Friday, 24 November 2017

Mind Your Language!

An independent review into Bradford council’s taxi licensing service was carried out by Leeds council inspectors and its findings published this week.
This'll be good!
The Bradford council service, which deals with 330 Hackney Carriage drivers and 3,970 Private Hire drivers, is responsible for licensing and inspecting vehicles to ensure they do not pose a risk to the public. Bradford council now asks drivers who want a taxi licence to speak to an officer in person rather than by telephone.
It was urged to take action over concerns that new applicants were asking family members to complete forms and answer questions for them over the phone. The review said that 40 per cent of those who applied for a licence and attended an appointment could not complete the application because they failed the English comprehension and literacy test or due to wrong or incomplete information.
Hmmm, It's all coming back to me...

The Leeds city council authors said these concerns “require genuine consideration”. It said: “Part of the English comprehension tests involves how the applicant responds to simple questions over the telephone so if another family member is doing this on behalf of the applicant the test is being compromised.
“Certainly that would be exposed when the applicant comes in for his appointment and has difficulty answering further questions with an officer over the counter, but that could be valuable time wasted if the applicant will never be able to pass the English comprehension test.”
Well, quite! So, a damning indictment of the council?
Coun Sarah Ferriby of Bradford council said: “The council has always had confidence in its taxi licensing service but it’s great to see that an independent review has found that such confidence is fully justified. We have received some complaints about the service and we have answered those issues that have been raised.”
Hmmm. I think the drivers aren't the only ones who could do with English language lessons.

H/T: Tommy Robinson via Twitter

Let's See The Media Pack Surround Paul Baxter And Rip Chunks From Him...

...just like his fighting dogs did to a family pet:
Paul Baxter, the owner of the dogs, says he is devastated by what happened, and claims that the dogs are usually gentle with his three-year-old daughter.
Christ! It's bred! No doubt the child isn't trained well either... dogs have never acted like this before. They are good with other dogs....
Really? That wouldn't be quite the truth, would it?

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said the two dogs have now been seized under the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991).
Police said Mr Baxter has not yet been arrested, as the investigation is ongoing.
Perhaps if you'd acted on the other incidents, this wouldn't have happened. Pity the owners of the beagle can't sue you for negligence.
Mr Baxter said whatever the outcome, he won’t see his dogs again. He added: “Even if they aren’t put down they will have to be rehomed. How could I ever walk them around here again after this? Imagine the daily abuse we would get.
“I’m gutted - those dogs were my pride and joy.”
Yeah, sure. You took them to obedience classes, taught them to fetch and...


Now, why would anyone want a 'family pet' that can hang off a tyre? Or one with illegally-cropped ears?
He told the Manchester Evening News : “Nothing like this has ever happened before. I don’t understand why this happened.”
It happened because you have an even lower IQ than your fighting dogs, as is evident from the semi-literate scrawl that is your Facebook page (which you've still not had the sense to delete).

And to pile injustice on top of injustice...
It could take up to six months before a decision is made on the future of Deebo and Loki.
The taxpayer is feeding these mutts at great expense while the wheels of justice creak lethargically into life. The police should have taken them into the front garden and shot them both. Or perhaps employed mighty hunter Venables to 'keep us all safe'?

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Once Again, The Police Prove Themselves Ignorant Of The Law...

The couple were visiting the town from their home in Milton Keynes at the time and were walking to their car after a day at the beach when the bull mastiff approached.
“Before anyone knew what was happening it had its jaws clamped around Zack’s leg,” said their daughter Rebecca Atherton.
Horrified, the pair tried to pull the dog off Zack but when the bull mastiff growled they had to pull back for fear of their own safety.
That's a significant thing.
Miss Atherton said: “Eventually the owner of the dog came over and pulled his dog off Zack, but then proceeded to put his hood up and walk away after the attack, not taking any responsibly at all for what happened.
My parents were horrified – they are very shaken up at the moment.”
And they reported it to the police. Who fif as they usually do, and tried to palm it off on someone else:
The attack is being investigated by the dog warden.
Who, if he has any sense, will pass this hot potato straight back:
The couple informed Dorset Police and officers referred the incident to the borough council’s dog warden.
You see, Dorset Police are too idle or thick to realise that this is, indeed, a matter for them:

When the public know the law better than the police claim to, aren't we entitled to ask why we continue to pay them?

Call Them What They Are...

...bums and druggies:
Southend is being swamped by rough sleepers from other parts of Essex because...
Oh, I just can't imagine!
...they receive so much help from the borough’s charities, a councillor has revealed.
While we have large numbers of residents willing to give help to those in need, some neighbouring councils are said to be taking advantage of this generosity and fuelling a growing problem for the town.
Ann Holland, councillor responsible for culture, tourism and the economy, said other local authorities in the county are supplying the homeless with subsidised train tickets to come to Southend to be helped by the town’s many charities and volunteers.
And this is why it's become impossible to walk down the high street without being hassled for money. Great job, do-gooders!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Never Ask A Question To Which You Don't Know The Answer...

...I thought that was the first thing barristers were taught?
Giving evidence, Pc Kinsey confirmed that police attended and searched the premises.
Upon entering a shed in the back garden, the officer said he saw “lots of blood splatters” on the wall and “fresh breast feathers” on the floor.
Under cross-examination, when the officer was asked if he was an “expert in feathers”, he confirmed he had a lifelong hobby of keeping chickens.

A Mystery, Wrapped In A Riddle, Inside An Enigma...

The family of a man who was electrocuted by overhead power lines at Preston train station are demanding answers as to how he died.
Well, start with how he came to be on the tracks?
Anthony Armstrong, 33, is believed to suffered fatal injuries after running across the tracks and climbing onto a freight train parked in the depot.
Minutes earlier he had been quizzed by officers from the British Transport police (BTP) on suspicion of stealing a bottle of wine from the station shop.
...his devastated sister Carly says the family have unanswered questions and want to know the circumstances of his death.
Errr, what more do you want to know? Was he a fine, upstanding, law-abiding sort or chap? One not used to dealing with the police?
Carly said: “I spoke to him at 6.30pm. He was asking me to come and join them.
“He was very happy and joking with me on the phone.
“He was on a tag and he wanted to get home.”
Ah. So much for that, then.

And it seems they can't even honour their fallen with the usual chavshrine:
To compound Carly’s misery, she says flowers left at the station in Anthony’s memory have been moved four times.
She said: “They’ve moved the flowers to where the weekend drunks walk.
“When I went to view his body, the police brought the flowers to the mortuary.
“I wanted to put them where the freight train is, it’s nowhere near the public, the public can’t even get there but the excuse was in case people decide to run across two train tracks to look at them.”
 Well, the place does seem to have more than its fair share of cretins. Can't be too careful!

H/T: anon in comments

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Obstinate, Or Just Thick...?

Lisa Lowder, 30, of Minerva Street in Bulwell, has not been able to get her six-year-old daughter into Springfield Primary School in Lawton Drive, Bulwell, which is outside of the catchment area in where she lives.
Isabelle has now been out of school for 10 months. She said: "I obviously don't want my child to be out of school, that is the last thing I want. But I am a single mum with four children. How am I meant to be in two places at once? It is just impossible."
It's entirely your own fault that you are 'forced to be in two places at once', love. No-one else's.
"When three of them got a place I didn't think it would be a problem and I don't want to have to take my child to a school ages away, I don't know how it would be possible.
"This is why I have been waiting for a place at the same school as my other children. I am not trying to cause problems, I just want what is best for them."
'What's best for them' would include a father. You didn't seem to bothered about that.

Nor about compromise to ensure this situation doesn't drag on.
Alison Michalska, corporate director for children and adults at Nottingham City Council, said: “Ms Lowder decided to remove her four children from school in the middle of an academic year without making arrangements for where they would go next.
"Having moved house, she then applied to a non-catchment school and we were able to find places for three, but unfortunately the year group for her daughter Isabelle is full. She remains on the waiting list there at her mum’s request, but this is controlled by the school as an academy.
“We have urged Ms Lowder to work with us by making the full six preferences on her application form and to ensure that a catchment school is included. However on the two occasions she has applied, Ms Lowder has only selected the same out-of-catchment school for Isabelle."
So what is it, is she hopelessly thick? Or foes she just believe, as all these women seem to believe, that if she stubbornly refuses to change, everyone else will change to accommodate her desires?

Just imagine what the children will grow up into, with this example for a mother?

I Don't Think This Was What Andy Warhol Had In Mind...

Primary school teacher Paul Pawlowski, 32, was left horrified when he stumbled upon the offensive items while browsing the UK site.
...when he (probably didn't) said everyone would be famous for 15 minutes.
Mr Pawlowski told The Sun: 'I was horrified to see these things listed for sale.
'This is Amazon, a global company.
'OK they are put up there by third party sellers. But you would think Amazon would have some filter on what words you can use. It's truly shocking.'
 Really? Why, did they leap into your basket and force you to buy them?
Amazon confirmed the items were no longer for sale.
A spokesman said: 'All Marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don’t will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. The products in question are no longer available.'
Congratulations, Mr Pawlowski, you win Snowflake Of The Minute award.  Now budge up, there's going to be another along in a minute...

Monday, 20 November 2017

When Your Postgraduate Course In Women's Studies...

...writes cheques your body can't cash:
Sam Saia, 37, said she had politely asked the man to move his legs while she was sitting on the N train on Thursday, when he erupted into a violent rage, and began swearing at her, threatening her and punched her in the mouth. Thankfully, a fellow straphanger intervened and grabbed the attacker, forcing him off at the next stop. But Saia says she lives in fear of seeing the suspect again, who has not yet been arrested. 'That b*****d is still out there,' she told The New York Post on Friday after her commute home. 'I'm afraid he might retaliate. But I'm not going to back down.'
You go girl! What's the worst that could happen?

H/T: Bobby via Twitter

But They Mostly Seem To Be Aspiring Footballers And Rappers, Mayor...?

We need to get the message across to young Londoners that their lives are too valuable to risk by carrying a knife. They are our future musicians, artists, sportsmen and women, comedians, scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs and role models. Our city and our society need them alive.
Do we? I'm not too sure.
We need Londoners to hear this message from the people they most look up to, so I am delighted that some powerful voices are speaking out today. From leading grime artists, like Yungen, to the blogger The Slumflower, these are the people young Londoners listen to and look up to. They have used their talent to achieve great things and to realise their potential.
Now, far be it from me to rubbish blogging, but...'great things'?

And grime music? What the hell has that ever done to be described in those terms?