Tuesday, 25 July 2017

No, It's Not Impossible At All...

Last week, the high court was the scene of a small but significant victory. North East London Migrant Action (Nelma) and the Public Interest Law Unit were granted permission to seek a judicial review of the Home Office policy of deporting rough sleepers from the European Economic Area, and are now crowdfunding to finance the bid.
Is the 'Public Interest Law Unit' a bit of a misnomer? I'd venture to suggest it is...
The deportations hinge on the fact that homeless people are presumed not to be working, so in breach of treaties that allow free movement. Homelessness has more than doubled since 2010, so it stands to reason that a fair proportion of those sleeping rough will be migrants. The treatment shows a complete lack of empathy, and a rigidity that refuses to consider the complexities of human life.
Those 'complexities' being the huge demand for unskilled migrants that is supposed to exist amongst 'the public'..?
In January Teofil and Marineta, two Romanian nationals, were arrested for sleeping in a tent in Sheffield. The couple, like many in Britain, were struggling to find regular work that paid a living wage. For a while they worked in a bread factory on zero-hours contracts, before Marineta found work as a carer. But the work dries up: zero-hours contracts treat people as disposable labour, and when the woman Marineta cared for died, it became impossible to keep up with the rent. Instead, the couple were forced to sleep rough, still doing occasional shifts and selling the Big Issue when work was scarce.
Gosh, whatever would we do without 'Big Issue' sellers. Why, just imagine!
The couple plan to return to Spain where they lived for 12 years, but want to stop others experiencing the same horrific ordeal. “The Home Office don’t care whether you’re working or not,” Teofil says. “They don’t care whether people live or die, whether they have food to eat. All they care about is their power.” It’s impossible to see what is to be gained from such a policy.
No, it really isn't. In fact, it's very, very clear what's to be gained...

Monday, 24 July 2017

What Is It About Sainsbury's..?

I've hung on to this one for a while, waiting for a chance to point out the sort of self-righteous little twat that tends to shop at Sainsbury's and take offence at something no-one else could care less about:

And then - thanks to Wirespy via Twitter - I was suddenly reminded about it:
An angry shopper has accused Sainsbury's of racism after he found £3.80 tins of Jamaican fruit security tagged in a south London store.
Toby Taylor, 31, said he bet the chain 'wouldn't tag hummus' and slammed it as 'corporate racism'.
Toby Taylor, a 'technology director', took umbrage at the fact that a shop might want to prevent theft of popular items and took to Twitter to announce his displeasure, as your average tattooed hipster manchild with bum-fluff covering his weak chin does these days, apparently...
A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: 'We take the decision on which products to tag on an individual store basis to protect high value or frequently stolen items.'
At least they've learned not to engage with these cretins on social media...

We Aren't Told How Many Believed A More Effective Deterrent...

The National Sheep Association's (NSA) annual questionnaire asked members to give details of attacks that their flocks have suffered over the previous year.
A fifth of farmers said they believed the most effect deterrent would be shooting canines carrying out attacks on sight.
...would be 'giving the owners the second barrel'.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Well Played, Well Played Indeed....

When Twitter is good, it's very, very good!

"Fat Cops, Fat Cops, What Ya Gonna Do..."

..."What ya gonna do, when they waddle after you..?"
Supersized uniforms with waists up to 61 inches have been ordered by the Met for overweight officers.
They have bought nine pairs of the giant trousers for officers in the past two years, three 56 inch pairs and similar-sized summer leathers for a motorbike officer.
Blimey! How heavy duty do they need to make the motorbike?
In total, 624 pairs of trousers with at least 40 inch waistbands have been bought this year, on top of 7,796 last year.
"We're the Sweeney, son, and we've had extra portions for dinner..."

Sunday Funnies...

Well, damn, why did I buy so much liquid nitrogen on Amazon Prime Day...

Saturday, 22 July 2017

You Can Almost Smell The Baffled Incredulity...

The ordinance didn’t even faze Shirley Miller, an Englishwoman who moved from Essex to be with her American husband. She said her adjustment was easy for the most part.
At this point, one feels the CiF columnist hired to write the usual hoplophobic screed is scratching his or her head. Not fazed by guns? How can this be?
Coming from a small village to the east of London, Great Wakering, she finds small-town England and small-town America mostly alike, except for Nucla’s blazing, dusty summers and, of course, its bounteous guns. That aside, Nucla’s culture is not so different from small English villages, Miller said: the lack of diversity; the mix of open-mindedness and old prejudice among the residents.
Hmmm, why should 'the lack of diversity' be considered as disturbing as a proliferation of firearms?
There have been small adjustments. She imports her Tesco and Yorkshire tea by mail, along with the occasional package of sultanas and Marmite, and each year she lets a friend’s sheep graze in the empty pasture by her house, adding a nice pastoral touch to the property.
Still, our intrepid guide forges on:
She refuses to say a word against the gun ordinance.
“Although I come from a culture where there are no guns, and it’s different here, I don’t see the problem here in Nucla,” she said diplomatically.
“If I were living in the city [these gun laws] would worry me. Here it doesn’t,” she said before adding wryly: “There is no crossfire here.”
Once can only imagine the look on the columnist's face at this point!

Little Tip For The Minnesota Police Department...

...maybe you should run your police officers through the same training we run our police horses...

Killer policeman Mohamed Noor has said he was 'startled' by his victim Justine Damond seconds before he opened fire.
According to Noor's version when they reached the end of the alley, they came across a waiting, panicking figure.
It was dark, and the figure was moving around and approached their vehicle. Noor said he did not know whether the figure who rushed towards their vehicle was the 911 caller or even if it was a man or woman.
He fired his weapon through Harrity's open driver's window hitting his victim once in the abdomen.

There's no closing ranks with this one, either:
The police chief, Janee Harteau, who was on leave at the time of the shooting last week, distanced the police department from the actions of officer Mohamed Noor in her first public comments on the matter.
Her press conference also followed the release a statement by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension [BCA] on the investigation on Thursday.
“Justine didn’t have to die. Based on the publicly released information from the BCA [Bureau of Criminal Apprehension], this should not have happened,” Harteau said.
“On our squad cars you will find the words, ‘To protect with courage and serve with compassion.’ This did not happen. Having the information that is publicly available right now recognising there’s an open BCA investigation.”
Harteau said Noor’s shooting of Lamond, who had called 911 to report a possible sexual assault and was in her pyjamas when she approached the squad car and was shot multiple times, “go against who we are as a department, how we train and the expectations we have for our officers”.
Wow! That's quite unusual. You'll note, too, that there's no riots over this, no #Aussielivesmatter campaign...
Responding to a question from a reporter that it was rare for a police chief to publicly disown an officer under investigation, Harteau acknowledged it was unusual but said “each situation is different, and when information has been made public, I certainly can speak on what the public knows”.
Predictably, the usual suspects are crying 'racism!' because the cops were black and she was white, and that's why the police department aren't offering the usual unqualified support.

As for why the body cameras weren't turned on, it's because, after this incident, even the thickest Minnesota cop must have realised it's not going to help:
The new video, recorded by Mays’ body camera and first obtained by Minneapolis Star Tribune, shows the incident from the officer’s vantage point.
In it, the cop points his drawn service weapon at Ciroc, which comes running towards him but stops short. The dog appears to be calmly pacing around for a few seconds on the grass, with his tail slightly wagging, before the officer fires his gun, striking the dog in the face.
Rocko then makes a dash towards the officer and also gets shot, about 2-3 seconds later. 'I dispatched both of them,' Mays is heard telling his partner after the fact.
In fact, both dogs are still alive. You can't cure stupid, but you can certainly record it!

Friday, 21 July 2017

I Wonder Who Decides Which Articles Don't Get Opened For Comment On 'CiF'..?

Last week the latest homeless figures revealed that black and minority ethnic (BME) communities are bearing the brunt of seven years of rising homelessness. The statistics reveal that 36% of people accepted as statutorily homeless by local authorities in England during 2016-17 were from a BME background: close to three times their representation in the population.
Isn't that almost exactly their representation in the justice system too? And I don't mean on the right side of the dock!
What is surprising is how little this disproportionate level of housing need on racial grounds has registered in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, where the majority of residents were from a BME background.
Oh, it's registered, chum! Believe me, it's registered...
BME households are more likely than white ones to experience housing stress, such as overcrowding, poorer quality housing and fuel poverty, and to be more concentrated in England’s most deprived neighbourhoods.
So what possible conclusion are you coming to? I wonder, I do indeed wonder...
Institutional racism has played a continuing role in perpetuating racial discrimination and disadvantage in housing.
Ah. Of course. There it is!
Residential qualifications have returned to the social housing system through the Localism Act 2011. And choice-based lettings approaches have reduced BME community access to social housingwhere applicants to social housing can choose to compete for a vacant home (usually online), rather than through housing needs-based approaches to allocating homes are also shown to indirectly disadvantages BME communities. We know that policies like these only sustain the persistence of racial discrimination in England’s housing system. If we want to correct this, we need to start talking about institutional racism in our housing system again.
That 'if' in your last sentence is doing a lot of work.

Who Can Fathom Women..?

Not me anymore, clearly.
Paul Brandis, chairman of the bench, said Pitcher’s actions were “distasteful” but accepted he has shown “remorse”.
He said: “It caused suffering to the kitten. This is aggravated by the fact that this was a domestic argument.
“The killing of the kitten was used as a control mechanism against your partner.”
Personally, when the police called, he'd have been lying face down on the kitchen floor, rapidly cooling to ambient temperature with a Sabatier in his ribcage if it had been me.

Well, she's well rid of him, and no mist...

Oh. Hang on.
The court heard the victim has a number of other cats and Mr Pearson said the pair could rekindle the relationship, meaning an animal banning order should be made.
Pitcher was handed a 12 week prison sentence, suspended for 18 months. He was ordered to take part in a relationships course and pay £250 compensation.
Magistrates also made an order banning Pitcher from keeping or being in control of any animal in any way for the next two years.
Because in two years time, he won't be a thick, unemployed brute who the local dimwits see as potential relationship material?