Thursday, 30 March 2017

How Did I Know It'd Be A Staffie..?

Assistant fair manager Luke Thurston, 22, found himself in hot water when he sold his girlfriend Rosie's dog without her permission.
Mr Thurston attempted to get the Staffordshire Terrier back 24 hours after the sale - only to be accused of robbery after getting into a struggle with Bella's new owners in the living room of their home.
New owner Katrell Lovick received a cut to the arm and accused Mr Thurston of stabbing her.
But Mr Thurston insisted it was done by her own boyfriend as he struggle over the dog and Ms Lovick grabbed her back.
 *totally unshocked face*
Mr Thurston denies charges of robbery and causing grievous bodily harm. The trial continues.
The only one I feel sorry for is the puppy...

Protected Species...

A group has recently moved on from St Nicholas Mews, close to where Redrow are building a new housing development.
Sadly, the group left behind a lot of rubbish which taxpayers will now have to pay to clear up as the land is owned by the council.
Ukip councillor Stephen Hodge said: “The travellers moved off land next to St Nicholas Mews new housing development, leaving their mark behind them.
“Council staff have moved gas cannisters and the clear-up will begin again.
“I inspected the site where there was rubbish, nappies and excrement strewn about.
“Local residents are appalled how this can happen on such a regular basis.”
I'll just bet. 'Because no-one marches on the Town Hall with pitchforks', is my best guess...
A Basildon Council spokesman said: “The council is aware of the encampment and has referred the matter to the Essex Countywide Traveller Unit to take appropriate action.”
Meanwhile, elsewhere...
Dave Sperring, councillor responsible for environment in the Rochford, spoke out after more than 600 incidents of flytipping were cleared from the district in the 2015/16 financial year.
The majority DIY and house clearance waste.
Legally, householders must take reasonable precautions to ensure that unscrupulous builders don’t dump their waste.
Mr Sperring said: “It is truly disgusting that people would choose to dump their waste in our streets, as it looks so unsightly and in some cases could even pose a health risk.
“I’m calling on all residents to be vigilant, if you’re having some building work done please check the credentials of the workmen to ensure they are following the proper procedures.
“I’m sure the last thing you would want is to see your waste dumped in your street, local park, or at the road-side.”
That joined up government, eh?

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The More Things Change....

The accused appeared at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court in April last year – under the name Gavin Brannen and dressed as a woman – after racking up a £27 taxi bill on a trip from Newcastle to South Shields before fleeing the vehicle.
The court heard on that occasion that he was going through gender reassignment and wanted to be known as Katie.
...the more they clearly stay the same:
The 22-year-old was back at the court yesterday, under the name of Katie Brannen, after dashing off at the end of another taxi ride from Sunderland to her home in Frederick Street, South Shields, without paying a £20 bill.
Seems to be a habit!
Laura Johnson, defending, said: “She didn’t have enough money for the taxi and has made a bad decision.
As does that...

H/T: WoaR in comments

Moving Pictures...

Laureen Shaw, councillor for Roche North and Rural, asked whether members of the Rayleigh speedwatch group could pass on details of motorists using their mobile phones so police could send out a warning letter.
Well, why not? It does seem as though it's considered useful in other initiatives.
She said: “I have been advised that we can’t take the registration numbers because there is no video to prove it. Is there any way you could send a letter to say ‘stop it’?”
Wait, what? Not because of privacy and data protection, then?
Mr Westley said he would look into whether the force would be allowed to send the letters.
Shouldn't he know?

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Making It Up…

During the trial, the court heard the boy, now 15, had an alibi for the dates the girl initially gave to the police.
Phone records show he had called police following a row with his parents. He claimed his dad has assaulted him at the family home on Canvey - an accusation which was disputed by his mother as she gave evidence during the trial.
The teenager then stole his dad’s bank cards and used them to spend almost £600 on a trip to London - buying alcohol from a pub and a hotel room for him and a friend.
Whoops! Another case scuppered by...

But wait!
Despite his alibi, district Judge John Woollard ruled that the traumatised victim could have got the dates of the offences mixed up.
She reported the incidents to the police “much later” after they took place.
He said: “The victim strikes me as an honest, trustworthy and reliable witness.
“She has not changed her story throughout the trial (Ed: Did she need to, with you helping her out on this..?) and even corrected the prosecution when they got information incorrect.”
He added that there was no motive for her to lie.
Does there have to be?
The boy will return to court to be sentenced on Friday, April 28.
I hope he gets a better lawyer for the appeal.

Sympathy Well Runs Dry

A young mum whose children witnessed a man injecting drugs on a stair well outside her front door has called on the council to make her block of flats safer.
Alice Steadman was on her way to the job centre with her 19-month-old son Matthew when they saw a man inject himself in the arm in the communal stairway leading to their first floor flat in Dagenham on Tuesday afternoon.
And it was not the first time the mum of two had been disturbed by drug users outside her home in Stansgate Road, with her four-year-old daughter Holly-May having seen a man injecting himself too.
Well, maybe that Job Centre visit should have been priority number one before getting pregnant twice?

Then you wouldn't find yourself at the mercy of wherever Dagenham council ratepayers are prepared to fund you to live?
Confronting the addicts on one occasion, a concerned Alice and her partner Dennis Law, 40, warned them CCTV cameras were in the building, but they replied that they didn’t care. know what? Nor do I.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Nick Cohen Knows Who The Real Enemy Is...

Writing in the 'Observer':
The power of the conspiratorial right is creating a new world and to fight it you must understand it as well as expose it.
Yes, it's 'the right', despite their total lack of bleeding and dying victims lying in the streets of our capital.
...the alt-right is not saying that human rights are universal or they are nothing. It damns human rights, however they are applied. It doesn’t want a multiculturalism that does not use fake accusations of racism and Islamophobia as a cover for the abuse of religious power. It wants a white monoculture. It maintains that hundreds of millions of people with wildly variant beliefs can be lumped together as “the Muslims”.
Those 'wildly variant' beliefs that all seem to stem from the one 'holy' book, you mean?
The feminist fighting sharia councils is no different from the apologist for Iran.
The feminist he links to isn't, of course, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who the right have been protecting from liberals since she had to flee Holland. It's someone I've never heard of.

And probably no-one outside Cohen's purse-lipped circle of self-fellating 'intellectuals' has heard of her, either.
If all Muslims in the west are the same, what should happen to Muslim citizens in the west? Should there be a Muslim register, as Trump has suggested? Should they be deported? If converts to Islam can turn terrorist, should conversion to Islam be banned as conversion to Christianity is banned in Saudi Arabia? After men such as Farage stop blaming liberals, what are their plans for the immigrants who are now our fellow citizens?
Once, it would have been hysterical even to suggest such questions. Today, I wish our tame broadcasters would ask them.
Now you want the media to start 'asking questions'? Are you sure? You do realise you and your ilk don't get to set those questions?

Essex Police And Chocolate Teapots...

...just what is the difference?
Caspar Hobbs, chairman of England Boxing (EB), said in a statement: “The Junior Championships have been cancelled, by the police, not by England Boxing who spent the whole afternoon trying to convince them to let the championships go ahead.
“They disagreed. There was a specific threat to life made which caused the Police to enforce cancellation, despite us offering to double the security detail.
“It is disgraceful and disgusting that a few selfish and pathetic individuals can ruin the dreams of young boxers, and those who support them, for their own low and pathetic reasons - it is nothing short outrageous.
The same happened last year, that may be co-incidental or it may not be.”
Can anyone imagine the police demanding the cancellation of any other event - say, the Notting Hill Carnival, or a 'march for Palestine' - because of some nebulous and recurring 'threat to life'?

Nope. Me neither.

I always thought the purpose of the police was to enable people to go about their lawful business without fear or hindrance. If that's no longer their purpose, why are we paying them?

Sunday, 26 March 2017

When You're In Such A Hurry To Publish, The Sub Heading Makes No Sense...

Islington is in Essex? And you can be arrested for points? Damn, the Met are going to be after me, I've got lots of points, I've played PokemonGo for months!

Of course, if you click through, you find out they mean Essex Road in Islington. As for the 'points', that's still a mystery...

Homophones Strike Again!


H/T:Stephen Brown via email