Saturday, 16 December 2017

On The Fifth Day Of Christmas, #TrumpWin Gave To Me… more pandering to Muslim grievance:
If President Trump is thinking about fulfilling his campaign promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, it is reasonable for him to apply the same test to this idea as he outlined in his inaugural address: How does it affect U.S. interests? Or, in the vernacular, what does the United States get out of it? The answer is threefold.
...both Arabs and Israelis believe the Obama administration elevated outreach to America’s adversaries — especially Iran — over fidelity to America’s allies. For Trump, turning a page in the Middle East requires a commitment to restore trust and intimacy between Washington and its regional partners, a strategy he might call “America’s allies first.” Within this context, a decision to fulfill his promise to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem would send a message that America’s word is truly its bond.
...and telling it like it is, primal screaming, MSM hopelessness and despair and the best TV advert parody EVER!

Make Up Your Minds, Ladies!

At gal-dem we are inundated with irrelevant requests for comment, advice and guidance from white people; and it’s tiring, these tokenistic faux attempts at diversity. Even as I was writing this piece I received yet another email from a journalist looking for a comment on a topic I do not care about. I have been asked only because I am a “black” voice, not because I have any expertise on the subject.
Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff there, bewailing the terrible situation whereby the media come to a black feminist magazine for quotes. The same media she's always slamming for 'ignoring people of colour'.

Ever get the feeling you just can't win? Especially with someone who can take offence at a restaurant menu...

Which One...?

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We are aware of this case being dismissed from court and are carrying out an urgent assessment to establish the circumstances which led to this action being taken.
“We are working closely with the Crown Prosecution Service and keeping in close contact with the victim whilst this process takes place.”
Why do I think you aren't referring to the guy you nearly shafted?
Chief prosecutor Alison Saunders has made a high profile push to bring more sex attack cases to court and asked her lawyers to trawl through a man's relationship history to boost conviction.
Time she went.

Friday, 15 December 2017

On The Fourth Day Of Christmas, #TrumpWin Gave To Me…

...telling it like it is!

 ...and primal screaming, MSM hopelessness and despair and the best TV advert parody EVER!

Looking After Their Own....

A Pakistani doctor who molested a student nurse on a hospital ward is to keep his job after blaming the incident on 'cultural norms' in the UK.
 What, he'd seen 'Carry On Nurse' too many times..?
In June 2016 the father-of-two was ordered to sign the Sex Offender Register for five years after he was convicted of sexual assault by a jury.
He was also sentenced to a 12-month community order and subsequently lost appeals against his conviction.
That's 'appeals', PLURAL!
....the tribunal said erasing Qureshi's name from the Medical Register would be disproportionate, punitive and not in the public interest.
I'm the public. It's definitely in my interest.

H/T: Pcar in comments

Should've Stuck To Turning It Off And On Again....

...or picked better friends:
Aron Duplock was working on the device with his stepbrother when the electric shock knocked him back and killed him.
The 25-year-old father-of-two, who is from Brighton, was at stepbrother Paul Brown’s flat in Downland Drive, Hangleton, when the accident happened, his inquest heard yesterday.
Fixing computers was a hobby the two shared, Brighton Coroner’s Court was told.
Aren't you supposed to be good at a hobby?
They believed there was a problem with the fan in the computer and had to remove what is called the heat sink, which helps to cool parts of the machine when it gets hot.
A simple procedure. Unless it goes wrong.
However, the power was turned on while Mr Duplock was working on the computer and a shock of around 400 volts went through his body and killed him.
Yup, that went wrong! Still, he had friends who could call the emer...

Giving evidence at the inquest Mr Brown and Miss Cutler said they thought Mr Duplock was “mucking around” and pretending he had been electrocuted.
As the current went through his body, he called out to Mr Brown “I can’t let go [of the computer].” The inquest heard that strengthening of ones grip is common when being electrocuted. It was at that point they realised the power was turned on, Miss Cutler said in court.
However, Miss Cutler and Mr Brown then decided to go out for a cigarette.
As you do.
She confessed at the inquest that she had panicked when she saw what was happening.
She said that was why she went outside for a cigarette before calling for an ambulance.
Of course. Makes perfect sense.