was a time when Britain was policed well, WC Jaded. In the 1960's, the village Sergeant was very welcome in our home and called each week for tea and fresh apples. A very normal gesture for that era. There was also a time when I would have willingly compromised my own safety to help a policeman struggling with a suspect. Those days are long gone, dear. But whatever went wrong with policing was entirely beyond my control and I, like millions of other honest citizens, could only react to those unilateral changes over the years. The trust police once enjoyed, is completely gone and the resulting relationship is both bitter and unworkable. I have no doubt that a dimwit like yourself, remains oblivious to the covert security threat this reality poses. The situation has been allowed to become so bad, that local youngsters tell me of their wish to 'skank' (stab) a 'Rozzer' and the majority of this new generation wouldn't help a policeman who was dying in the street.

But you carry on as you are, WC Jaded. Pretend that citizens who refuse to support bullying or idle police are insane, or criminal elements. Continue to post your foul-mouthed abuse in response to criticism. Hound and fleece the motorist and abandon or fail the Nation's householders...your once-loyal supporters. The day will then surely dawn when you are shot at, simply because you ventured out in public, dressed in the most despised uniform since WW2.

Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear Melvin. The tinfoil is wearing thin...

Anonymous said...

'The tinfoil is wearing thin...'

You can safely discard your special hat, WC Jaded. Since nobody could find a use for it, there is nothing in your brain that anyone is planning to steal.